Jessica Simpson

I admit that back in 6th grade I wore flannel shirts. I swear it was really cool and you were only considered hip if you did it. If you don’t believe me, ask my college roommate Nicole – she will also tell you how cool they were (let’s face it, do either of us really matter ;-)) But I was pretty confident that trend was squashed. I was wrong. Jessica Simpson may be a bit down these days, but that is no reason to wear an over-sized flannel shirt. Yet, she still totes Daisy around in this obvious bag. Go ahead and name it anyhow and tell me what you think about this shirt.

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  • Melody

    If I have a dog I’ll definitely buy the bag but if I just got divorced I definitely would not wear the flannel shirt!

  • Purseloco

    I thinks she looks beautiful anyway. I know I don’t look that good in Flannel.

  • Amanda

    I agree she doesn’t look good in that flannel shirt. She and that purse are too cute to combine with that shirt.

  • Ashley

    I love flannels! and she looks kick ass in anything. thats just her little texan coming out. Love it

  • Queen B

    What the hell is she wearing??? That flannel shirt and that LV bag look awful together. Poor doggie. And Ashlee Simpson looks 10 times better than Jessica now, with her nose job and all.

  • lvberly

    I agree with Ashley’s comment: “Thats just her little texan comming out.” I think that on an off day-when she’s not working, she sould be allowed to dress down a little, who does’nt from time-to-time!

    I’m guessing that if she’s in-route from one place to another, and its chilly, she should where what ever makes her com-fee!

    If it was ment to be a *Glam-Shot*, then i’m sure she would’ve done better!

    And I could look better if I had a nose job too! Ashlee does’nt look better than Jessica.

    (Queen B is compairing Ashlee’s look on stage, to Jessica’s casual-day-off look, unfairly!)

  • Naggy

    I hope that dog is comfy. (ipad)