Balenciaga Giant Gold Hardware Bags

I believe I have outwardly voiced my love of the giant hardware Balenciaga bags previously, the silver hardware to be exact. It is not that I do not love gold, in fact I have found a new love of gold jewelry. But when it came to BBags, I thought silver hardware was the perfect color. Now I am questioning myself. After seeing some of the new combinations of giant gold hardware on some Balenciaga bags I am torn. The gold hardware has grown on me and I find myself leaning towards it more and more. Vlad and I will be in NYC next week and I may end up at the Balenciaga store, ready to make my first BBag purchase. It has been a long time in the making and I am ready to take a morning off of meetings to do some shopping. Do I go for classic hardware or take the plunge into giant hardware? Help me make my decision – and give me reasons why!

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  • ingrid

    i think gold hardware is nice, but only on a few different colours (more of the blacks and dark greys). i much prefer the silver giant hardware because its much more neutral and looks good on all the colors, IMO! you should definitely grab a bbag in GSH!
    GOOD LUCK on finding your perfect bbag MEGS!!!

  • mette

    I find this a bit difficult to say and actually it was not even asked, but here goes: Don´t buy a Balenciaga bag at all. I think you should choose something more unique to your collection of bags. You do deserve one:)

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    Mmmm…it really depends on the leather, doesn’t it. But do indulge in a Balenciaga bag if you have the means. They are great!

  • Mette – Have anything in mind???

    I got a Ferragamo Marissa satchel in white recently… love her!!!!!

  • Megssssss don’t listen to her Balenciaga bags are awesome. And definitely get giant silver.


    I personally would get the GIANT GOLD hardware buuut gold only compliments a few colors best. The silver is more versatile.. If you could tell us what color bag you are leaning towards it would be easier to give the best advice :) THANK YOU! good luck!

  • mette

    Megs ! Was the Ferragamo the one Vlad pictured? That one was very interesting! How about a Chanel? Have you seen the flap bag with the mix of alligator and python ( comes in black and white ) ? It´s going to be my first Chanel ever.

  • Mrsshoegal

    It really only depends on the color you want and if you want black both look great but hte ggh makes it look richer nad the gsh makes it look more rockerish. I never liked the GH (don’t shoot me!) and let’s face it gold is way more fun!!

  • dierregi

    Giant hardware makes the bag too heavy

  • Skyinthecity

    I think regular hardware is quintessential bbag: rock, chic, timeless, and yes, it’s all about the leather. Giant hardware can be fun but too show off for my taste. If it’s your 1st Bbag you should go for regular hardware.

  • anna

    My current favorites are: Balenciaga/ Chanel.

    I have collected balenciaga in all shapes and sizes. I have sold half of my collection as I don’t get to use them all that much because of the rain here in oregon.
    But, here is what’s left. 5 regular hardware work bags, one giant silver work bag and one giant gold part time in black.

    So, for your first balenciaga , I would advise the part time bag with giant hardware. If you like black, anthracite, greens and brown, then go gold hardware.

    if you like silver hardware, then anthracite and black will do also.

    Gold has this classic look while silver hardware is more young and hip.

    Once you get a part time bag, you will need at least one work bag in regular hardware. Don’t get a work bag with giant hardware as the weight will be too much without that removable strap.

    A work bag in regular hardware will get you anywhere… work, shopping, travel. Just awesome!!!
    Good luck!!!

  • Mika

    I was all for classic hardware until I saw several Giant Gold Bbags and I have to say that now I’m all for Gold because it really gives Bbags some extra-glamour. Plus if you wear mostly gold jewelry, it should be quite fitting ;)

    Gold fits best with Black and this is also a very classy combination IMO!! When you want to play it safe, go for classic hardware, but it’s just a little boring now with the Giant HW available (just MHO)

    Have fun choosing!! ^^

  • Willis

    As a handbag guru I would hope that you already know this but Balenciaga is no longer going foward with GIANT GOLD hardware. They have not produced a giant gold hardware bag since Fall 2008. The giant gold bags on the website are old colors. The blue and pink in your pictures are Spring 2008 Runway colors. If you get the gold hardware you are getting an older bag in a dated color. I would get the new Spring Runway Officer Navy color with giant silver hardware or wait it out till Fall delievers for Kelly Green!!!

  • Cathy

    The benefits of each:

    Classic: has a more rock-and-roll edge. Classic hardware can go anywhere, though, and can easily make the transition from day to night, especially in a black or near-black color. Classic is easier to wear on a super-casual basis, like going to the drugstore. It will last forever, and look timeless.

    Giant hardware: provides more glamour and more fussiness. Can be lusciously pretty with the right color combination. Beware the gold hardware–it needs to be pampered, or the goldtone starts to wear off just a little. Giant hardware makes the transition from day to night more easily than classic, but looks a little over-the-top for really casual outings.

    There’s really room for both. I don’t think you can go wrong with a City bag in a dark color and either gold or silver giant hardware. Silver is lower maintenance. On the other hand, you can also wear the classic hardware anywhere, and it will never look dated. The classic will not look as formal as the giant hardware, however.

    • Mak Maria

      Thanks, Cathy!

      I intend to buy my first BBag & haven’t make up my mind in choosing the hardware style & color. After reading your details analysis, I am at ease now. I will go for a CITY RH in black or dark grey/blue color, which should last forever & look timeless, right?

  • Livia

    I generally vote Regular Hardware but it depends on color and style.

    • Mak Maria

      me too.

  • Livia

    Willis, Balenciaga does indeed still produce Giant Hardware but only in Balenciaga stores.

  • misslikey

    loving Balenciaga …you can’t never get enough

  • shushopn

    I believe that balenciaga no longer makes the gold hardware. I love giant hardware though b/c you don’t have to deal w/ tassles splitting. go w/ silver.

  • Ruth

    I voted GSH, but only because I’m pretty sure that the gold is no longer available in stores (unless they have a previous season lying around). I also have a RH Bbag, and while i love the look of those dangling, flowing, carefree tassels, I am in a constant state of anxiety that they will be inadvertently clipped or damaged (and Bal no longer provides replacement tassels with bag purchases). My GSH hobo is still feather light (compared to other brands – but I suppose a smidge heavier than a regular hardware Bal). Silver is casual and understated and cool! Go for it!

  • Hanna

    I suggest going for gold. Its classic and will never run out of style. It also adds a certain “oomph” to any outfit. Gold on a Balenciaga bag? Priceless. Go for it! :)

  • tine

    i say that u look more glamour than edgy so i’d pick the GGH in praline/sahara? color. i feel that the gold hardware blends well the best and looks less heavy but yet still sophisticated just like u! can’t wait to see what u decide on :)

  • Willis

    Livia – Balenciaga stores have a plethora of gold hardware bags left over since they never get marked down but dont get fooled… they are not new bags.
    Try to get a brand new color for Spring with gold hardware and you’ll see you cant….

  • Ping

    Meg, i have to agree with Mette, as a fellow bag lover, I can’t bring myself to buy one of these since everyone and their sister has one of these. There is just nothing special or unique. I would rather save up to buy another Chanel or Hermes bag. The last bag I bought is a new dolce evening bag in France… These Balenciaga bags with those “buttons” jutting out is a little passe…
    Bergdorf or Barneys may have some interesting choices..but to be honest, i have not seen too many new bags that are that unique lately..but have fun!

  • RichFlorida

    Chocolate brown distressed leather with Giant gold hardware…very chic, very versatile and very cool!

    My mom has one and she gets compliments EVERYWHERE

  • MissM

    PING – Don’t we all have them all?? Balenciaga? Chanel? You name it…
    Does it make them less valuable to us? NO!! if so, this forum wouldn’t be what it is..

    MEGs – go for a Balenciaga – it’s wonderful to have a diverse collection so why not try something new?!

    I would guess GSH for you – but I think you will know when you are in the store… There is always that special one calling out your name… :-)

    Have a great trip to New York!!

  • me

    I’d go for the giant gold. The giant is bold and beautiful and I just prefer gold as a metallic.

  • Livia

    Willis, I’m not fooled … Balenciaga still makes Giant Hardware on NEW bags, NEW colors.

  • Serene

    I love both gold and silver giant hardware! But I do agree that it all depends on the colour and feel you’re after (gold on black is more glam while silver on black is cool). You can’t go wrong with the signature hardware too. I’m no help here, sorry! I just love my Balenciaga bags, whatever hardware!

  • Frazalicous

    I’ll be in NYC in Sept & picking up my first BBag.. I am pretty sure I want the black city with regular hardware. Do you guys feel this is too standard or passe ? I’ve loved it for years. I dont like the giant hardware at all.

  • Liz

    I say choose what looks best on you, and what actually appeals to you the most. There are so many choices, and color/hardware combinations, and variations in leather. I made the mistake of choosing my first Bal based on a “popular” style/color. When you see the bag for “you,” you’ll know. Its a very personal experience.

    I LOVE Balenciaga. I have 2 RH bags, and 3 GSH. I prefer silver on larger bags, and gold on smaller ones, like the flat clutch, or even a city.

    Looking forward to your reveal! IMO, these are the best bags ever!!

  • Belle

    I bought my first bal last month which is a sanguine work with silver hardware. I think it looks stunning with the contrast. I bought another one which is a mid day framboise, again with silver hardware. The pastel made it stand out too. I think the SGH makes the bag look grand. My next one will be a perf covered marndarin probably in work or part time. Good luck. I’m sure you’d love them as I do. I guess it’s true, once you own one, you can never stop. It is addictive.

  • jumie super loving my BB city in violine! it was the best buy ever! i hail from sunny singapore and BBs are freaking expensive here.

    well, i cant say much abt the gold/silver hardware because they were way too expensive for me to afford. so u can imagine how hard i need to make my decision fast as they brought in only 2 pieces at the boutique!

    im wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ for another BB in the near future!

  • sstellaa
  • mel

    i wanna ask, do you know the price(euro) of balenciaga giant city gold hardware in europe (especially paris)?

  • natasha

    does anyone know if sells authentic bags? plz i really knw to knw asap

  • natasha

    oh to be more specific authentic balenciaga bags?

  • anita

    All balenciagas are BEAUTIFUL but I’d prefer Giant City silver, look so cool and neutral.

  • Kendra

    The blue is the one I like best. (fb)

  • Jing Wang

    One of SA in LA Balenciaga Boutique tole me that Giant Gold Hardware will be discontinued next season on the colored b-bag except Black. I am so sad when I head this news…..

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice bags (fb)

  • Rachel Tiller

    I am dreaming of gigant gold hardware – though I will never be able to afford it, but I will live vicariously thorugh all of you`all LOL (fb)

  • Mwmboyce

    Hi Ladies, you all sound as if you know everything there is to know about Balenciaga, so i wonder can you help me. i was gifted a greyish B Bag which i know is a part time bag. i had no reason to doubt its authenticity but someone has told me its a fake as the ref no is for a GH and mine is a covered. this is all alien to me can you help the ref no is 173082-200047, the studs are the same colour as the bag and the zips/fastenings are silver. it has a brogue design aswell. thanks