In the interest of full disclosure, it’s important for you all to know that I’m an unapologetic Balenciaga fangirl. I can’t be unbiased on the brand’s classic Motorcycle Bags because I love them too much – I’ve owned four myself, in three different shapes, which puts the brand at the top of my all-time ownership list (I like to spread the money around, usually).

As such, I feel as though I must vociferously make the case for the brand at any chance I get, and for anyone that has been considering one of Balenciaga’s bags as a future purchase, I have but one piece of advice: take the plunge. And also, I have a few reasons why…

Balenciaga City Bag

5. The colors! The colors! We’re talking about Balenciaga, after all. They make everything from blacks, browns, and beiges to the brightest (and best) brights in the business. Jewel tones, neons, anything you want. They’ve made it all, and they give us a half dozen or so new colors twice a year, every year. Sometimes they’re throwbacks to past favorites that are no longer available, but usually they’re a fresh crop of hues to build new outfits around. Everyone has their favorite – mine’s 2007 Violet.

4. A shape for everyone and everyone in their shape Balenciaga makes their classic motorcycle bag in almost as many sizes and shapes as they do colors. From coin purses to clutches to overnight bags, no matter what you need to carry and how you prefer to carry it, there’s something for you. Hobos and satchels make up most of the line, but even then, there are a variety of sizes to pick from.

3. Light as a feather, but not stiff as a board Even in the iterations that have giant hardware, Balenciaga bags are still the lightest that I’ve ever carried. The leather is cut thin instead of the clunky, thick material that many brands prefer, and it makes them easier to carry for long periods of time than most other bags. Even with the thin leather, I’ve never had a ripping or durability problem, and I carry my bags to death and do them no favors. For my purposes, they’re the perfect combination.

2. Even when they’re girly, they’re still edgy Balenciaga is the only brand that has legitimately forced me to contemplate spending money on a bag that’s neon green or bubblegum pink (and I hate pink), and that’s because that in any color, they still manage to look modern and a bit tough. But not too tough! They’re not entirely covered in studs or buckles, just a few, and it’s just enough to balance out any color choice (or to make something like black even better).

1. Not everyone owns one, and they never will I’ve heard people say that the motorcycle bags are played out, or that everyone has one, or whatever. It’s simply not true. The brand is harder to find both online and in stores than almost all of the other major brands that we cover, and the much-sought-after colors are made in relatively low numbers. Past favorites sell for over (sometimes well over) retail on eBay, and unless you live in one of the world’s most fashionable cities, it’s likely that you almost never come across another woman carrying one. I’d wager that the percentage of Americans that are even aware of their existence doesn’t come close to double digits. When you compare that to signature looks from other brands, they’re still relatively exclusive bags.

Still unconvinced? Fair enough, but maybe one day you’ll see that magic color that you feel like Balenciaga chose just for you, and things will all become clear. Trust me.

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  • Jon

    I am so getting a Balenciaga Midday this first quarter of the year 2010! :)

    • Lucy

      Wow! The color is gorgeous! voguelande dot com has the color

      • Marilyn

        watch out — voguelande only sells fakes.

    • Pretty Datin

      anyone wants authentic balenciaga at discount price? please visit me @

    • Aris

      yes yes i need one

  • Alice

    I have a black city from 2005…. and i LOVE it!!! Its a classic! I guess i cant find anything wrong about this bag, its a bag to own for sure.. simply amazing :P

  • alsis

    I just bought mine last Dec. 23, 2009…..and it completes my bag collection! Its just a very beautiful and exciting bag, even with the rest of my signature bags my Bbag has its distinct appeal for me and for the rest of the people who looks at it everytime its in my hand…

  • Blake Renton

    Ok I love the bag also. I have two. And yes I want more. But I have to tell you, I live in Toronto, Canada and I tell you its like eveyone has one. It’s always a knock-off and that just kills me. I have stop carrying my bag because of it. Really its nutz.

    But I still love them….

    • Mochababe73

      Don’t stop carrying your bag because everyone else is wearing a fake. You spent good money on a handbag that you love so don’t let it go to waste. There plenty of non-authentic Coach, Dooney, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, etc. You don’t see anyone stop carrying the real thing. I say wear it with pride!
      I can’t afford a bag even though I drool over them every time I go to Saks. You are blessed enough to be able to buy one. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil your good one.

      • ingrid

        if there was a “like” button to mochababe’s post, i’d click it.
        don’t worry blake! i see disgusting fake and “inspired-by” b-bags all the time. even in the backwoods of London, Ontario! Whenever i see one of those, i proudly display my own, hoping that they feel ashamed that theirs looks hideously fake beside my beauty.

      • Blake Renton

        thank you for that. I really do love my bags.

    • MissMe

      Blake, I’ll buy yours then ! ;)

      • Blake Renton

        my husband would love you for that. I just saw another at Holts in a colbalt blue.
        Will have to work on him to get that one.

        May take you up on that offer.

      • V

        I agree with MissMe… I’m interested, Blake!

  • bunny

    my country doesnt have Balenciaga, and Singapore, which is the closest to my country, sells them for about 7k Ringgit, which is about 2kUSD. hello, grossly overpriced.

    but if i ever go to US i want i want i want a Balenciaga!!!!

    ESPECIALLY the one in the pic above! Gorgeous! in fact, thats the only one i want!

    • nielnielniel

      Bunny…there are ways to purchase Bal online which is very much cheaper….I like it that Malaysia doesnt have Balenciaga…so not everyone is carrying one. But still need to try the bags out before buying…the closest is either in Bangkok or Singapore

  • Ellen

    Having 3 myself, I am still yearning for more. My next will definitely be a bright color. The bags are durable, edgy and a must have for those tired of the same old bags.

  • GOALdigger

    I have a inspired on and I love that thing to death. Just wish I could find one in a bright color for summer. No one around here knows anything about Balenciaga aroung here.

    • Thegoreprincess

      You got a fake? Did it break and fall apart yet? I hope it did. Because youre obviously too stupid and cheap to buy the real thing. Go eff yourself.

      • GOD

        Chill the eff out. Why don’t you have an aneurysm because someone ELSE bought a replica purse….

  • rae

    Okay, I admit that I was dubious. I never felt attracted to the type of leather you describe — the think kind that you see on the motorcycle bag, etc. (too shiny and smooth for me!). BUT, I dutifully checked out their website, and I do like all of the Neo Classic styles. Maybe by the time I feel like shelling out that kind of cash, they will have that style in some better colors for me. ;)

  • Bru

    I just bought my first balenciaga bag!!! I love it!! It´s grey and gold… it goes with everything and makes every outfit more chic!!

  • Merve

    I have two and i love them. Just dont buy the the white as it turns to an icky yellow.

  • I am still on the massive hunt for the perfect BBag. Time to start hunting again!

    • alondongirl

      the right colour will find you! it took me 2 years to find my 1st one, a black city which i bought last April and and am about to buy my 3rd one. But I think i will hit 4 balenciaga bags in the space of a year though!!

  • AA

    The 5 reasons dont persuade me to getting a Balenciaga Bag. I think they all look alike but come a a whole bunch of colors. It is a nice bag, dont get me wrong, my sister has a bunch of them. They just all look alike to me =/

    • Rae

      I agree, there is only one style that looks different… and then it doesn’t look like a Balenciaga, which is probably why I like that style. Meh.

  • LivStyle

    Just started really noticing Balenciaga…the jury’s stil out :-)

    • Al

      I think this article may have convinced me, but I almost feel that purchasing one will make me jump on the bandwagon of MK minions and other celeb teeny boppers. And as much as I DON’T follow standards of trendiness, I feel that these bags are so played out circa 05′-07’… I know everyone doesn’t, but I can’t help but feel that they do. But then again maybe it is a handbag lover staple. As you can see, I’m very conflicted.

  • Mattie

    This brand is at the top of my WANT list!

  • Joan G

    beautiful but in this economy the price point is a deal breaker.

  • MichyML

    I want 1!

  • ejsc55

    I love B Bags!! I own several and all I can say is that they get better as they age and get more use!

  • Marcia

    My daughter talked me into the violet covered city bag and I love it – great for travel with the shoulder strap and still light weight. I love the green and mandarin colors – they are bright but not gaudy. I can’t decide whether to get a colored BBag or an LV Azur Neverful for summer.

  • lwmaam3

    As if we even needed more than one reason! Thanks for the post.

  • Patti

    My favorite brand too! Coveting a Sorbet City for the spring. <3

  • ghada

    It is a really interesting bag
    i have always wanted one but never found out the price
    how much is the one in the photo?

  • kemilia

    The BBag is my HG.

    I don’t know which one/size but some day … I dreampt I had a big green one the other night, so I guess my subconscious knows the color.

  • Beth

    Had one, sold it. Would love another. What color is the one in the pic? It’s gorgeous!!

  • serene

    I had to get one because I’ve heard how lovely they feel, love the colorful colors and the best reason; I don’t have one.
    I haven’t ever even thoughes one but ordered it from milan and fell in love it right away! :)
    I’ve always told everyone&myself that I’ll never buy the same bag in different colors. That’s just silly. But.. :D now I’m really considering it..

  • serene

    oh.. i wish I could edit that message.. :/

  • Shari

    I love this post. I must agree with #1. Not everyone owns one or ever will…I’d love to own one but I fear I never will. One can dream though. :-)

  • miasuraya

    ok this is really annoying. i was just about to get over the bag and this post came up!!! <3 <3 <3

  • SG Gal

    I always like Balenciaga but the thing is, there are too many fake bags in Asia. At the end of the day, I am more tempted to buy designers that are not known in Asia or premier designers’ designs that are less popular. But when you are paying 4 figures for a bag, you kinda hope someone will recognise the brand.

    Its such a dilemma!

  • petitemum

    Now I want to own one! Have always been an LV fan, now B is my must have…

  • ILovePurses

    Do you think early 60’s is too old for one of these handbags? For a much younger person, correct?

    • I know a woman around that age that loves them – I don’t think you’re ever too old for one, as long as you love it and wear it with confidence.

    • Marcia

      I am 68 and my daughter talked me into a violet one and I love it. I did remove some of the leather strings that hang down – I didn’t want to look hip. There is no age limit on stylist bags – it’s all in how we wear it. Buy one and enjoy it!


        I have one as well… It really boosts my essence of being a woman. So, all of you women on-the-go out there.. grab one now!

    • Tangela

      I saw an older woman, (looks like she was in her 70s) carrying one yesterday :-). I say go for it!

  • Josephine

    almost bought one but changed my mind when I was paying. was inspecting the bag with my eagle eye and noticed that the perforations in the leather did not get through to the back. so u see the holes in the front but it didn’t get to the back completely! totally unacceptable!

  • Karin bag4bag

    LOVE THEM… I have one that is blue and I frankly adore it. The leather is so supple but tough as my bags get a workout. I believe any age could carry a B bag. If you like it buy it and enjoy.

  • Karin bag4bag

    JUST thought of ONE thing I don’t like about the B bag. I don’t like the little wispy thin strips of leather knotted on the hardware. It may be a crime, but I took mine off. I kept them, as I just couldn’t throw them away!

  • katie

    ITA, they are edgy and cool.. I have (in the back of my mind) wanted a bal bag for quite a while now. I’ve been putting myself off a bit but the draw of one of these is getting stronger…!

  • Livia

    LOVE all of my Bbags and want more :p

  • bintang kechil

    I don’t really care if many people are carry fake bags out there. What matters is that my bag is genuine. It’s all about self-satisfaction. The people who carry the fake ones should be the ones who feel embarrassed and they should be the one to hesitate carrying the fake bags on the street, not us who bought the authentic ones :)

  • Nicola Mo08

    I think all of you who buy the real thing should carry with pride and style and if anyone asks you if it is a genuine. Just say ” I don’t do fake”…works a treat and you feel great.

  • Marilyn

    I debated long and hard before buying my City in purple (raisin? violet? I’m not sure what it’s officially called.) Now that it’s winter and I’m wearing black and gray, I smile every time I toss this bag over my shoulder — that justifies the price.

  • Roxy

    I love Balenciaga bags! mine Giant Brief Brown is soooo gorgeous….agree with Marilyn I smile every time I look my shoulder, I feel special!

  • Marian

    I love Balenciaga! I own 2 (Emerald Green and Raisin) and I love ’em both for the same reasons you mentioned above. :D

  • Rashida

    Because of this blog, I am the latest Balenciaga bag freak lol! It’s too bad that I live in Houston, no Barney’s, just a co-op! But I plan on purchasing a City bag and soon! I wish that the bag came in the fabolous Raisin color! But I hope to be the owner of one or maybe 2 or 3 and soon! :)

    • Kimberly

      I live in Houston as well and the Neiman Marcus in the Galleria also sales them. Not a huge selection though.

  • Ashley

    I have 2, first in anthracite and a tapue neo classic but i still prefer my birkins though.

  • Muta

    Your number 1 reason is half-true. In Asia countries, fake Balenciaga bag or Balenciaga-inspired bag is easy to get. Almost everybody have 1 until people realized it’s uncool when everybody wear the same handbag and switch back to wearing Channel 2.5.

  • tan

    i love your reasons…their so true.i’ve owned 3 in the past 2 that just so happened to be 05 bubblegum(my fav yr and color of all time when it comes to bbags) and i just went and bought a 09 city in black from NM tonight as a matter of fact.i started off carrying LV’s and i grew tired of looking at the logos,the price increases and seeing them everywhere whether real or fake.after buying only one gucci i finally jumped on the bbag bandwagon and boy was i impressed.the leather is amazing and the colors are so pretty.i love how they are still to this day (i discovered them in 04) exclusive to me.some people will say how their’s so many you can buy before getting tired of them but i don’t see it.i hope that things stay the way they are and that they aren’t sold everywhere online or in store etc….just my two cents!:)

  • Arisa

    Fake Balenciaga is easy to spot, thats why you are here complaining there are too many fakes out there. I know an authentic when I see one and I believe people who has/love the bag can tell auth from fake too. I live in Thailand and I still appreciate the auth Balenciaga bags I see on the street.

  • Lyn

    Does anyone knows much it is sold in US? In Singapore it’s like 2KUSD which is SICK.

    • ngiongio

      Giant City = $USD1695
      Pompon = $USD1795; ($1695 for the blue ones)

  • MeMe

    that is so TRUE! I’ve been drooling over the motorcycle bags past 5 years but haven’t made a commitment yet until last week when I came across one in their Vegas store and fell in love with it. My purchase was the Arena City on a brand new SS10 color called Sorbet (not magenta nor pink… it’s more of worn out light pink) and even the Vegas store only had three in stock. I came back home and looked up the internet – none of the official B-site and Barney’s had that particular color in stock. If I ever run into someone who carries the same purse as mine, I might feel I had ran into a long lost sister (or at least call her a lucky woman)!

  • Margherita

    I love Balenciaga, no matter color or shape. They are hard to find, but in the last two years, I have seen them a lot in Rome, Italy. Of course, nothing compared to Prada, Gucci and Fendi (real or fake).

  • a52trade

    All products 2010 New Styles + High quality + Lowest Price !!

  • lykrealones

    Yeah,Balenciaga bags have something,if I can see one I can’t take my eyes out of it.Am tired of bags with big logos which you can already spot in a distance.Balenciaga don’t even have even a small name outside.I think this is one of the bag which I will take with me in my grave!!!We will go to Amalfi,Italy for a holiday in May, maybe it’s time to get one there.But the price is the reason why I have 2nd thoughts.But if I really want one I want it to be authentic if I will take it with me in my grave hahahhaha.

  • TiOnaDeE

    I totally agree! My friend has an orange motorcycle bag and its HOTT! It is light and durable, which I like..I’m craving for the coloe purple and one of these days I’m going to get it!

  • lefo

    What is a good started Bbag?

  • abitnerdy

    You’ve got me half way out the door with the AMEX in hand to purchase one of these babies. I’ve been coveting Balenciaga for so long, but the recent ‘trendiness’ and crazy knock off of the motorcycle bag had to steer away, not I am reconsidering.

    Le Sigh what to do… what to do…

  • Goldie

    I totally agree – I am up to 4 Bal bags now, all different shapes,sizes and colours, and I will continue to buy them. They are wonderfully durable (my friend spilled an entire bottle of water in her gorgeous grey giant city and it dried perfectly. Not a water spot).

    The texture is amazing, I was literally JUST thinking how the they are the perfect mix of girly/tough before reading this article, and the colours are to die for. Totally agree with every sentiment in this article.

    Buy a Balenciaga! You won’t be disappointed!!

  • Krizia

    I bought a Balenciaga City bag just yesterday!
    It has the same raisin/purple colour as the one on the picture,
    except that mine does not have such big studs.

    It cost me quite some money,
    but it is absolutely worth it!

    I would reccomend it to everyone that would like to buy one.
    And so what if a lot of people have them?
    It still is an exclusive piece,
    I’ve paid mine 1030 euros, and I don’t think that a lot of people would spend it on a bag.
    I get a lot of reactions that I’m crazy for spending so much money on a bag.
    (I got these reactions when I bought a Chanel 2.55, so I’m sure I’ll get the same reactions now!)

    I love this site, by the way!

    x Krizia

  • Jennifer

    Enjoyed this post 0- and i completely agree. Eyeing a bright red Balenciaga bag at the moment. It’s divine!

    • Miranda

      I have the large matte red one and I LOVE it! It is the perfect pop for every outfit.

  • manapipina

    I just got my first Balen and I’m soooooooooo excited!
    It’s a City RH in Black from F/W 2009.
    The leather is soooo great and I’m in love with this bag right away….


    Just finally got my first bbag 3 days ago and i love it! I agree they are much harder to get only because not many retailers carry them, i live just a few blocks from Chicago’s magneficent mile and oak st. and only Barneys carries them and i know for a fact from traveling and having to have a bit of a shopping problem that to come across bbags u have to be in a major city. I used to think the same way because of having to see so many fakes out there is what made me take a while having to purchase one but then i finally realized that the majority of ladies who carry the fake ones don’t even really know or have never heard of BALENCIAGA…they have no clue that they are carrying knock offs….so finally i decided to purchase the arena city in black, it is very chic and edgy at the same time. Like some of you i hate logos. I have a few designer bags myself and i do not own one with logos all over it…ex> ysl downtown and the muse! love it!


    I very much carry mine with pride knowing that mine is authentic and like everyone else who knows designer/fashion can determine authentic from those that are fake…i work hard and owning authentic designer bags is my way of having to reward myself.

  • Guttzaa

    I have the Balenciaga Weekender in black …. and I sill love it even though the price was a bit pricey.

  • HeloisCaravalhal

    Gostaria de saber sobre a marca, admiro as bolsa, mas confesso que não entendo o fascínio que ela exerce sobre os olhares femininos.

  • HeloisCarvalhal

    Gostaria de saber qual o motivo do fascínio que essa marca exerce sobre as mulheres.

  • Kendra

    I like they they look sophisticated yet they do as an everyday bag. (fb)

  • Debyedo

    I have one of these bags…I love it, great for a everyday bag (fb)

  • Elyse

    how I want to own one of these beauties (fb)

  • syuua

    Bitch, whore, trick, slut!

  • Alanna

    so gorgeous, and so out of my price range (fb)

  • Ashley Allen

    ooooh I love the purple. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    same comment as above bag (fb)

  • Rachel Tiller

    Ooooooh – I love love love it!!! (fb)

  • Jocephine

    I’m sold! Might get one soon! Love the colors.(fb)

  • Nickie

    Bought a red part-time tote recently, it’s simply wicked!! Love the softness of the leather yet light to carry. Bought leather bags from other designer brands and they weighed a ton…

  • jessica

    i want to get one but i dont know which color, thank you for this post for ur top reasons

  • Sugar Verra


    i so agree. the colors are great. after the first one, ul find urself
    daydreaming to have the whole collection!

  • christine

    i went to vegas and bought one which i had coveted for forever and sooo not disappointed – my favourtie bag ever :)

  • Jean

    I own one and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I never see anyone with the same color or bag for that matter. Everyone is toting their LV’s and Gucci but look at my purse. :D

  • Marthena

    I bought my first Balenciaga only last week during a trip to Singapore, a City in Tomate and I’ve been using it since.. I love it so much that I’m already dreaming of buying more.. And that’s true, everyone is toting their LV’s and Guccis but mine stands out from the rest.. I sooo love it! =_)

  • Ayin

    thanks for the advice coz you gave me more encouragement of purchasing it…:-) i was undecided on what model and color and what you featured was the perfect one for me. thanks!

  • belgianyen

    So true! Everybody’s toting their LVs and Chanels whilst my bestfriend and I were traipsing along Champs Elysees last February….and hey, everybody’s staring and/or taking a double take with my Raisin Balenciaga Covered Giant City. And I want another one in that hue of pink and like you Amanda i don’t like pinks in a bag but of course Balenciaga is Balenciaga. Now, I’m so a convert! Nuff said! ;)

  • Mo

    I just got one Giant City in “Peony” color.. yay… First Balenciaga in my life…

  • shadow

    i bought a white one from 2 years and now i bought (canard) blue one, i love this brand :)

  • Issy7s

    Yes I fell in love too! It’s undeniable! Bought 2009 mandarin first just now!! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!

  • Charlene

    LOve Balenciaga. You can never go wrong! (fb)

  • Melissa

    I am not totally wowed by these! Although, I bet I would love them more if I saw them in person! (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    im in love with this bag, esp with the purple, never own a purple bag ever. (ipad)

  • mimoko

    i got my 1st Bbag & I’m already waiting for my next purchase & colour choice!!

  • Suky

    I bought the giant covered city in sorbet pink back in June 2010( only one in the shop here in Kuwait) and know it will still be a classic and get admiring comments 10 years down the line. absolutely gorgeous.U can match any colour outfit with these funkier colours, just pull it all together with a good quality scarf that accents the bag colour no matter how small the colour detail is on scarf. Matching shoe colour to bag is so naf.

  • ChanelAngel

    I’m a Chanel girl at heart and I’m still trying to love the Bal bag.. but somehow it’s not calling out to me. Why!??!?! I do wanna get it for the sake of it.. but I’m somehow not drawn to it.. the shape and everything.

  • katherine

    I agree with you on the exclusivity – I live in Houston, the 4th largest city in the US, and I’d wager to say I’ve seen a woman out and about carrying balenciaga maybe once or twice (not even sure of that, really). I’ve seen other luxury brands carried multiple times in a day, but today I was in a very crowded area, practically looking for a balenciaga and I could not find one. Their unique quality is one of their main draws to me.

  • MiMiMarion

    MiMiMarion, I’m almost ashamed to admit it but I don’t own a designer handbag. What brand should I start with? And at what price should I draw the line and say that’s too expensive? Can anyone help?

  • Jj

    Hello! My water bottle apparently wasn’t closed shut tight & spilled all over the inside of the bag! Ugh!!! I have the purple pompon balenciaga and after drying it upside down it now is darker & has bad watermarks all over what can I do??? Is there someone I can take this to to fix??? Help!

  • Josh Cohen

    I’m a big fan of a structured bag, and I feel like these bags don’t have a lot of structure.

  • Carie

    Can I have one of yours? They’re SO expensive!!