It seems Jessica Simpson was not a lucky charm for Tony Romo’s football season. We follow college football much more than pro football, but at the end of the season Tony Romo looked awful. Jessica Simpson found herself in love with a Cowboy and transitioning to the country music scene. Long gone are her days of all dolled up mini skirts and pop music and in are her days of country music and flannel shirts. Just the girl next door in jeans and an oversized green wrap, Jessica Simpson was spotted at Dallas/Fort Worth airport with her Gucci Hysteria Python Tote and Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier.

The Gucci Hysteria was my favorite Gucci bag of 2008. Even the leather versions were absolutely divine, with the most supple leather available. There were some over-the-top ornate versions, but most of them had my heart. Jessica wisely carried the Gucci Hysteria Tote in python skin which is ample enough for travel needs. And the other travel bag that she does not leave home without? Actually, a present from her ex husband Nick Lachey, Jessica is constantly seen toting her Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier, officially known as the LV Monogram Canvas Sac Chien. Buy the Gucci bag at Gucci for $4590 and the LV Dog Carrier at eLuxury for $1,890.

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  • my new bag

    Really do like this Hysteria Collection.
    I am’ waiting for my ideal one at my ideal price.
    The GG Crystal is always good for those rainy days one
    does not want to take the ol’ Linday or Birkin out.
    Has anyone had good rain experience with other fabrics?

  • Rebeca

    I love this blog, all the informations about beautiful bags are here!
    Ladies i really need some help, I’ am from Brazil, and these year i wiil travel to NY, I want too buy 2 or 3 chanel bags, and I was searching,
    and i found an outlet that calls Woodbury, is close to NY, something like 50 minutes by bus (Not sure), and i saw that they sell chanel, I don’t know if they sell the bags, if they sell could you girls tell me if it is a good opportunity, or maybe it’s better to buy directly in the chanel store.
    Thanks very much, and I’m sorry if I wrote something wrong, i’m still improving my languages skills.

  • Heather


    I think it really just depends on what you are looking for. There’s no guarantees with the outlet and what they will have. I personally have never been but I’ve heard mixed reviews. I would just buy from the store in NYC and if you have extra time to check out Woodbury then do so. Maybe you’ll find something and maybe you won’t, but this way you won’t be disappointed or have to leave empty handed.

  • coco13

    The Gucci Hysteria is gorgeous but I can’t see the point in wasting LV on a dog…

  • my new bag

    having been to both, if you want just the name Chanel, Woodbury will give you
    that if they have some in stock, but it will be dead stock, and after the holidays,
    pretty much picked over.
    The Department stores carrying Chanel will also be a good source,
    but as Heather said, going to Chanel is just the best.
    Woodbury has great deals if you have the time, even for someone who lives
    around here, but it is huge, and not consisitently stocked.