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  • Passerine

    The first photo made the bag look like a backgammon case :-) It looks better when you can see some of the side. The rattan and leather one looks a little like a posh picnic lunch box. It’s a nice bag, I suppose, and I like the quilted black one best, but I can’t see myself seriously interested in buying any of them.

  • Gorgeous bags!
    xoxo, jessi


  • kkonaroll

    they all look a bit plain, the quilted one admittedly is a bit interesting.

  • geenak

    Not my cup of tea. It reminds me of a lockbox where I keep important papers… Or maybe a tea chest.

  • suzanne

    no offense but you guys are a few years behind

    • Sometimes it takes a while for something to grow on you! We post a lot about the latest/greatest, but sometimes it’s fun to look at what’s held up well even though it’s not brand new.

  • ElleC11

    I bought a small black Grace Box and a Benchley Bag way back in the 1990s (just before Sara Lee closed them down). I can’t speak to the quality today, but I’ve used mine often all these years and they’re still in excellent condition. I’ve always gotten loads of compliments on these – from both men and women. They are so perfectly elegant to me and are still amongst my favorite bags and, like Amanda, I too love how they’ve gotten playful and adventurous with materials and colors, but I would have a really hard time bringing myself to paying today’s retail price for one.

  • oui

    From the front, the Tricolor reminds me of Loewe’s 2-way shoulder bag, but then, look at it sideways, suddenly it’s Party in the Back!!

  • Patsy

    It’s nice to see you feature an American brand. I’d like to see you post brands like Frank Clegg and J.W. Hulme. Not only are they American brand, they’re both completely American made. Amanda, you can use your influence to turn the spotlight to the American brands manufacturing here instead of cheap labor abroad.

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  • I love this bag too Amanda! I just discovered this brand (I’m from Europe) and I love how playful, classic and feminine the Grace box is. And Alexa Chung is regularly spotted with this box in beige!

  • Maya

    On my shopping list!

  • gpc

    Are these difficult to get in and out of? I also like the Hadley style.

  • Does anybody find it annoying that you have to turn it on its side to open it? Or does stuff mostly not fall out? I always overstuff my bags so I’d imagine even with an internal gusset stuff would fall out.

    • Most of the models have sort of a “webbed” opening. (I can’t think of a better word for it.) When you open it, two panels of leather extend between the top and bottom of the bag, which keeps stuff from spilling out the sides and prevents the top from opening flat.

  • I loved this bag!

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  • gpc

    Amanda, I noticed that there are two sizes, small and large, although their differences don’t appear that significant – are they if you see them in real life?