Everyone claims they are Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. The excuses for wanting to be Irish involving wanting to ask people to kiss you and being able to drink green alcoholic beverages, sing loudly, wear green, and mostly have a great time. Why would you not want to be Irish today? Fact is, Shannon and I are very Irish. I mean, seriously, with a name like Shannon and Meaghan you would think we still lived in Ireland. And for our being Irish, my closet is nearly empty when it comes to green clothing. And green bags, lacking as well. I guess I am not a fan of green on myself, though it seems to compliment my coloring and eyes just fine. That needs an update.

So for St. Patrick’s Day I wanted to find you all the greenest of green bags in a gorgeous design and beautiful skin. Of course Bottega Veneta has it and of course it is sold out and of course it costs $24,000. What I really wonder is how many people were sitting around this morning with $24,000 in their account waiting for this very bag to pop up on Net A Porter? At least one person was, and I would imagine they had more than one bag in stock.

Nevertheless here is the Bottega Veneta Cocolave Crocodile Tote, a bag we gave you a preview of Spring 2010 Bottega Veneta bags back in November. Bottega Veneta also calls this bag the Esperanza Cocco Lave Bag. I call is gorgeous. And green!

The color green is vibrant yet not obnoxious and the pewter hardware is the perfect compliment toward the crocodile skin. The top adds a new dimension with Intrecciato and eyelet detailing. When it comes to Bottega Veneta, the quality of every aspect of the bag is taken into account. Inside there is taupe suede lining, a zip-fastening pocket, and a pouch pocket. If you have $24,000 and love Bottega Veneta and green, this is the bag for you. If not, it is the perfect bag to check out and remind yourself to wear something green today! Buy through Net A Porter for $24,000.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Have fun, be safe, and wear green: What green items are you wearing or carrying today?

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  • I am utterly and completely non-Irish, just in case anyone was wondering.

    • Really?? I didn’t know that!?!

      On that note, Vladimir is not very Irish either :)

      • My family is like 75% German and 25% mix of Scottish and English. Although I have been known to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day from time to time anyway :-)

  • Jane

    I work as a barista so I have to wear a green apron everyday, I was in green by default. On to better greens I love this bag so much. I love it in the green, blue, and brown. I am completely infatuated with this bag. I have been waiting to lost after this bag since the runway. I saw photos in one of the big fashion mags where a model was backstage hanging out and holding this bag with the biggest grin on her face. I loved that photo because it evoked the same grin out of me because of that green wonderful bag.

    • I tried it on in the show room and it is GORGEOUS! I just can’t afford it

  • Dorothy

    Those bags are gor-gee-ous! The green is really impressive!

  • Cupcakes are fashion !

    Oh I forgot about st Patricks day :( I really love Veneta’s bags ! I wouldn’t take a green one, but I deffinately want a Veneta bag :)
    Check it out: http://cupcakesarefashion.blogspot.com/ :D

    XOXO, C.

  • Eva

    I love that bag! I’m sporting some of the only green I own–green socks and a green wifebeater. At least I won’t get pinched.

  • Fuji

    It kinda reminds me of a Kelly bag. Wish they have it in red or royal blue.

  • Chi

    Wow 24k for a kelly green handbag???
    recession, what recession lol

    it looks pretty cool though


  • dc

    aieyaaaaahhhh!!!! its soooo….adorable,like the croco and what a georgeus color,my fave one!!!

  • Gelynn

    I would love to own a green bag!! (fb)

  • Kendra

    I wish I could have one so bad! (fb)

  • Elyse

    what a fantastic pop of color that can be added to any outfit! (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    If I don’t want to get pinched I’ll wear it lol

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy

    not a fan of the colour
    and $24000 is a lot.. not worth it. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    not into green anything (except the earth stuff) (fb)

  • Mousse

    Would love this in a purple. (ipad)