alexis bledel style1

I admit it, I was and still am a Gilmore Girls watcher. It was not something that I sat to watch weekly, but when those re-runs come on, I find myself drawn to the mother-daughter bond show, where everything is so peachy keen. The only way I can relate is because my mother’s and my relationship is strong, but other than that, it is just another show to watch when winding down the day. Even if you did not watch the show, you must admit that Alexis Bledel is a stunning young woman. The dark hair, crystal blue eyes, and light complexion makes her resemble a fragile porcelain doll. Apparently, the paparazzi even follows her around town, and caught Alexis Bledel out for lunch at 4th Cafe in West Hollywood. She sported a casual look, with a flowing sun dress, little sandals, and a small white handbag. Her sun dress unfortunately reminds me of a dreaded dress I wore in 7th grade that I loved at the time but looked like a piece of cheap fabric when I think about it now. Yet her white handbag is cute, small, compact, and cute. Can you Name that Bag!

alexis bledel style

alexis bledel style2

alexis bledel style3

alexis bledel style4

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  • Margarita

    i dont know but I’m loving that Chanel in the background! :lol:

  • luce

    i have no idea but i do like it…the little clasp kinda reminds me of a rebecca minkoff but i’m sure thats prob way off!!

  • Roxana

    I know I’ve seen this before somewhere, at least this style. But I can’t think of what it was :???:

  • Doi

    i think it’s Coach right?

  • Roxana

    I think Chloe, no idea what style though..

  • skyblue

    i think it a chole too? iono why either :shock:

  • Jeffer

    im thinking a coach legacy bag or a chloe kerala handbag..
    am i like..totally wrong?

  • amb

    looks like coach..idk

  • Jennifer

    Rebecca Minkoff maybe..?

  • jasica

    she look biche and foking biche stupid women and who ever ried this the person is stupid and ideat as well.:twisted: :evil: :mrgreen: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  • jillian

    alexis bledel is the prettiest effing girl i have ever seen! :lol:

  • sean

    yeah she really is, who cares what bag she’s wearing? girl’s gorgeous

  • Cindy Soo

    Isn’t that Banana Republic?

    • Megan

      cindy soo from nz?

  • Estelita

    It’s a Banana Republic! I bought mine 2 years ago.

  • Beverley

    She is like so pretty
    and one of my favorite actresess
    cant wait for her movie!!!
    and the bag idk…



  • lipvixen

    Yay a pretty bag I can buy without guilt.

  • :neutral: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :idea: love alexis bledel little wet friend wink wink

    se lo meto por el ano

  • She is beautiful :) My dream is sometimes I will meet her and I will tell her that I love her :)

  • flora

    Alexis Bledel is really beautiful but I can not find a nice photo big enough to put on my blog … I know I am not for you but ask her … can you help me? Please: Do not write in short, thank you