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  • anon

    Don’t forget to mention the leather is different on the ME bags as well!!:) I have the Velo with SH in the teal-ish color and I LOVE it! After owning the classic city, besides different colors, there wasn’t really one that I was into for a long time. Then this collection came in and its beautiful. Its such an edgy take on the classic hardware and very visually striking. The leather is also tdf. I very much prefer this one to classic one and its just as slouchy so that aspect isn’t lost. I HIGHLY recommend this!:)

  • justa9url

    You might have missed it but we certainly didn’t over at the forum. ;) I fell in love with the pictures then when I saw it in person and that it was the Velo (my preferred style), I held on tight. ;) It’s just been over a year and I still love it. I have it in noir with ghw.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Nice sharp accents. Makes these styles new all over again.

  • Canuck65

    I haven’t been drawn to Balenciaga but I really like the bags in slides 3 and 4

  • FashionableLena

    I’m not a Balenciaga woman so I’m not seeing the difference between these and the previous styles. They look the same.

    • anon

      That’s kinda the point. Its just a new take on the hardware (the most iconic part of the bag). Kinda like if Chanel outlined the quilting or bordered the CC lock.

      • FashionableLena

        Thank you. I thought that I was missing something.

  • Pam

    The Balenciaga rep at NM said they’re made from goats’ leather. I too prefer the Velo & the royal blue color is stunningly!

  • Elaine Weiss

    I own a Balenciaga Town in Anthracite with Rose Gold hardware, and a City in Curry (bright yellow) with Palladium hardware. I had thought I was pretty much finished buying Bals, but now that I’ve seen this Metallic Edge line, I have developed a serious case of lust. I BADLY want the cobalt blue with silver hardware… yum!

  • Apart from my men’s Clip w/ all black hardware that I’ve use as a clutch, I’ve always held off buying a Balenciaga because of the delicate leather. All that changed when I saw a beautiful Metallic Edge Velo in bordeaux at Selfridge’s almost a year ago. I’ve always wanted a bag in bordeaux AND a Bal for everyday, and this was perfect. It’s become my favorite among my bags. The color is gorgeous, the wine and gold hardware complement each other so well. For some reason, despite the additional hardware and the shiny metallic, I find this line more understated than the regular motorcycle bags. And I can’t say enough about the leather. It is beautiful, it still has the lovely leather smell after 11 months, and it is oh so durable. My Velo has been with me on trains, the tube, buses, and planes, as well as the daily work grind when I was finally done (sob!) with my UK holiday. It really is a fantastic line.

  • Jess

    I fell in love with Balenciaga bags 10 years ago and I still love the design. So glad they have survived the IT bag status and became a real classic. My first Balenciaga was the Day, however, the Velo is my favourite style and I own a brogues version which I absolutely adore.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Ughh, I’m going to get catch some shade for saying this…in opinion, the style of these Bals remind me of a cross between Isabella Fiore and Rebecca Minkoff…and that’s pretty awful.

  • k

    Come on….I have to say, while the goatskin leather feels different than the lambskin that Bal is known for….this is one stunning bag. Just got the Bal Metallic Edge Bleu Roi clutch with strap pictured above. It. is. gorgeous. Actually carries a ton for a clutch, can go all year round (thank to the incredible color), the hardware is a soft gold (which can be mistaken for silver if that’s what you’re wearing – wink, wink), and the strap is icing on the cake. Beautiful bag.

  • Nimsquick

    My NM rep said lamb, but it doesn’t really matter to me. The leather is very distinctive, and it’s one major reason why I made the investment in the Anthracite bag. I love how the leather in this color reflects different tones and patterns. I feel it does stand out from other bags. I only wish it had one more outside pocket where I could slip in a cellphone without having to zip/unzip and forcefully stuff the phone into it. Seems like this should be a requirement of every bag in this day and age.