Seriously, I feel bad for all of you that I have taken on this roller coaster ride with me that is titled “Finding my perfect Balenciaga Bag“. My problem always came down to finding the right color for my Giant City (that I was already set on purchasing). I thought maybe Anthracite would be the perfect color choice but then realized I have plenty of grey bags in my collection. So while browsing over the weekend, I felt an overwhelming feeling of excitement when I saw the Giant City in Seigle.

The color was absolutely everything I was looking for and needed. My handbag collection lacks a tan/beige neutral and I loved the lightness of the color. The color Seigle looks fresh, crisp, and stunning. I own brown bags, but nothing light like what I thought this color would bring. So I ordered the bag and paid for overnight shipping, because I HAD. TO. HAVE. THE. BAG.

Yesterday the bag arrived and I varied in feeling disappointed, to liking the bag, to being unsure if I had the right bag, to questioning my eye sight. This Balenciaga bag may not have been the exact color I expected, but in different lighting it looks close to it. That is why this leather is a true chameleon.

Now I have to admit, before proceeding further, that I did not do my homework. At my disposal, the ladies and gents of the Balenciaga forum on PurseForum are extremely knowledgeable and I should have researched and asked questions. But in my defense, I was excited! I had been waiting for the Balenciaga Bag of my dreams for months, if not years.

Also, yes, I know that buying online is not always the way to go. There will be leather variations and differences in bags when you see them online versus in person. But I love shopping online, I do it for most purchases. On top of that, Balenciaga is known to have leathers that are treated in a way that has them appear different in different lighting. In Balenciaga’s defense, I have to share with you all how amazing my online shopping experience was. The bag was shipped very quickly and arrived in pristine condition.

The handbag by itself is gorgeous. The leather is so completely thick yet supple and the color, while not being what I thought, is truly beautiful. After consulting with the members on the PurseForum, I have gone from every extreme from thinking I got the wrong bag, thinking I need to go to the eye doctor, and thinking I just need to check out the bag more.

When I opened the packaging, the bag looked very taupe in color. There seemed to be a grey base with red/pink undertones. I didn’t think I saw one hue of brown in the bag. But when I moved the bag into light, I saw a bit of brown. And after sleeping on it, I seem to see more brown today (cue crazy). I have taken this bag into sunlight, into room light, and into studio light. I have examined and over examined. Fact is, while I first thought this bag was overly taupe, I realized it may have been the lighting. Then again, what the bag looks like in the pictures Vlad took is not quite what it looks like whenever I see the bag (and definitely not what the bag looks like when there is no light on it).

When it comes to Balenciaga, it is all about the colors. I am not sure if I have searched for so long that my expectations are too high, or if I am right in thinking that the bag I got is not quite like the picture on their website or like other bags with Seigle leather. What am I going to do with this bag you ask? I am not sure yet. Yesterday I really thought I would return the bag, but today it seems to be growing on me. After all, a chameleon of a bag works well in one’s wardrobe.

It comes down to me. Now I must decide if I love this bag and color or think a different color is a better option. Either way, Balenciaga has shown me that their bags are anything but simple in the way the leather is treated. What do you think?

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  • Charlene

    lovely!congrats on your new purchase!what a very pretty neutral!(fb)

  • Jenna

    I love it, and think its a great neutral. But with a bag that costs this much, you have to love it! Take time and don’t make any rash decisions either way :)

  • Bronwen

    I like the color. It reminds me of a bag that I was also surprised by earlier in the year. BUT, this is Balenciaga…master of the colorful bag! It almost seems to go against the notion of a Balenciaga to buy one in taupe. Still, it could be a perfect neutral color. Your pics look similar to the one you posted when you first found the color, but if you are disappointed, it should go back.

    That said, I can’t wait to see the anthracite for fall!

  • Diana

    It definitely appears to be a different shade. I wouldn’t say brown, but in less light- it looks like a darker tan. But, overall definitely part of the tan family. It’s gorgeous though!!! Good luck w/ your decision!

  • Jessica

    Love it!…..and I’ll gladly take it off your hands if you want to part with it ;) haha

  • swags

    I think its gorgeous! It does look slightly different than the picture you posted the other day. But I think I actually prefer the shade of the bag in your photos today. It will look great with many an outfit. I know you need to be 100% happy so maybe give it another day or so.

    Now I want a bag in this shade!

  • Rashida

    I think it’s gorgeous I like it, and i’d rock that bag! I hoe you keep it…

  • JenG

    Meg, I like it!

  • Catt

    the color does change a little bit under different lighting, but I think that even make this bag more charming and beautiful. Just like the metropolitan, Paris, fabulous by day but unforgettable by night! How exciting and unique!!

  • Thanks everyone!! I am going to think about it and not rush my decision. I have 15 days to return. Really appreciate all the feedback!!

    • misspink4618

      What did you ever decide on with this Seigle bag

  • gcdog

    I love it! I’m going to buy it now after I see this bag in nutural light. Thank you so much:)

    • That is what I hoped the most, that our pictures would help others out too!

  • michele

    I like the color!!

  • mrsmere66

    I personally would have preferred the Anthracite. I think your first instinct is always best. I don’t know why you would want to talk yourself into keeping something when your gut told you to send it back. That’s just my opinion, it’s a gorgeous bag either way, I just want you to be giddy with your new purchase.

    • Anthracite is off the website now too… I snoozed and lost on that one. Vlad told me the same thing today, “I prefer the anthracite”

  • Jan

    I’d say that if you’re in this much of a quandry about whether it’s the right B-bag for you, then it isn’t. Go for something that truly takes your breath away.

  • Ellen

    My opinion, for whatever it’s worth, is you will know within the 15 day whether you like it. Take it out every day, look at it in the sun, in the shade, under lights, etc.. You will come to a decision that way. That’s what I did when I got my Officier bag. Officier is a deep navy with various shadings. I first bought the bag and like you, couldn’t decide if I truly liked the color, so I returned it. I bought a black bag. A few weeks later I came across another Officier bag and ya know what – I just had to have it – and it was a great decision because I adore the color. Don’t know why I shared this and how it will help you but, if you see some positive in the color, keep it because you may be sorry if you return it (not that you can’t buy another), its just a PITA.

  • SuzyZ

    Love Balenciaga, have the City in Moutarde – just don’t care for luggage colors – just me. Enjoy!!

  • Kristen

    I like the color – I’m always drawn to a pretty brown bag – but I think that you should return it. I know that seems rough, esp. after such a long hunt, but you were immediately hemming & hawing over it. In my experience, if I don’t love something right away, it sits in my closet, unused. Even though it may mean waiting a bit longer, once you find the color that’s right for you, you’ll know it as soon as you see it… in person, that is :)

  • hannah

    i think it’s not a bad color. I have a Miumiu, very similar to this color too, just a bit lighter. I love it! :)

  • Mary

    Love-very neutral but special!

  • Ruhee

    Great bag.Enjoy it.

  • Sher77

    I LOVE this color. It is a deeper pinky beige in my mind. I have a Chanel bag in this color range and I seem to want to carry it all the time. I think you will love it.

  • nielnielniel

    its a waste of time even talking to you and reading this. IT”S JUST A FREAKING COLOR. Buy another color if you dont fancy this then.

    • Moonchild

      nielnielniel, why do you have to be so unfriendly?
      She asked for our opinion.
      If you don’t like to give it or you don’t like this website, don’t write a comment or don’t come here.
      She really does not need your attitude.

  • Kim

    I actually think maybe it is the GSH that is causing the issue with the color. I was also set on the anthracite but waited too long (found one at Neimans in Dallas on Monday so you may want to call them) but walked into the Neimans here to purchase a gift card and fell in love with the Seigle with GRGH. You may want to look at the GRGH in real life. They to me make the handbag a totally different color.

  • Maryann

    One word – GORGEOUS!

  • somethingbags

    it’s causing too much anxiety. no aha or wow moment the first time you saw it or now. best to return and get anthracite if available or wait when it is available already. doesn’t matter if you have a lot of blacks and grays already, you should love what you buy now.

  • Pauline

    I this Seigle is a nice colour… look vintage yet stylish and modern… i fell in love with this colour too…


    I have a Balenciaga City in Canard and I must agree about Bal bags to be a chameleon. It does look different depends on what kind of light it is shown — flash, without flash, direct sunlight, dim light etc. and I love it coz it has undertones that makes it unique. Congrats on your new bag! Just a piece of advice… if your not happy with this one.. DON’T SETTLE.. maybe you haven’t seen the right color for you =D Goodluck!!!

  • Daniella

    It’s definitely a lovely bag. The color is gorgeous.

  • hikarupanda

    I am usually not a b-bag fan, and I am usually not into brownish colors, but I say keep it! I like the color!

  • Sa

    i felt the same when i got my bbag in anthracite after..a very LONG searh time too .. on some days i would like it.. and on others not so much.. depending what light i’m looking at…… but hey.. it’s still with me after 4 mths! :) at the very least.. it’ll always be a surprise & keeps it interesting..! good luck w/ ur new bag!

  • CoutureCoco

    I feel for you, I really do! The ‘light tan’ colour is perhaps one of, if not THE hardest colour to choose because there are so many different variations. And these variations can be so slight but still affect the ‘colour’ significantly. I know because I’ve been trying to find shoes, bags, wallets, clutches you name it in this colour for years and years. I still haven’t found everything! They are either too yellow, too pink or too grey.
    Ultimately, I would go with your first reaction. You have to fall in love with it.

    • Judy

      This is so true. Because the color can lean toward pink or gray or yellow, it makes it hard to know what to wear with it. Certainly black and charcoal gray will look wonderful with this. But pairing it with anything in the brown family will be very hard. Reds? Maybe. Blues and/or greens? Maybe. Ivory/white/cream? Sometimes. Good Luck, Megs and thanks for letting us weigh in.

  • Moonchild

    I think it is absolutely gorgeous! :-)
    It is a very unusual color and I love it. :-)
    If it was me, I would definitely keep the bag. :-)
    You should do what makes you happy, though. :-) If the bag is not really what you wanted, you should return it. :-) If it has grown on you and you love it, you should keep it. :-)
    It is a hard choice! :-) Good luck with your decision! :-)

  • Jen

    your initial reaction is all that matters. Send it back and search for an anthracite one!

  • merve

    I think the colour on the site definitely looks much better. Im not really feeling this hue. I also prefer the anthracite.

  • belgianyen

    hi! i love that bag and that color. well, i love BALENCIAGA and as you can see in my email address, yup, i’m a baghag and an Imeldific! ;)

    personally, i always love that my bag has a different hue with my whole outfit otherwise, it’s a throwback to the ’80’s with a whole matchy matchy thing going on.

    btw, i love Balenciaga’s Covered Giant City and mine is in Raisin. ^_^

  • Balrules

    You can buy Balenciaga bags sight unseen, but you have a better chance of love with your purchase if you go to the store and look at several different bags in the color(s) you fancy. Go to Barney’s or Nieman’s or if you’re feeling really adventurous go to the Balenciaga store in Chelsea or LA.
    I know you didn’t have a great experience in NYC but if you avoid the SA you first dealt with and find someone nicer, it’s worth the aggravation because they have umpteen bags in each color in their storerooms. They have literally dozens of different color and leather variations, some markedly different, so it’s best to go, be persistent, ask them to bring out as many as they have in stock in the color and style you want, and hold out for the bag with the color/leather that says (or shouts) yes. You need a Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally moment. Don’t settle.

    I would also recommend that you hold out for the bag with soft, pliable and touchable leather. Many bal bags nowadays have very stiff thick or dry leathers and while they’re nice, they’re just like any other high end bag. If you weed through all the options, you’ll find some bags with exceedingly light, puffy and soft leathers that stand out from the rest. You’ll only be able to identify these in person, because in photos, they all look similar and they’re not.

    • Jane

      I couldn’t agree with you more Balrules. When you have done so much research and fought over and over with the colors to chose from I would want a Meg Ryan in the restaurant moment too. I would stick out this search a little longer and schedule a trip to their stores. Hey its a bonus vacation for you and Vlad. Good luck!

  • helenNZ

    Balenciaga has SO many colours and Megs, I totally understand what you’re going through! It’s always hard to get the feeling when you see something on line without touching it. I reckon your choice is beautiful! A beautiful neutral colour is always a must in a Bag Collection and the silver hardware is just FAB! GOOD LUCK on what you decide… xo

  • Gina Nixon

    I really don’t see what people see in these bags to begin with. I wouldn’t use one even if they gave me one free.

  • Chris

    For this money, you should really love this bag, not only sort of like it. I think you know this yourself.
    Judging from the online pictures, the anthracite looks better, in particular in combination with the hardware. And there must be another fabulous neutral beige handbag model out there that is just waiting for you – further search, further excitement, further shopping. ;-)
    However, your handbag is nice and the fact that it keeps changing the colour – I find that intriguing.
    Keep us updated about your decision.

  • Laura

    I think the bag looks gorgeous in your pics but I’ve never seen it in person, I might be wrong. On the other side, I believe you have to love it in order to keep it. I wouldn’t spend over $1000 in a bag that is just OK, especially when you were dreaming about it for a long time. However, if you decide to keep it I’m sure you’re going to end up loving it because, after all, you cannot dislike a Balenciaga bag, you just can’t. I can’t.

  • Thumbelina Fashionista

    I absolutely adore this color, but you should follow your gut. I have a Bottega Veneta taupe snakeskin bag that also is a bit of a chameleon, as it changes color slightly in the light, but that’s what I love about it–it always surprises and isn’t boring. Depending on what I wear with it, it looks different. Both shots look amazing–but I am biased here! Again, if I hadn’t just bought a Bbag I would want this one!

  • SKelly

    I agree with the other posters who note that you really have to love a bag, not just go “meh, maybe it’s growing on me.”

    For instance: I saw many pics of the Outremer bals and wasn’t really thrilled because it reminded me of the French Blue of several years ago. Then I saw it IRL and nearly fainted! Same with Sang.

    Then there’s the leather preference. IMHO, I love thick, veiny, smooshy. Others prefer silky, smooth and thin.

    All you need is to love it!

  • kl


  • Kara

    I haev found when you get a bag and go eehhh then it needs to go back, It’s beautiful though i love it!!

  • mochababe73

    For what you spent on it, you should LOVE it. I don’t care if the bag was $50 or $500. It’s a waste if you don’t love it or want to use it.
    I say return it and get a color that you know that you will love and use always.

  • Jen

    I don’t know. I kind of like it. I think that you’re right – a bag of varying colors can really prove to be an efficient investment in the long run. It looks like the bag will pair well with black and brown alike (which is unusual for many bags, I think), and I can imagine using it with a beige trench if it’s cloudy and raining outside or with jeans and a white linen shirt for summer days or a pop of color against a black cashmere winter jacket.

  • Lindi

    *sigh* I was waiting to hear what you thought before I pulled the trigger on my own purchase of this bag in this color. Now…I’m not so sure.

    Thanks for the honest feedback. If you’re not in love with it you should return it.

  • Pradameinhofgang

    i like the bag, and know what you mean about finding a perfect neutral bag -( personally my problem is i have very few pale bags because im worried about them getting scratched/ marked).
    if you love it and feel you will use it enough then keep it, but to my cost I have bought many bags over the years that have ended up languishing in my closet because i thought they would work in my head when in reality they didn’t work for my real life! ive learnt that my boring black and cognac bags have had more use than the ciel and calcaire. from what i have seen of Anthracite it looks more grey and or blue depending what light and which batch of leather. if also like me you wear dark or very distressed and treated denim then maybe the paler bag is not such a good option in case of colour transfer. i wish you luck whatever you decide though!

  • Larie

    As the owner of a handbag boutique, I just have to point out how much we depend on customers choosing to have that hands on, boutique experience. Not only do you help support your local economy but you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy a bag. Make local habit!

    I say that if you don’t already have a great camel colored bag, you should keep it. Everyone should have one in their wardrobe.

    Congratulations on the purchase!

  • Happy

    The lighter color picture reminds me of my Giant Part Time in Sahara, which was a love at first sight in Dec 09. Like you, I have been searching for the right color all these years and I really wanted an Anthracite as I walked into the store in Las Vegas last Dec. The sales associate reminded me I have to make sure this is the color that I can use under all season along with my outfit. Good luck with your decision. I’m still searching for my perfect “gray” bag for the fall! =)

  • Beth S.

    I think it is absolutely stunning, but if it doesn’t make you breathless… it may not be “The One.” Please keep us posted!

  • Liz

    Meg, congrats your new bag purchase!!

    I understand your feeling and eye adjusting with new colour, when I bought my first colour ‘Anthra’ day, upon I received this bag, I thought this is not dark grey!! that I have in my mind despite the photo result very different from real life.

    From my eye’s view seeing mostly like ‘white powder’ sprinkle or smudge all over leather!! That’s right!! First day my eyes are funny checking all over this colour to compare to my true dark grey clothes (shirt, sweater, even socks) still not right!!
    Yet again this bag doesn’t wow me!! Also I did check with my friend, she said straight way ‘dark grey’ it must be my eye weird!!

    Wait for a few days, my eyes adjust new colour and let bag grow love me, MAIN THING is I love this smelly beautifull leather and able to see its true Anthra colour meaning!!

    Until now, I keep this bag and happy with its true colour!!

    I hope you like your new Seigle city bag otherwise if your heart and instinct not happy go for exchange your favourite Anthra colour at first place.


  • jarz

    hmm.. i think it depends on ur dressing style. i couldn’t choose between anthracite and this color but i ended up with anthracite giant city. altho i’m not a fan of brown bag, i dont mind having one ;)

  • Nat

    Hello! What can I say, the bag is beautful!
    If it matches or not your highest dreams is the question now. What do I propose you to stop and think? This—> you always wanted this bag, and apart from this colour matching or not your imagination, it is without a doubt the best ever colour for this model. I’ve seen many in differente shades of light because I have a crazy friend who owns 8 of them, and I love yours best.
    Now, about your expectations: first you must see that it will be very difficult if not nearly impossible for you to find this dream of yours… when you wait too much and in this while you keep dreaming, it keeps getting far from reality.
    So please don’t return the bag!!!
    Just keep dreaming but in a lower level… don’t look for it any more. If your expectations aren’t too absurd, one day you’ll come across the one!!

  • Decor 2 Ur Door

    Love your blog. The bag has great details but you must LOVE it to put it out of the closet.
    Visit for custom bedding options.

  • Claire

    That color doesn’t do anything for me, but I definitely think it meets the mark if you want a light-ish, neutral, brown bag.

  • Margherita

    I like the color, but I would chose the new gold rose gold plated metal hardware, it’s sooo beautiful

  • Shivadiva

    I´m with Margherita – the colour is great, but I love it more in combination with roségold GHW :o)

  • rachel

    Did you decide megs? I love this color but i’m so curious to see your decision!

  • aj

    for something as expensive as a bbag, i think u should truly love the color. my heart leap with joy everytime i take mine out from the dustbag so i think u should feel the same way. good luck!

  • April

    Balenciaga was a hit with the chevre leather. Since then, it’s nothing special and certainly not worth the price. The chevre bags were worth the price.

  • Lisa

    Oh, I LOVE the seigle so I got one with RGGH but if YOU don’t LOVE it, then don’t keep it. It’s a totally personal choice.