Bottega Veneta Nero Galuchat Knot Clutch

This is not a clutch, it is a piece of art that belongs alongside Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Jewels, locked up in the Tower of London. Everything about it is extraordinary, from the overall design to the craftsmanship and work that goes into making it. And though this is a Knot clutch, which is a classic from Bottega, this rendition is in a league of its own.

Bottega Veneta Nero Galuchat Knot Clutch -Detail     Bottega Veneta Nero Galuchat Knot Clutch - Detail

This stunner is fancily named the Bottega Veneta Nero Galuchat Knot. Up close it is evident that this piece requires excessive amount of work to complete. The shell of this Knot clutch is completely covered in Galuchat, the skin of the stingray. Covering the shell of the Knot is particularly delicate and complex because Galuchat skin is not malleable. Bottega Veneta has created a new hammered workmanship for the frame. To do this, the rounded metal is manually worked with specific tools to obtain the hammered effect. Then the profile is further enhanced by a row of faceted studs applied on a small metal sheet, placed between the shell and the frame of the Knot. On the perimeter there are a total of 280 faceted studs. As if that was not ample work, the stingray skin shell is enriched by metal studs which mimic the cut and shape of faceted stones.

Precious “Stones”

There is an order to the studs/stones on the clutch. The central stud emulates the center of a flower, as 24 faceted metal studs branch out from it. There are 6 are pear shaped stones around the center, which are encircled by 20 faceted metal studs, followed by 6 round cut studs, and finished off with an additional 13 faceted studs. From the center working out, the studs get smaller. Overall there are 154 hand made, hand applied studs on the Galuchat Knot.

Bottega Veneta Nero Galuchat Knot - Closed

This clutch feels royal, yet edgy. There is something Medieval about the clutch and it is such a unique bag that I could not stop staring. It was a favorite among the men here, Vlad and our intern Joe, probably because this clutch speaks to everyone. It is not feminine, yet neither is it masculine. It is a work of art, a piece that you appreciate but it feels and looks hefty, which makes it seem more wearable. The clutch is heavier than many, which is to be expected with all of the metal studs and heavy metal body. Still, it is still one of the most interesting bags I have ever laid my eyes and hands on. Every time I held it or looked at it, the clutch seemed to draw me in more, wowing me with its craftsmanship and beauty. This is truly unlike any bag I have ever seen and Bottega Veneta has outdone themselves. The only problem is how to live up to the sheer brilliance that this clutch holds. I have a feeling they will figure it out though.

Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch in Hand

The price is $3,800 via Bottega Veneta online or contact Bottega Veneta (877.362.1715) to inquire.

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  • jburgh

    That Knot is amazing!

  • J – By far my favorite EVER! I am slightly/totally obsessed with it.

  • Sara

    These photos are spectacular!!!! I want this clutch!

  • jburgh

    Megs – You should get it. You can always store it in the china cabinet so you can drool over it on the days it is not in use. That is what I did with my Antique Silver Pepe Knot.

  • Maria Perez

    OMG! this is pure jewellery… just eye candy! I have a black satin knot and it is perfect, but this one is marvellous! Mr Maier has outdone himself… again!
    thanks for this exclusive, Vlad and Meg, love the pictures!

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    This is definitely one of the most beautiful clutches that I have seen in a long time! The color, the shape, the jewels…it is fit for a queen! I think this is a must have.


  • Glad you all like it!

    Jburgh – I want this one so bad! It is a bit heavy, but it is clearly not meant to be an everyday piece. It is a statement piece and an art piece. Vlad and I were both obsessing over it!

  • Linda

    That is absolutely beautiful. Stingray is my favorite leather and this is gorgeous!

  • Jane H.

    Oh my………(speechless)

  • kroquet

    Stunning and a show stopper! J – you need to add this to your collection!! Snap it up from Megs!!

  • Cates

    wow…just wow. Amazing, want.

  • Lori

    Beautiful. Period.

  • Jen

    What an amazing piece! I can’t even call it a bag or clutch b/c it’s so much more!

  • Liz G.

    WOW!! It is very unique!!

  • wgs

    All of the photos are fabulous….all of them posted today are simply great. I am in awe…

  • uclaboi

    Amazing Knot. Thanks for the info on how it is made. I think this is the part that attracts me the most about Bottega Veneta, the craftsmanship and work put in into each piece. Thanks for the nice pics, too, Vlad.

  • jula

    Wow…. (picks jaw up from the floor). It is stunning! Want it!

  • Jessica Jean Benson

    Very classy. This is so exquisite and sophisticated!

  • kuwa

    This is nothing short of exquisite. All the details are just amazing, and it really is a work of art.

  • sunchicka

    Beautiful I first saw it in a mag and I love the detailing.

  • Cadence

    Oh, that is really stunning. It would become an heirloom. Really beautiful. *wipes drool away delicately*

  • Valerie


  • Priss

    This is amazing. I used to loathe all the braided leather bags BV produced in the late 90’s early 00’s. Slowly the brand started producing more eye catching designs. This clutch is so hot. Not only is it an after 5 show stopper, but I would totally wear this with jeans, heels, a tank, and a blazer!!

  • mombug

    I absolutely love the Knot Clutches, I have never seen a more elegant bag and hope to add one to my collection some day. DH are you listening?????

  • Maricae

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I think its rock and roll meets royalty-elegance!! Something i’d wear to mick jagger’s wedding if i was ever invited! LOL!

  • Callie

    This knot is stunning!!! Bottega Veneta knot clutches always stunning!

  • Merve

    Thats just art

  • reneeo

    I bought this bag today!!! I am so happy! I have been wanting a knot bag for a very long time. This one is so stunning I just had to do it.

  • Len Pasek

    Would love to photograph this entire line of Bottega Veneta knot clutches. If you ever are in Atlanta, Georgia. Look me up at “Snapshot In Time, Inc.” at Telephone Number: 770.231.4373.

    See samples of work at:

  • Loquita

    Drop.Dead.Gorgeous. The loveliest clutches I have ever seen, period. Thanks for the wonderful BV features, Megs & Vlad!

  • Kendra

    I want one! Please, I want one! (fb)

  • kee

    simply gorgeous. i would love to own this peice. it is so beautiful, i love it.

  • Mousse

    This is so beautiful. I want. (ipad)