Lockheart Bags

Purse Forum has been buzzing about Lockheart bags recently and I can see why. Jennifer Tash and Trang Huynh are the founders of Lockheart, whose mantra is “Follow your heart”. The duo first created Isabella Fiore. In 2006 the duo started Lockheart, whose bags still make a statement but are more toned down than many Fiore bags. Their bags continue to gain exposure and the fan base continues to grow. Because of this, we are deeming Lockheart Buzz Worthy. Stay tuned for more from Lockheart in the future.

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  • Sara

    LOVE them!! Thanks so much for featuring them!!!!

  • Amy

    I own about 10 Lockheart bags, and I just can’t get enough. I have never been stopped more in my life since I started carrying these amazing bags!

  • lauren

    I love Lockheart bags! They are so stylish and always on top of the purse trends. The leather is amazing and I love all of the details that they put into their bags. The Giselle and Rosa are my favorites!!

  • Rhonda

    I love my Lockheart bags! I get stopped everywhere I go! I love the designers and all of the details that they put in their bags! The quality of the bags is incredible! Amazing!

  • Shannon

    I am in love with Lockheart handbags. Lockheart bags make every outfit look good. I feel so cute when I am wearing one. It is so hard to choose one color because every color is amazing! I am looking forward to getting another one!

  • lucy

    This bag is so cute! I can’t wait to buy one! I can’t believe how great the price points are for such great quality and style! Thanks purseblog for sharing!

  • Kathy

    I love the Lockheart bags! The choices and collections are amazing. The leather is the best, so soft and comfortable. Outstanding quality. I always get compliments on my bag.

  • Aliza

    I have been a fan of Lockheart since its inception. I am SO glad that people’s radars are going up for this line. I have a number of bags in various styles, colors, and from different seasons, and I am constantly stopped on the streets of Chicago asking who made it (no matter which one it is) and where they can get them. The Lockheart ladies are so forward thinking, and all of their bags are gorgeous, functional wearable art!!!!

  • laika

    I love Lockheart!! I love their designs and I love the fact that each bag is functual, thanks for the heaps of pockets! Love you guys, keep on truckin’

  • Stacy

    Cute, sexy, trendy, and sophisticated all at once! Jennifer and Trang are masters of their trade, and each bag they develop is a carefully-crafted masterpiece. A Lockheart is a definite must-have accessory for every woman! Check out their website, you’re sure to find a gem!

  • Erika

    I get so many compliments on my two Lockheart bags! They are so unique and are really durable. I will never go back to the same old boring bags that everyone else carries!

  • Marie

    I have several Lockheart bags and love every one of them. The leather is so soft and only gets better with age. I feel special wearing a Lockheart. People stop me to ask about them and want to know where they can get one. I wouldn’t be without my Lockheart!

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE my Lockheart bag(s) and I will empasize the plural because that is all I carry. Everywhere I go, I get stopped. Yesterday someone stopped me on the street and commented on the fantastic lining in my gorgeous bag.
    I carried a gorgeous green bag in the winter and am now carrying an eggplant color. Lockheart blends with every outfit. I wouldn’t carry anything else!

  • Natalie

    I love every single one of my Lockheart bags. They are unique and made extremely well with alot of thought. Every time I carry a Lockheart, which is every day, I get compliments. I don’t leave home without a Lockheart.

  • Allison

    I am obsessed with Lockheart!! I just asked for the Giselle bag for my birthday! :)

  • Karyl

    I love Lockheart bags! Their artistry and attention to detail is incredible.
    But that should be no surprise coming from Jennifer Tash and Trang Huynh and their talented team. Their collections offer something for every woman and guarantee floods of compliments.

  • Joan

    “Not without my Lockheart” is my motto. I am an artist and the Lockheart line is amazing, both in design and function. To sum it up “…they complete me.” I’m not dressed without my Lockheart. Without a question, every time I’m carrying one of my Lockhearts, I always receive so many compliments. XOXO

  • Dina

    I have been a HUGE fan of Jennifer and Trang for 10 years… back to the Isabella days. These 2 ladies are the most talented in the business. They are always ahead of the game and you cannot get better quality for the money. I have SOOO many of their bags…. and everytime I carry one I get stopped!! My last addition was the Giselle and it is just so multi-functional and fabulous. Now.. I have my eyes on another one… I have an obsession for these bags!!! Keep it up girls!!

  • Arriane

    I always feel so stylish and sexy when I have my Lockheart bag, because I get soooo many compliments everywhere I go. I know everyone else has said this, and it’s so true. I have 5 bags, and I just intermix them….about every month switch one out and look fresh and everyone is like “Wow! Where did you get that bag?” Thanks for the great looks.

  • Pilar

    I met the designers when they were doing a trunk show at Nordstrom’s. They took the time to tell me all about the bag, the type of leather and their inspiration, and they signed my bag in the lining for me! I really love Lockheart because they’re not only really beautiful, but they are beautifully made. Glad to see that others are sharing the love.

  • jennifer

    absolutely loveeee Lockheart bags…
    So stylish and unique! My favorite brand, plan to get more soon!!
    love their website too!
    love them!

  • Corey

    I love my Lockheart bags!! So cute and affordable. I love that the designers know all the personality a girl can have. Keep them coming!!!

  • personatalie

    i just got the SIMPLE FOLK bag and it is to die for. Yummy yellow and green floral on sumptuous black leather!!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING bags! this particular one created the same feeling that arose in me the first time i saw an Isabella Fiore! I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! I am stopped, stared at and always asked Who makes that bag.
    i LOVE IT From the bottom of my LOCKHEART!!!!! YAY !!!

  • nicole

    I LOVE these bags!! I have too many to count. This is by far my favorite brand!

  • Sharon

    The colors and detail on their bags is amazing!!! I can’t wait for the next holiday, “in the loop” is totally on my wish list! Can someone please tell my husband? :)

  • Gwen Coronado

    My Princess Pekingese and I adore LOCKHEART bags.
    We don’t dare to leave home without our LOCKHEART Art wear HANDBAG….
    LOCKHEART Handbags are chic, sturdy, edgy, modern, graphic, cheerful …
    Quality, not quantity – when we think of LOCKHEART …
    Confession: I have not found a LOCKHEART bag that I do not fall in love yet ….
    Thank you, Thank you and Thank you ….

  • Leah Komaiko

    I love Lockheart. These bags are so gorgeous!!
    I have the kriss-kross – it’s light weight, beautiful, the leather is almost edible – delicious.
    I get a lot of people stopping and asking me about my bag – which I never get!

    keep up the good work and bags!!! my heart is way open to this brand.

  • Nickie

    I love my Lockheart bags! I get so many compliments. I don’t leave home without one.

  • Maura

    I was never big on purses until i got my first Lockheart – the designs are amazing and i’m not just saying that because i photograph for them – every time we have a new shoot i’m always overwhelmed not just at the artistry but how many times and ways they can create a great bag – people always comment on my Lockhearts – incredible!

  • Sydney Holland

    I love Lockheart!! I am huge fan of Jennifer and Trang for the past 9 years. Everything they do is amazing. They are
    I love everything they always do. I love Lockheart. The bags are beautiful.
    I am loving my new bag that I just purchased!!!
    I love Lockheart!!!!

  • Jacki T-Bender

    Jen and Trang are so talented and I have been fortunate to know them and have watched their development. LOCKHEART bags are just amazing and the dynamic duo and their amazing team have thought of every detail one could wish for in their dream bags!
    I am always stopped and asked for the manufacturer’s name when wearing one of their creations…and I am so PROUD to own their collective handbags!

  • jennifer

    I can’t go a day without being stopped about my Lockheart bag. Even the pharmacist had to look inside to see the lining and all the pockets. When I pulled out my matching wallet, she had to get the website and asked where to buy a Lockheart. Even the Lockheart bags I bought last year are still instyle today. I can’t believe how they wear so well. I bought the Mini Rosa in white and everytime I go to dinner it becomes the centerpiece of the table, and of the conversation. Best of all, the bags last. I throw them around and they never scratch or get messed up. They always look new. I love all my LOCKHEARTS!

  • michele

    Oh my gosh! I am so excited about being able to tell everyone about my new favorite bag…Lockheart. I am waring the messenger bag called Giselle and it’s so comfy and roomy and good looking. All my friends want one too and they keep telling me when I get tired of mine, to give it to them. No way that’s happening.

  • molly

    The Lockheart syling is phenomenal with all the detailing. There’s a place for phone, tablets, glasses pens, anything. I stay so organized with a Lockheart, much more than I have with any other bag. The leather si so soft and durable.

  • a shafiroff

    I love the Lockheart bags for my wife. I used to buy her the Fiori bags when Jennifer Tash was designing them. The new line looks great and is already getting quite a buzz here in NY

  • Jenny

    I just purchased the Juliette bag – it is absolutly beautiful – some of the best craftsmanship. I can’t wait for more of the Lockheart line to be sold in New Jersey!!.

  • Diann

    I am very impressed with my Lockhart Bag, I love how soft it is and on top of that is is very pretty I get complants all the the time and that does even say how functionaql it is with all the pockets that make it easy to grab what ever I need in a second.
    Thank You I Love my bag.

  • Allie

    The Lockheart bags are amazing! The quality is top notch and the bags will never go out of style. Timeless and classy peices that are a compliment to any outfit!

  • Sally

    Never have I received so many compliments on a handbag. My Lockheart is a winner; the coral leather is a huge hit. Love It!

  • Alicia

    All I wear are my Lockheart bags. I get stopped at the bank, the grocery store, everywhere as people always say, “I love your handbag, who made it?” I love the attention. I am happy to see Lockheart get some well deserved attention now.

  • jessica

    L ove, love, love!
    O h so amazing bags
    C omfortable, convenient
    K nowing I’m getting a new one makes me smile :)
    H ighly in demand
    E asy to carry
    A mazingly artistic
    R eturn of what made Isabella Fiore so great!
    T errific totes to treasure~


  • Isabelle

    Short story I was at the Ritz in Hawaii and had so many people compliment my Fabulous Lockheart bag. One gentleman came up to my husband and asked him if he could ask me where I bought it as his wife was in love with my bag and her b-day was approaching. I am always stopped and complimented on my bag. LOVVVEEEE THEMM!!!

    I certainly hope he bought her the bag.

  • Sharan

    I LOVE MY LOCKHEARTS. I finally have someplace to hang my keys, to put my sunglasses, and every time I wear my bags, I get comments. The designs are wonderful and the colors pop. Thank you for completing my outfits with true art.

  • Zoe

    I must say I first fell in love with the Isabella Fiore bags for their great workmanship and uniqueness. We saw the change at the end (not so good). Then Lockheart came needless to say the name is different but we can truly see the originality true works of art again in Lockheart. No matter what girls Jennifer and Trang are the original IF and will continue with Lockheart. Thank you ladies for your inspired creations, and all the complements we receive on your behalf.

  • Jill M

    Such adorable bags! Thank you for sharing about Lockheart…I will keep my eye out for them now!

  • Hank

    OK girls, I am the husband of a handbag addict! My wife collected handbags from these two designers, Trang and Jennifer, from their beginnings at Isabella Fiore…

    She was bummed when she learned they no longer designed for them. Then last year, as I was roaming about the handbag dept at Nordstrom.s..a kind saleslady pointed out the Lockheart handbags to me and told me how these designers were the same girls who started Isabella Fiore. I picked the “Abbey” for her…and she went CRAZY!!!!

  • Linda

    I love my Lockheart bags. I love the colors and details. I love the compliments I receive. I can not wait to add more to my collection.

  • Carly

    These bags are the cutest! I want to buy one for my daughter. Where can I purchase one (or two), It’s going to be hard to decide. They all have such personality and style!!!

  • Mike

    Hank, I’m with you, brother!

    My wife loves these bags. She does everything she can to get her hands on them. She loved their designs from Isabella Fiore (she literrally has a closet full), now she has to have all of the Lockhearts. She always gets compliments on these bags, and the prople who comment are excited to know these are the same designers that made Isabella Fiore famous. I take notice so I must admit, these purses (i mean bags, as my wife reminds me), appear to transend the boldness and excitement that began with their original designs.

  • monica

    they are Pieces of art.

  • Laura

    Thank you so much for featuring these girls. I know they work so hard to bring something new and different to the marketplace. I have about 6 Lockheart bags and I get compliments on them everywhere I go. I LOVE them!!

  • Morgan

    Spring is the perfect time to get a new handbag! I highly recommend Lockheart purses. The quality of each bag is amazing and the styles are so unique. I am debating over which one to get next!

  • Fancy Nancy

    I have written about Lockheart and Jennifer and Trang on my blog http://www.thefashionthinktank.com …I can honestly say that these are the most special bags in the world. I am so happy to see so many people writing in about Lockheart.
    Clearly people can see the awesome, beautiful , amazing, product and can feel the love that goes onto the design

  • Flo W

    Lockheart handbags rock! I am amazed at the number of people who stop me at the malls (and streets) to make such positive comments on these handbags. Each and every one of the bags are beautifully designed, well-made, and so very functional. Kudos to Jennifer, Trang and staff!

  • JKK

    It seems like Lockheart has been everywhere lately! I have noticed a couple of my friends wearing their bags and they get so many compliments on them. All the little details are so cute, but not over the top. I think it might be time for me to go out and get my first one!

  • Mj

    I Love my Lockhearts too!

  • Christine

    Lockheart pieces are what happens when two uncompromising designers get together and search the expanse of their creativity to turn the ideal into a reality. Example: The ABBY.

    Their bags are just different and the details are so exquisite that you can literally wear jeans and a white tee for days on end with just a Lockheart on your arm. You have to mention the great color of their bags too- really quality leather they find to make their pieces.

    Why I can’t find Lockheart in more stores right now I have no idea. When you see one, you’ll know.

  • Devon

    I once asked myself if a woman could have too many bags. Ever since my first Lockheart bag, I am not so sure.

    Fantastic bags ladies. Please keep designing!

  • James

    Love these bags!!!!!!!!!!

    Used to carry a lot of Isabella Fiore purses with the beading and patterns but now it is so funny that I feel like, 6 years later, Lockheart bags fit me so well now!!!

    Wonder what their design studio looks like! It must be crazy with all kinds of ideas and samples flying around!

    Love you girls, keep it up!


  • Otter

    Hey, there are way too many posts here with a similar writing style. I think that Lockheart publicist is posting this stuff. That is not what this site is about. STOP IT.

  • Martha

    One of my best friends always has the most stylish bags and clutches. Really edgy and chic, they are completely unique and adorable. Everywhere we go, she gets complimented on whatever she’s carrying and all of our friends try to find similar styles. It was only just recently that I discovered that all of her bags, literally every single one, is Lockheart.
    Now I know what to look for and I’m so excited to finally get one of my own!
    (and by the way, I’m not a publicist for them, but I totally would be!)

  • Piper

    Wow! Already a lot of comments on here but just thought I’d add my two cents as well: Great bags, really unique. I get so many compliments even walking downtown or going shopping. I love how the bags make me look good!

  • ray vargas

    i’ve had the privilege of producing artwork for some of these purses, and i have to say that the ladies of lockheart are a joy to work with. the amount of care and detail that goes into each purse is astounding. they combine great vision and passion with a vast knowledge of handbag design and industry experience to truly make each bag a work of art.

    the bags have been a hit with the women in my family; there was a feeding frenzy when i brought some samples home, and my friends have all taken notice.

    i’m ecstatic to see these inspired women gain notoriety as all of their hard work and dedication comes to fruition. as a freelance artist it’s always a pleasure to work on a project that is so obviously a labor of love to all those involved.

  • Alex

    I love my Lockheart! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  • Julie Black

    I discovered Isabella Fiore bags when Jennifer & Trang were just starting out in a small shop in Santa Monica. I remember that she was having a sample sale of scarves, and silk flower brooches when I spied one of her original “Monkey Bags”. I had never seen anything like them, and much to my disappointment I couldn’t purchase the bag because she was shipping the bags to Nordstrom Department Store. Now, I must have a dozen Isabella bags, and I have two Lockheart bags. I ALWAYS receive compliments when I have my new Lockheart bags on my shoulder. The design is original, and the quality is supreme!!! I can’t wait to build my Lockheart collection!

  • Amy

    Beautiful bags! Unique! My roommate owns one and I’m very jealous. I can’t wait to get some lockheart bags of my own!

  • Lisa

    i absolutely love my lockheart bag!! I am always stopped and asked where I goy my bag from! Great quality & style!

  • Linda

    I own several Lockheart bags and I love them…they are a work of art! The leather is soooo soft and the bags are so functional with all the built in pockets, etc. I always get compliments when I carry my Lockheart bags. Great price on them as well when you consider the details and quality. (PS…I do not work for Lockheart) :-)

  • Rhodes

    Beautiful bags! I love the colors and the unique designs.

  • Erin

    These bags are the best!!!

  • Riley

    OMG!!!! I was saving to buy an LV bag but after perusing through the handbags at Nordstrom’s I was convinced to get the LH (Lockheart) and I am so grateful the compliments I receive are overwhelmed.

    Keep it up ladies, I am saving to buy my next LH handbag.

    Love you..

  • Emily

    I have carried my Lockheart bag (Uma) for a year now and I love it. It is one of the best designed bags I’ve ever carried. I’m always on the go so I don’t exactly treat my handbags nicely, but my bag has stayed beautiful. It has no scratches and the stitching on the handles has held up perfectly. The leather gets softer every single day, but it still looks brand new. I get so many compliments on my bag. Friends have even tried to find their own Uma bag. As if it weren’t perfect enough, it has 1 zippered pocket and 5 open pockets, so not only does it hold everything, but I can find it all, too. I would recommend Lockheart bags to any girl who loves to be fashion forward and stand out in a crowd. They are so unique, but unlike other bags, these will carry you from season to season. Love them! 2 thumbs up and 5 stars!

  • chirpy_gal

    nice :)

  • Lynne

    Followed Jennifer and Trang from first Lockheart collection. Love the purses — great details. Everything fits and has a place. I’m always excited to see their new collections and what they come up with. When I carry a Lockheart bag, I always get compliments.

  • Sandra

    Really cute little bags

  • Anthea

    The little purses are so cute! My roommate owns a Loackheart bag and it’s really lovely :)

  • Sarah

    I have 3 gorgeous Lockheart bags. All of them are incredibly classic but hip and stylish at the same time. Whenever I leave the house with one in hand- I get tons of compliments! These bags are so comfortable to carry and the leather is unbelievably soft. They all have a unique detail and craftsmanship about them, unlike any other bag I have had- so you can always tell that it is a “Lockheart” bag. I will definitely have these timeless bags forever!

  • tammers

    How adorable! Don’t shoot me for saying this everyone…..but I never heard of Lockheart till now! I KNOW…..what planet am I from! But definitely something I need to add to my growing obsession and collection lol!

  • Brooke Burke

    I have at least 10 bags in every color and I love them!
    Great bright colors for Spring. Totally practical and I love all the pockets. I have more Lockheart bags than any other designer and I literally change my bag every day.

  • Catherine

    LOVE the Lockheart bags! I am the proud owner of several…ok, actually…many. Not only are they fashionable, they are functional. I love the well-thought out placements of pockets and details. They look great, feel great, and work great!

  • Kas

    I am obsessed with my Lockheart bag. I had never really heard of the brand up until recently when I was at Nordstrom with my mom and she pointed out to me how gorgeous they were. I bought one and ever since have gotten literally a compliment on it every day! And on top of its beauty it is so conventional– I wear it around school as a book bag and out on the town shopping. The leather is such good quality and what I really like is that they are pretty light even with all the detail and hardware on them, making it a lot easier on my shoulders. The bag wears great and all of the pockets are my life saver as I can have easy access to my phone and keys whenever needed. With mothers day coming up my mom has been begging me to get her the new giselle bag and I think i may just have to get it for her so i can borrow it!



  • SC

    i love my lockheart purses! the bags are not only beautiful, but very functional. There are little pockets on the sides for my keys and cell phone and no longer do i have to dig through my bag for those two items! i also love their unique style & the compliments that I always receive. keep up the good work!

  • Esther

    I love my Lockheart bags!!! I feel very stylish when I carry it. This is by far my favorite brand. I love the pockets inside the purse and have received a lot of compliments when I carry it. Great job!!!

  • Janet

    I absolutely love my Lockheart bags! Lockheart is top notch in design and quality!

  • sarah

    i own a beautiful Lockheart clutch that everyone admires. i have gotten a compliment every time i go out! the color is fantastic as well as the style. i can always pick a Lockheart out. their original style is what sets the best from all the others.

  • azureartist

    Love the 3 Lockhearts plus wallet and key fob I have so far in my collection. Functionality and style put together. I am crazy about the details! Love that!

  • jodi

    love my lockhearts! they rock!!!!


    I used to wear exspesive well known name brand bags. I would not get compliments or people thought they might be fakes! until my best friend started collecting lockhearts. and thats when I had to buy my first one. They are much reasonable in price much more beautiful great long lasting quality they dont fall apart I feel that they will last a long time and not loose their shape. and now even MEN stop me and say how beautiful my bag is, my wife will love one, where can I get them? and that makes me feel nice. Icant wait to get my next one or three , JADA, PAULA and VANESSA. GOOD BYE ,LV, gucci . IF. hello my new love LOCKHEARTS. DELIA

  • Romina

    I could write for pages about my love for LOCKHEART. I own 7 LOCKHEART bags!!! I have one (or several) for every occasion and just like everyone else, I am showered with compliments every time I wear one. I have also gifted LOCKHEART bags to all the special women in my life and they all tell me similar stories about the compliments. These bags are all so unique and the quality and craftsmanship guarantee that they last forever. Thank you Jennifer and Trang for all your love and creativity that goes into each bag! LOCKHEART is definately a step above the rest :-)

  • Michelle

    I have followed Jennifer and Trang for 9 years. From Isabella Fiore to the launch of Lockheart. The details are unsurpassed. Their vision is unlike any other designer in the market. I will always be a loyal fan. My bags get noticed, but not in a heavily branded way. The attention is always focused on the fact they are so unique.

  • Loquita

    I never really gave Lockheart much thought until I saw this pic…what gorgeous little bags! And it seems like they have lots of devoted customers. I will def. check them out.

  • Sandra A

    I used to collect Isabella Fiore handbags, but I love the intricate leather work on their new Lockheart collection. the leather is soft and supple, the colors are yummy and the bags are timeless, fashionable and functional. I have three and I carry one everryday!
    they are my absolute favorites and i can’t wait to add more to my new collection! I will have them forever!

  • Jacki

    I love my LOCKHEART handbags. Jen and Trang did not forget one detail in making each handbag the most useful and innovatively, beautiful creation.
    They are so talented and we are all fortunate to benefit from their profound creativity—apart from being wonderful women!


    I just heard about these bags today. I love them. I justt wish I could afford 500.00 bags. They are very beautiful. I found many I liked. Some day soon I hope.

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