Balenciaga introduces a new shape in its celeb-favorite Motorcycle Bags every couple of seasons, but I can’t remember the last time a new Bal excited me as much as the Balenciaga Mini City Bag. Spring’s just around the corner (that sounds like a lie, but it isn’t we promise), which means we’re all looking for a bright little bag to carry our warm-weather essentials, and this new crossbody model might be just the ticket.

This bag was first released as an Asian exclusive over the summer, but now we all get to delight in the miniaturized version of the Balenciaga classic. Naturally, our first question was how the new bag differs from its big sister in size. We found the helpful comparison image below on our Forum, and the new bag is listed as 9.5 inches wide by 6.25 inches tall, while the original measures 15 inches wide and 10 inches tall. That means that the proportions of the two bags are approximately the same, making the new version a true “mini.”

Balenciaga Mini City Bag Size Comparison

The new Mini City is the smallest of Balenciaga’s current major bag offerings, clocking in at a slightly smaller size (and slightly different proportion) than the Balenciaga First (which, in turn, is slightly smaller than the Balenciaga Town, and so forth.) Perhaps the most exciting development is the inclusion of a crossbody strap, which most older Balenciaga styles don’t have and which allows for a more modern, casual style of wear. The new bag can be had for $1,295 via Barneys in the sunshine yellow color below, or for the same price via MyTheresa in the coral pictured above.

Balenciaga Mini City Bag (1)
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9 years ago

In love with that coral color! So wish I could afford one, the corssbody is PERFECT!

9 years ago

I have a Balenciaga City and it is just big enough for all my necessary things….I just do not know how so many of you carry clutches (except for evening) and flap bags….I would have to leave half my things at home! This is a great idea anyway….I know that it is in demand. If you did not purchase a City before because you thought it too large, this is a wonderful option.

9 years ago

that’s quite a bit smaller for only a few hundred less, although Balenciaga seems to price all of their bags that way (i.e. the weekender being only $1845)

GG Pastel