As we first told you about last week, this morning marks the beginning of Botkier’s first online sample sale, featuring classic bags like the Trigger and Sasha in never-before-sold colors and materials! Because Botkier loves you guys, they’ve given us a code for our readers to take 15% off your purchases at the sale, which will be online until 9 a.m. Friday. Hurry! The best stuff always goes first!

CLICK HERE and use code BTKHEARTSPB for 15% off the sample sale!

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  • sdas

    The site isn’t working!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I have been trying for 1 1/2 hr, and I cannot get in to the site!

  • bagmoma

    I guess the site is on overload – I am unable to get the 15% code to work in my cart :(

  • I think the site is having problems from all of us trying to access it! I know they are working on it!

  • Stephanie

    I got a Howard in oro! The code didn’t work…Still happy, though:)

  • Be patient, I think our readers are overloading the site! Botkier is working on it!

  • Ashley

    The site is having a lot of problems… And I can’t get the code to work either!

  • Joanna

    I got the Howard in Oro too, but was sad that the code didn’t work. I wonder if they’ll apply the code after…?

  • Deb

    got the trigger in black and the Howard in azure – code worked both times!
    (good luck everyone)

  • Caitlin

    the code isn’t working! aackk

  • We are going to email the Botkier team and see if they will honor it for those of you that didn’t have it go through k?!

  • Caitlin

    also, I don’t seem to be getting free shipping… is this because I’m in Canada? or will they take the charge off later?

  • Jenn

    Site doesn’t work!!! So frustrating!!!

  • Zie

    Bought the Howard in azure and Trigger in bordeaux! Code worked, too! :)

  • We talked to the Botkier team, please see the update on the post!

    Doing something like this online for the first time almost always brings about a few technical glitches, particularly when people are so enthusiastic about it – traffic overload! But Botkier’s team is working hard to make sure that everyone who ordered without the discount earlier today gets it retroactively added to their orders. They’re also working on making the site more stable, and they really appreciate your patience.

  • Caitlin

    I just bought the Howard in Azure – I love it, but I’m really hoping Botkier honours the code later!

  • hanah

    The code’s still not working. If we order with it, how would we get it applied retroactively?

    • I emailed just now to find the answer to this question, I’ll let you know when I know!

  • Jenn

    Code still doesn’t work but I got through and bought the medium Trigger in black! yay!

  • hanah

    I orded the sasha duffle in coral. I got through!
    I hope they do apply the 15 percent off retroactively.

  • Hollie

    Change the internet browser if the code is not working…
    The code is not working for IE but works for Firefox.
    I found that out after checking out from IE….

    • Nat

      Yep, I figured that out too.

      The code didn’t work for me in IE, but when I switched to Firefox everything went well ;-)

  • Jenn

    What if it didn’t work and we already placed an order? Should we email Botkier?

    • Adel

      Just got an email from Botkier saying that they won’t honor the Purseblog coupon, this after they posted on Facebook that those that have problem using the coupon should before email them before i PM EST the order number and name so they can apply the discount retroactively. BTW, coupon still not working, at least in my case using IE. What to do?

  • Jenn

    If I don’t get the discount I am calling (I already sent them an email). This is ridiculous service and I will just cancel my order.

  • Stephanie

    can anyone tell me what the email address is to contact them? do I just use the “contact us” on their official website? I placed my first order via IE without the discount and the second order via Safari, which the code worked through. Thanks!

  • Stephanie

    I just got their reply saying they won’t take any retroactive discount at this time. Well, I am still happy with my Howard and Venice Satchels. The prices are good.

  • Jenn

    Its called bate and switch if they are not honoring the code, is it not???

  • Just spoke with Botkier. They can tell from the back end of the ordering system who tried to unsuccessfully use the code – it was indeed an Internet Explorer issue that they resolved earlier today. So if that was the problem you experienced and you ordered before 1 p.m., use their contact page to have them check your order.

    That’s all the information I have right now, I’ll add further details as I hear more. But please try and be patient – online sample sales tend to create technical issues that it would have been difficult to predict because of the huge jump in traffic.

  • Caitlin

    This was my experience: After placing my order I just filled out the message form under “contact us”, around 10:30 Eastern time and explained my issue of the coupon not working and I knew many other PB readers had the same problem, and left my order number. I got an e-mail back within about half an hour saying they will honour the code retroactively.
    Personally Firefox didn’t make the code work for me, that’s what I used originally. Hopefully everybody gets their discount. :)

  • Hollie

    I am extremely upset about Botkier at the moment. I placed my order by noon and had diffculty applying the code. I wrote to them immediately but no response. I wrote again and they refused to honor the code retroactively. Here is their reply:

    “As we have received your email for the coupon code, we want to address the situation. Unfortunately, because the code needed to be applied at the time of checkout, we are unable to go back in and adjust for the additional discount.”

    It seems unfair that they honor the code for some customers but not for all. If that is the case, I will not get bags from Botkier any more no matter how great their products are.

  • Jenn

    I agree Hollie!! I emailed them 3 times and yet no response! If they do not respond, I am going to call today. Their service is beyond horrible. I doubt I’ll buy another Botkier product again after this!

  • Elizabeth

    I also have emailed 2x. No response. I am suprised that there would even be a question as to if they should honor the code! Poor customer service for sure.

  • Allison

    It looks like the wrong code might be posted. Should the code be “BTKKEARTSPB” or “BTKRHEARTSPB”? (with an R or without?) Seems like the code should be honored since people might have been given the wrong code by PurseBlog.

  • Hollie

    I do think their customer respresentives are not well trained, at least they seemed to reply my request carelessly.

    At first, they refused to honor the code. I then provided my order which included the time the order was placed as well as messages here on PB. There is certainly unconsistency.

    They replied within half an hour but said that all inquiries should be sumbitted by 1 PM. I told them I wrote to them immediatly after placing my order, which was 11:51 but got no response afterwards. Now they are blaming me for not submitting my inquiry earlier. That really upsets me. I mean, all these problems could be tracked on the backend but they just didn’t do the job. Insted, they blamed the customers.

    I am not intended to take advantage of them. If I have done all they asked for: placed an order by 1 PM, sent the inquiry by 1 PM, why couldn’t I get what I am supposed to get?

  • Sowsun

    the blue one, wow ! , it will be my next month handbag.


  • ts

    Worst customer service ever. They continually denied my card saying duplicate order/wrong address (which neither was the case). I called and emailed to no avail immediately on Tuesday now answer.

    Luckily the bag came up again Weds morning I tried to purchase and received the same error codes. Than about midday on Weds I received and email from them saying it was due to my bank denying as the billing address did not match. However this was not the case as both my banks (I tried with several cards) said everything was fine on the banks end and it was the vendor(Botkier) who was denying the transaction. Now if they had only answered my calls emails they could have set the bag aside (as I said it was still available).

  • ts

    Whoops typing to fast I meant to say with no answer not now.:) as well as an email not and..sorry

  • hk

    site color is wrong and don’t work.
    Botkier must 15% refund and color change. :(

  • Joanna

    I received my bag today – no “free gift” in the box? Also, I emailed info and Monika Botkier herself responded to email before 1pm, then I got the email after that everyone else seemed to have received about not honoring the code. It just sucks that this happened and really… they should get on getting better customer service – particularly because it’s through email and it’s terribly publicity for them to piss off hard core fans.