As most of you know, Megs, Vlad and I have been traveling for the past couple weeks. Finally, we are all settled in South Florida and trying to get back to our normal schedules. While I was traveling, I couldn’t help but notice the plethora of laptop bags in the airport. I swear, the only travelers who didn’t have a laptop bag were those under the age of 15 (and honestly, even some of them did). So, it got me thinking about how bland most laptop bags are. I mean, really, almost all luggage you see is black and that truly is the same when it comes to laptop bags. I know that more than anything else, we look for functionality, but every now and again a little bit of color can’t do any harm. When I cam across the Burberry Laptop Messenger Bag, I thought, now *this* is something I’d like to carry around. I know the Burberry pattern can be a little much at time, but in the instance, I think it works wonderfully. The bag comes with brasstone hardware on the case along with a canvas shoulder strap and the flap has a double snap closure. And as always, I enjoy the interior slip, zip and cell phone pockets. Share with us what kind of laptop bag you carry around? I truly need a new one! Buy through Nordstrom for $895.00.

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  • NK

    it is a little boring, just because the burberry plaid is so overused and skewed with replicas and such

    but i do like this, especially when all you do see is black ones
    you’re right. this is a good laptop bag :)

    and i’m not even a burberry person either!

  • Kaytey

    I just carry my laptop in my Kooba Sloane… But I’m thinking of upgrading tot aht black patent Muse Two…

  • ManofBag

    I would like this if they used the larger darker pattern.

    As for my laptop bags, I own 3.

    One Regular Gucci mono print.
    One Louis Vuitton Monogram abbesse
    One Louis Vuitton Taigo Dersou

    I love the Taigo is AWESOME, but sometimes it is a bit large.

  • I absolutely love this bag. I has the ageless design that burberry always makes. How could you go wrong? Designer Handbags Discounted

  • designer laptop bags

    that was totally cool! it encourages me to buy a laptop asap!

  • designer laptop bags

    a unique of its kind!


  • Jungwook

    It was originally designed as a “men’s messenger bag” but Nordstrom and Bloomingdale both posted it as a “laptop bag.” Hmm…odd. I bought this bag through Burberry in Oct. 08 and have loved it since. It is very simplistic in design but the trademark plaid is very bold and makes strong statement. I usually tote around my daily planner, mail, gum, keys…most items I guess a girl would carry around in her purse (which has labeled it from my friends as a man purse) but get many compliments from girls and guys alot. I bought it originally $810 + 8.25% sales tax so $895 seems a little steep for me although they discontinued it’s production and replaced it with a satchel bag.

  • Kathey

    Its very cute and it’s bold in which you are very proud!! I have a similar bag which I love to put my laptop into! Its not too bulky but just chic and lovely!

    HAve a nice day! :D

  • Sarah @

    Well, unlike a previous poster I *am* a Burberry person, and I would carry this bag in a nano second. lol. FAB!!

  • arra

    i want this it’ll look good on my laptop :)

  • hon

    i think it is awesome i love it take it from me. i know things. sometimes it is boring

  • Kendra

    So stunning. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Noway! (fb)

  • leather padded laptop bags are the best to use since they can absorb shock and prevent moisture buildup ”

  • laptop bags using natural leather is my choice because natural leather is much softer and looks better `-*

  • beanyce126

    another do able bag for work and school, and plus its burberry classic pattern with a twist of an affordable price. (ipad)