Carlos Falchi Python Floral Sling One of our favorite aspects of this job is having the opportunity to meet amazing, talented designers. We have lucked out with every designer being so personable and fun, and each one having an entirely different story. And some stories stick out in your mind, with the people behind the story being unforgettable. This is true with Carlos Falchi who we absolutely adore and look forward to seeing again soon! When we interviewed Carlos Falchi we not only had the opportunity to ask him about his line, but we got a tour of his entire studio, saw the painting that he did with each bag, saw the skins, and saw the factory. It was truly an experience of a lifetime.

One aspect that stuck out in my mind was Carlos painting on the skins, which would soon be formed into the bags. Carlos Falchi himself hand paints many of the skins and that is entirely unique. And one of the most interesting aspects about the Carlos Falchi Python Floral Sling is that Carlos Falchi Floral Print Vlad and I saw this pattern being painted by Carlos while we visited him last October. This bag is exclusive to Saks and shows off colorful exotic blooms which were hand-painted onto the shiny white python skin. All Carlos Falchi bags are rather light, since Carlos is not a user of hardware, rather lets the skin and design stand on its own. This bag is perfect for spring. Light and airy, floral and colorful. There is a single strap with a 12″ drop along with inside pockets. Dimensions are 22″W X 12″H x 8″D.

Buy through Saks for $2790.

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  • Shawna

    My first impression was – wow!, this would be great for spring. but when I look at ot a 2nd time I have to admit that I’m not entirely convinced. It’s a great shape and the colors are stunning – but I’m not sure I like the pattern.

  • patricia skinner

    Whoa, I love that Bag. A Splash of true spring with all those colors! Love Love Love it!

  • Unfortunately we do not have larger images, which would so come in handy right now! I saw this pattern in his workshop and it was divine, we loved it!

  • Julia

    You and Vlad are lucky to have witnessed the pattern being painted! The story behind the sling is nice, i love the personal touch real hard work! Interesting that Falchi doesn’t use hardware, good tho!

  • coach4me

    I think it’s really, really pretty and unique. A true work of art!

  • Cate

    I absolutely love this bag. I love the pattern, so fresh and vibrant, perfect for spring/summer. Definitely making me forget the winter blahs.

  • Gustonegro

    Why in the world would you paint on PYTHON?! I mean it is an exotic for heaven sakes. The whole point is the natural pattern of the skin, is it not?! Me no likey!

  • janis

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh….this is soooo much prettier than the Prada fairies bag! I am in love with the colors.

  • bagaholic85

    wow…that is one beautiful bag. almost makes me forget that its 20something degrees around here today…

    u guys were so luck to see it ACTUALLY being painted!!

  • J

    i’m just wondering if this is super delicate? Will the paint run if any water gets on it?

  • Debbie

    I am absolutely in love with this bag! I’m not often wowed by “exotic” skins, but this isn’t just a python bag, it’s a work of art. Mouthwatering!

  • Olga

    I know where my next $2790 will be invested =)

  • Nicole

    that bag is soooo amazing!! drool!!!

  • mariah9999

    I am really drawn to this bag! Just looking at it makes me really happy and cheerful. It truly reminds me of Spring and would be great for a picnic! What a beautiful work of art.

  • Diana

    LOVELY artwork, but i think a tad too much. should have left more space for the python skin to be seen as well…

  • chirpy_gal

    Absolutely awesome !!!!!!!!!!!! Carlos Falchi ‘s a genius!

  • Queenmab

    I think if I saw it getting painted I would be more convinced. But…as it is, it is more a bag I would get my mom.

  • Jean

    I’m not one for floral but his hand painting artwork looks good on the white python. It’s surely an eye-catcher and would make for some interesting conversation.

  • hazel

    It’s so bright! I love it, it’d be so fun to wear around in summer and spring.

  • Carolyn

    Love it. It doesn’t look like snakeskin at first. I bet it is as supple as other bags. Good spring colors

  • Merve

    Im not sure about paint on snakeskin. I dont think it does the skin any justice.

  • Shannon

    reminds me of the prada fairy bag, just not as nice haha

  • sstellaa