Folks, I don’t know how to explain this any better than the photo above already does. Most of you are probably familiar with IKEA’s big, blue shopping bags, which are awkwardly constructed in the exact proportion that would be necessary to carry a brand new set of modular Swedish golf clubs, which is the only thing IKEA doesn’t make. I see these bags practically every day, because they’re what the manchildren who populate my trendy Brooklyn neighborhood use to carry their belonging to the wash-n-fold, even though real IKEA bags are fully open at the top and not at all suited to keeping your dirty undies secure for a few blocks. Literally just buy a laundry bag, guys, they’re $6 on Amazon!!


Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia is a big fan of taking the concepts of street fashion to their logical extremes, and in that sense, I guess we should have seen this extremely literal take on every college student’s favorite moving supply coming. After all, Gvasalia peppered his first-ever Balenciaga women’s runway with luxe leather versions of the coated textile totes that New Yorkers probably recognize best as the bags indigent people in the city often use to move around their worldly possessions, so there was really no other way this whole thing could go. In Hindsight, I Suppose We’ve Been Barreling Toward This Weird Conclusion For Quite A While is, after all, the theme of the past several years at least, both in fashion and in culture at large.

So now we’re at this delicate point in time, in which it’s hard to separate parody from reality on any plane of existence, and you can either go to IKEA, get some meatballs and pay a buck for a bag, or you can buy the leather version from a luxury retailer (MR PORTER, specifically) for $2,145. Oh, and the leather version is exactly the same shade of blue as the original, lest you attempt to explain away the similarities of the two as simply a coincidence of functionality. Gvasalia is practically daring you to try. There’s one important difference, though: this version zips, so at least your boxers won’t sail away down the block. That would be embarrassing.

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  • Sparky

    Sat here, stumped for a few moments, then it hit me: it was developed SPECIFICALLY for the Kardashians to carry their laundry in.

    • Stephanie Durham

      You mean for the Kardashian’s housekeepers to transport their laundry to a laundry service.

  • FashionableLena

    Like I said before, these things should really be left to Moschino.

  • YellowBuggie

    This is one weird designer bag. I cant help but think that the person who buys it just has too much money on their hands lol oh well, to each their own!

  • TheModMazza

    Demna Gvasalia needs to be fired from Balenciaga…. ASAP!!!!

  • Yazi

    Did Balenciaga turn into Moschino? Ugh.

  • Julia Harvey

    How bizarre!

  • psny15

    First Louis Vuitton and Supreme disaster and now Balenciaga

    I can totally see the Kar-Trashians owning this POS

    • Rama

      I am not a fan of those girls but gotta give credit where it’s due, they at least stick to their Birkins. :D

  • C

    “Tagged with: Are You Kidding Me”

    Hahahaha. I love Amanda’s posts.

    • Haha I’m glad someone caught that! This bag sent me into, like, a fugue state at 10pm last night.

  • Kate

    I guess I’m just not young enough to understand this.

    • TheModMazza

      I am in my late-twenties, and do not understand this. Trust me, it is not an age thing.

      • Ping Yan

        I am in my middle 30s, trust me, I don’t understand either.

  • I also use the IKEA bag for groceries…I’ll be darned if I can not carry everything in one trip from the car. :D This bag though, is a bit um….no.

  • Jerri R

    Can’t wait to see a paparazzi pic of a celebrity sneaking out of another celebrity’s home in the morning, while carrying this bag filled to the gills with sleepover stuff :)

  • If this was in black or gray or a nice taupe, I would actually consider it? It looks like it would be a good carry-on or overnight bag. The straps look like they’ll be comfortable on the shoulder. Then again, we don’t have IKEA where I live (sad, I know) so I didn’t immediately make the association to the IKEA shopping bag, although I’ve been to stores abroad several times.

  • Zurien Onn

    Well, you know… at least the “camouflage as IKEA bag” might deter pickpockets? hahahaha

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Still waiting for my monogrammed Gucci garbage bag…