One of my favorite parts of every new handbag season is waiting for the new Balenciaga colors to start hitting stores and websites. They’re my favorite brand and consistently product some of the most vibrant leather colors of any high-end designer. Since their bag shapes are simple and iconic, it lets the ever-changing leather shades take center stage, where some become highly sought-after and collectible.

Balenciaga Day in Pommier

My favorite from Fall 2009 is Pommier, a beautiful bright green that this photo doesn’t do justice. From what I’ve seen, it’s more of a Kelly shade in real life, and I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful to wear with the blacks and greys of fall. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a green like this from Balenciaga, which is refreshing – they’ve taken to repeating some of their most recent hits in the past few seasons. I’d prefer it with giant silver hardware (since I prefer everything with giant silver hardware), but I’d settle for the regular hardware pictured here if I had to. Maybe if I can save my pennies, I’ll have one of these lovely bags to show you ladies in the future. Buy through Barney’s for $1095.

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  • Linda

    I love this bag too!

  • Mandy

    I’m a sucker for green bags, and I love this shade. If it’s actually more of a Kelly green, I love it even more!


    This bag is really nice, i love the shape, but the colo9ur isnt doing it for me.

  • Beth

    Now that is fresh, beautiful, and very, very wearable. I no longer own any B-bags, but this one makes me want to change my mind!

  • Loquita

    Gorgeous Day! One of my favorite styles, ever — and I love it best with the regular hardware.

  • Claire


  • lwmaam3

    I bought the GSH Work Pommier at the Las Vegas store almost a month ago and I LOVE IT. I use it now, even in the middle of the summer because I think it is versatile enough for more than one season. I have a twilly tied to it to give it a bit of flare. The only thing I wish is that it came with the tassels because I love swinging them around. I am so happy you profiled this specific color, it really is more of a Kelly green and it is to D.I.E. for!

  • Redseouls

    This bag in this color has been on my mind since you posted it. I just love it!

  • Mirelle

    I absolutely love this color–however it is hard to say whether I love this green better than the orange day bag I own now–I wish I could have two!!!!!


    i know this site:,this bag have 6 color.the bag quality is very good!

  • anna

    Have it in GSH and love it!

  • Pamela M

    LOVE IT!! Esp in the Kelly green. I do agree that it would pop a bit more with some silver hardware, but I’ll take it regardless.

  • Kendra

    Great design, green is one of my favorite colors. (fb)

  • Jing Wang

    Day style is most comfortable Balenciaga bag in my opinion because its strap sits quite well on our shoulder and very roomy for our every needs. Gommier is a spring green color which will be great for this coming summer. I am so looking forward to try it on in a Boutique.

  • Glass Of Venice

    I have this exact bag and I use it more than anything else. I LOVE it. Good choice!!

    Glass Of Venice

  • Adrienne Zedella

    beautiful! (fb)