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  • anon

    “Celebs have been really slowing down on their Céline bag-carrying roll over the past couple seasons, and I’m really starting to miss them.” -I’ve definitely noticed its lessened a lot. Are Celine bags going out of style? Or slowly going out of style? And I think Sofia’s Balenciaga might be a work, not a city (judging from the zipper end).

    • c.Miller

      I agree, definitely looks like the Work.

      • kemilia

        Yeah, I was thinking “that is way bigger than the City I had.” And I love the totally vintage “I use this bag a LOT” appearance.

    • Celine just hasn’t had a hit in a couple of seasons, so while I don’t think the brand is going out of style, necessarily, it hasn’t capitalized on the momentum behind the Luggage/Trapeze in an ideal way and consumers are starting to move on from those designs.

  • princess

    Is Kylie wearing 7 Love bracelets or did I count wrong and it’s her usual six?

    • Jennifer

      nah, you’re right. she added one. That puts her up to wearing $46,200+ of cartier on her wrist. Goodness.

      • LOL eagle-eyed Jennifer. If you can get it, Cartier it!

  • melissa

    kylie doesn’t have better taste than young people necessarily, just the money to drop

    • joyce6267

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  • Liliali

    Omg! Look at khloe’s mani!

  • Nicki

    Rachel Zoe and that bag. That’s all.

  • I love Kylie’s bag choice and the wet look trousers, Get it Kylie.

    • guest

      “the only kkk to let black men in”

      • Wow that was so original, you must be so proud of yourself for being so thick.

      • Guest

        Khloe’s an idiot for saying it and you’re an idiot for repeating it.

    • Pennydreadful

      I love her manicure!!

  • Love Sofia Richie’s jeans.

  • Marnie

    Geezus, Kylie’s jewelry is worth more than what some make in a year. And I’m not mad at that. Love her shirt and nail color, the bag is okay.

  • JOY

    I think Sofia Richie’s bag is a Balenciaga Work bag, not a City.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Good Lord, Brandi Glanville looks like a train wreck these days. Also, her Stella bags are so dated and ugly.

  • Alexandra Bowman

    That Chanel backpack is EVERYTHING. What age is too old for a school-sized backpack? Haha; jk. I know there’s one in 18 million chances I’d be able to snag one…

  • Joy-Z

    Kylie doesn’t have better taste than us, she just has more money than us

    • Rikke jensen

      Not true? If you’re jealous of her just be honest about it…

  • maybe i like the ROW !!! but really dislike all the rest….