Jodie Kidd PurseWhether it’s Prada, Gucci, Fendi or any other top name couture bag, celebrities are never seen without the hottest bag on the market. So do you want to nab that celebrity style? Of course! Who doesn’t? But the problem is the exorbitant price that comes with each bag they carry.
So my advice is, check out their pictures, and find a look-a-like designer for less.

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  • that bag is hot

    • marisol

      That bag looks like a knock off, I had one just like it and hated it, gave it to my sister. I have several LV bags only 2 are real, I like the knock offs better.

  • haya

    its a luois vitton it is hot

  • me

    its a louis vuitton theda pm.

    please learn to spell :)

  • Meg

    I have 50 louis vuittion’s my self what’s the point of pointing out that paris Hilton is my cousin

  • marilia

    i’m not speak english,but i’ll try…
    i love your blog!!
    is beautiful!!!
    i’m brazilian and i loved to find this site!!
    congratulations for you!!

  • Joshua

    This is for meg… your dumb and britney spears is my left nut… she says hello.

    • Ammy Taylor

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  • val

    yeah what’s up with whole this fuss about so-called stars and their handbags? They all get it for free, so what’s hot about that? I don’t give a damn that Lindsay Lohan has I don’t know how many Balenciaga handbags or that Hillary Duff carries a Hermès Bolide. There are also people who have these lucury objects and who aren’t showing off with them, but at least they worked for it themselves or mostly got it from parents and not from the companies just because they’re famous pseudo-Playboy Bunnies. The sickest part of it all is that we (the customers of the luxury houses) have to pay so much money for them to get VIP presents,… I am a very loyal customer to the various luxury brands and never get a VIP invitation, only ay YSL and Versace: at least they know how to treat loyal customers! I’m not talking about people like Paris Hilton because she probably carried those bags when she was nine. So I’d say: drop dead you new money skanks called Hillary and Lindsay and others, but I don’t have to worry, in 20 years time you will… because of an overdose! kisses to those who read my agitated comment!!! xoxoxoxo

  • val

    oh btw: this is for joshua: leave meg alone: she is quite right! who is dumb? you (who writes your dumb in stead of you’re -you are- dumb?) or meg (who’s damn right about what she says even though I think the 50 bags statement is kind of too much) again kisses to my sweet hearts (even you josh) ps: tell britney to take singing lessons and tell her she can stick her ‘hello’ in a place even kevin doesn’t like to visit.

  • Mazie

    Meg I would not admit PH was my cousin – God she is so crass and tacky – the 21st century kitch tart.

    And Josh I am so impressed a singing pregnant left nut!!

    Cute bag in the picture above but its a bit overdone for daily use.

  • Karina

    What do you think about the vachetta leather on the handles and the bottom. Don’t you need to be too carefull with it?

  • Sari

    I have just about as many designer bags as most celebrities yet I find that I am never praised for having the hottest “it” bags, I’m often made fun of or called a snob.

  • Tell ya what Val! When you have 20 photogs follow you into to the toilet to get the slightest glimpse of what your wearing or carrying! THEN maybe you’ll get few freebies…These celebs are called that for that reason! Therefore, giving them a handbag is FREE PUBLICITY! They may not earn these things the old fashioned way but they earn them nonetheless. Take a look at Bald Brittany having a nervous breakdown in front of every person that passes a magazine rack, signs onto internet or owns a television…in the free world!

  • suki

    get a life val! :roll:

    i totally agree with mazie, who WANTS paris to be their cousin? tackyness may just be genetic!! :wink:

  • Liza

    With all the poor starving children in our country and all the other countries…You can eat a HANDBAG

  • Liza


  • You can still have the real thing without paying the price, or settling for some cheep look-a-like. You can RENT vintage gucci, chanel, prada etc bags for like $10 a month. You can get a lot of good ideas at

  • Alexandra

    awesome, i just love …
    always interesting to look around <3

  • Best Ugg Free Shipping

    I have been meaning to write something like this on one of my blogs and this has given me an idea. Cheers.

  • Mel

    I agree…”check out their pictures, and find a look-a-like designer for less”… Maybe a replica one with the same quality works:

  • Danica

    I like it, especially with that clutch bag. This looks really nice, classic, hints of 70s, and the quality you mentioned.
    I bought a bag from Elzie Bag ( a few weeks before I went back to UK.

    I love the Elzie Bag! Actually I want to use them all! anyway, YOu have great taste in bags. *winks* :P

  • Jessica

    I’d love to win an (ipad)

  • Pearl

    Great site, great blogs, great comp! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    Celebrity or not, it always depends on the bag for me. (ipad)

    • KY

      I agree! (ipad)

  • Ken Vien

    I’d love to win an (ipad)

  • helen

    I tend to go with my own likes (ipad)

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