Jessica Alba Retro Bag

Whether or not you loved the hairspray, neon colors, jhorts (jean+shorts), converse high tops, mod and retro is soo in. Jessica Alba knows this fact. The information that I don’t know but would love to know is what bag she is carrying. Some designer out there is all over the angles, color, and distinctive modern flare of the white bag Jessica is carrying. I do have a total girl crush on J.A. so I am going to go off on a tangent about how great she looks in yet another outfit that would be more than hard for most of us to pull off. While I wish I could offer you an incentive for Naming That Bag, I can’t right now. So if you are the wise wise one who knows the designer of the bag, humor me in my lack of knowledge and let us all in on the modern and retro secret of J.A. 8-)

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  • Melody

    The bag is from Calvin Klein Collection. It also comes in exotic leather. Harper’s Bazaar May issue.

  • Odie

    You too?! I so have had a girl crush on Jessica since Dark Angel. Great tush and lipps, love her. Yeah, that bag is rad. I’d like to know where she got that also. I hope it’s a COACH so I dont have to be unloyle to my favorite handbag designer.

  • mel

    ok yet again with the superstar some ppl find that demeaning when they look at the bag and see a superstar lots of ppl would say that its not there type b/c of that person or that they cant buy it b/c they rnt that pretty or they say dumb stuff appeal to everyone and you’ll get more sales

  • sundy- fashion addict

    Hello! designer is calvin klein .kissesssss

  • jane

    great i love you jessica

  • Naggy

    Cute idea with the chain on front. (ipad)