Carlos Falchi Tiger Snake Flat ClutchThis clutch is kind of growing on me. Originally I wasn’t so sure I liked it. It seemed kind of arts-and-crafts for my taste. However, as I gave it more of a chance, I found myself starting to like it. The Carlos Falchi Tiger Snake Flat Clutch is unique, chic and dare I say one of those kind of handbags you would consider one of a kind. A little while back Megs and Vlad had the chance to interview Carlos Falchi and we all learned how unique his handbags are and how much creativity goes into them. This handbag, without a doubt, meets that criteria. The handbag is made of genuine tiger snake and is hand painted to provide an extra element of creativity and detail. One of the best parts about this bag is that it is sure to garner attention. You are sure to hear at least a few comments as you carry it around. Buy through Bloomingdales for $595.

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  • Lexi

    this purse is fabulous!! i think i am going to look into this one, i have the perfect outfit to go along with it!! its so original that it will make my outfit POP even more!

  • pursecraver

    oh’my! this is gonna be a must have. love it.

  • Anneka

    Eek! This is over before its even started…. I’m thinking Green Street Chic here (i.e. not chic at all), it looks at least 30 cheap and tacky years out of date

  • ijm

    I actually like it. It’s funky and eye catching. I can see it as a great spring /summer purse.

  • Merve

    Wud look so much nicer without those gold swiggles. But the price is great.

  • MissLoveChanel

    I have to agree with Merve. Those gold squiggles seem out of place on an otherwise very nice bag. The price is realistic though, and that’s a welcome change.

  • TT

    You should see the hand painted silver version- gorgeous!!!
    Less jarring than the gold as it flows seamlessly with the grey snakeskin.