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  • cherie

    I think the girl bag is hideous. The rest of the bags, like previously stated are beautiful, but standard issue with celebs.

    • Amazona

      I also fail to see the appeal with the Girl Bag – it looks like a cheap rag even on Vanessa paradis, who has the ability to make a frumpy flowered dress look like a million bucks. Speaks volumes if even V.P. can’t make it rock!

  • Sandy

    I just cannot get into the Chanel Girl bag…, sleeves are straps, jacket is a bag?? I love the innovation but still…

  • Sofia

    The Chanel girl bag looks like something you’d find at a flea market

    • PJGambler

      oh geez I just said that without seeing your response…..

  • Sofia

    For some reason, I really appreciate the fact that Nicky Hilton is carrying a vintage Chanel, as opposed to a new one.

  • Anne

    Perhaps the reason Vanessa is carrying the Chanel Girl bag, is because she is fronting the bag for Chanel in the latest campaign…

  • Eddie´O

    I wouldn’t say the Chanel girl bag is hideous. Maybe its too creative to be Chanel, hopefully is practical to use because it doesn’t seem to be.

  • Sparkletastic

    I. Despise. The. Girl. Bag!

    • Mya Wilkes

      Lool! I appreciate your candor. I despise it too.

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    • Mel


  • Olivia Jenkins

    Go Ms Patti! Lol. She’s so cute and makes me miss Empire on Wednesday nights.

  • FashionableLena

    That Girl Bag looks like something from Moschino. This seems more in their wheelhouse than Chanel’s.

  • PJGambler

    Girl bag is atrocious-would not want it for free–bags are supposed to make you and your outfit look prettier-this is horrible-she looks like she left a flea market.

  • nicole s

    In the voice of shug avery from color purple to the girl bag, “you so ugly-hahaha!!”

  • Daria

    Giada looks like a gremlin