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  • Passerine

    Re the Gucci Supreme Boston bag, if you buy it in Europe you can get the same bag in the beautiful Tian pattern and stay within the limit. The Tian version is 1390 euros, which comes to about $1575 — but factor in the VAT refund and that drops the price below $1500. Just a suggestion!

    • But travel to Europe might put you a bit over the limit!

    • MissDemeanor

      I have the Tian tote with the red handles and the matching scarf. I love it!! Find a friend in Europe who’s willing to buy it then ship it for you!

  • chae

    better to buy them now than later…

  • Kate

    I want the small Chloe Faye. Some of the others look quite nice, but I just can’t deal with the unrelenting ugliness of that Gucci monogram.

  • love this post, many style and thankyou for share.

    love too this product

    • Jessicadseagraves3

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  • Pamela

    I have the by the way bag and honestly the mini is for a child. It is TINY! my 6 year old niece tried it on and it fit her perfectly. Honestly, get the bigger one. You will need the space.

  • J Lennon

    All really shitty bags

    • Holly Stanton


    • Chelsea Girl

      Disagree. That Chloe Faye is to die for!

  • MissDemeanor

    Something about the Pandora bag messes with my happiness. It looks lopsided. I couldn’t handle that! Lol.

    • Sparky

      Totally agree. Looks like a design fail to me.

    • Jerri R

      It makes me wonder if things constantly fall out of it.

    • Finem Lauda

      Same, have always hated it tbh. Can’t stand the way it looks.

  • Sparky

    What about Mulberry Bayswater? Full size bag, not a mini!!! Its $1400 in the USA:

  • Mom2 12paws

    The Lavin Tassel Tote! Any other colors besides back and white?

  • Jax

    The Alexander McQueeb is really beautiful and classy. Also very large! Love it.

    • Finem Lauda

      No shade but McQueen* but omfg thank you for that laugh. I really needed that tonight.

  • Jerri R

    I love the Marni! So sensible and understated.

  • Christy Hunt

    The balenciaga one Is a beauty

  • FashionableLena

    Most of these are mini/small bags. Not very practical for daily use for most women.

  • Rama

    I’ve learned to take very, very good care of friends who frequently travel to Europe, or wait till I’m there so I can go on a shopping spree, because the price difference can be really enormous.

    • shopper

      Totally. in many cases 40% less (after tax rebate). Like Valentino.

  • Finem Lauda

    I really hate the trend of “mini”. Again, what’s the worth of a bag that I can’t carry a q-tip and half a saltine in!? Especially for 1,500$!

    • Maya

      Ahahaha, ditto!!

  • Rockstud

    I’ve always liked the Nina Ricci marché tote but never pulled the trigger on it

  • Sparky

    I bought the Bal Mini City a few weeks ago – my first Balenciaga. I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s light and fits a ton of stuff. Durable enough to knock around. Thanks to PB for introducing me to the brand.

  • Maya

    I love Balenciaga for not jacking up their prices every two weeks, which in a sense makes them classy!!

  • Sara

    Some of these bags and the brands are great but I’m bored to death of seeing the same styles over and over again in different colours and textures. Bored.

  • M

    No no no. Some of these bags would be nice in a larger size, like the Saint Laurent duffel bag. I have never liked the flat distessed Balenciaga bags, the Chloe bags with strange closures, the PS bags with multiple straps or any LV bags with that pale leather that gets dirty looking. The new Gucci monogram bags with a strange name are not any less ugly with that horseshoe detail and printed flowers and decorations. In comparison, the Gucci Boston bag shown here is quite nice in its classic simple style.

  • Paulie G

    Anyone else think the Balenciaga bag looks like the Botkier trigger?

  • Nicole Ginsberg

    The Balenciaga! Get it pre-owned (prices in Canadian dollars, so extra value for you!):