Carlos Falchi is truly living the American Dream. If you meet this man, who is so driven with passion for his craft, you will see in his eyes the joy he has towards his work, his family, and his life. After immigrating to the US in the 60′s, Falchi found his way at one of the hippest New York City bars, Max’s Kansas City, where he mingled with the A-listers of the time. Eventually he was designing clothing for the likes of Miles Davis, Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley and Tina Turner. It would seem that Falchi had an extensive education in fashion design, and while he indirectly did because of his mother’s background in wedding dress design, Falchi came into the scene without traditional schooling but a true love and passion of creating something special. His edgy clothing designs made it on stage in NYC concerts. And his transition into handbags was by chance, but has lead him to where he is today.

Today, you will still find Carlos Falchi in his NYC office working. Every sample is created by his hands and no piece or scrap goes to waste. Falchi works with his wife and raves about his daughters, one who is working with him now. His true love and devotion to his handbags is not only evident in the designs, but shows through after speaking with him for just a few minutes. We spent two hours with Carlos and parts of his team and gained unique insights in an artist’s work and life. What caught Vlad and I the most was the undying love and passion for what it is that he does. When you buy a Carlos Falchi bag, rest assured that the amount of time, skill and energy going into your very design is out of this world. And if you are drawn to one of his many hand-painted designs, we will let you in on a little known fact; every hand-painted Falchi design is done by Carlos Falchi himself. A true master, a truly amazing person, and a designer that you will hear much more about on our site.


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