Celebs have turned back to their Chanel bags and Birkins in a big way this week, and it seems fitting, because what else should you carry when you’re standing on a helipad? Love them or hate them, few bags communicate the sense of wealth and power that a Birkin can, and that’s why the celebs we both love and hate (and love to hate) will continue to carry Birkins until the end of time. Or, more likely, until another $10,000+ handbag comes along and displaces the Birkin. I can’t personally predict when that will happen, but time will always march on.

Christie Brinkley
Chloé Hudson Tassel Bag
$2,150 via Neiman Marcus

Here’s Christie Brinkley, carrying a black Chloé Hudson Tassel Bag while hanging out with her boyfriend John Mellencamp (Yes, THAT John Mellencamp) in NYC. Christie has owned and loved this style for a while; we first saw her carrying this bag back in November.


Dakota Fanning
Chanel Denim Backpack

Dakota Fanning does not look happy here, but we’re pretty stoked about her cute Chanel Denim Backpack. Speaking of Chanel backpacks, I’m pretty glad the Chanel Graffiti Backback has quietly phased itself out. I don’t miss it at all.


Heidi Klum
Hermès Birkin

Birkin-lover Heidi Klum was recently spotted at the UK’s Heathrow airport with boyfriend Vito Schnabel and–what else?–a Birkin. This is a lovely blue version that we don’t see very often.


Kylie Jenner
Chanel Boy Bag

Breaking Kylie Jenner news: Kylie Jenner has developed an interest in analog photography. Here she is carrying an iridescent green Chanel Boy Bag and an old school Pentax camera while doing a little shopping in Calabasas.


La La Anthony
Hermès Birkin

Of course, if you’re going to venture out in public with an Hermès Birkin, why bother with first class at all? Just head for the helipad, like La La Anthony, pictured here arriving at a heliport in NYC with husband Carmelo Anthony.


Lily Aldridge
Saint Laurent Messenger Bag
$1,690 via Barneys

Lily Aldridge has been spending a lot of time in LA lately, and our photo service has been loving it. Here she is shopping on Melrose with a beautiful black embroidered Saint Laurent Messenger Bag.


Shanina Shaik
Jerome Dreyfuss Victor Saddle Bag
$850 via Net-a-Porter

Here’s Aussie model Shanina Shaik, getting some sun in Miami Beach with her boyfriend DJ Ruckus, as models are wont to do. She’s carrying a fetching little burgundy suede handbag with gold hardware from Jerome Dreyfuss.


Shay Mitchell
Chanel Mini Flap Bag

And finally, here’s Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell, keeping her little golden Chanel Mini Flap close as she makes her way through the crowds of NYC. Shay filled in for Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Michael on Monday, and she’s also out doing some early promotion for her new flick Mother’s Day.

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6 years ago

Is that a seasonal Chanel mini (#8)? Looks kinds big for a mini.

8Lovelee .
8Lovelee .
6 years ago

Can you please do a collective “The Many Bags of…” women celebrities 50+?

Megs Mahoney Dusil
6 years ago
Reply to  8Lovelee .

I’m sure we can add that to the list!

6 years ago

I love the Chanel backpack!!

6 years ago

Really? I have a soft spot for that Chanel graffiti backpack. This? Not so much.

GG Pastel