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Nike Ridgeline Sport Bag

As the new year approaches, it is inevitable that so many people’s resolutions for 2006 will be losing weight. If you don’t believe me, listen to what Women’s Health has to say:

An estimated 40 percent of Americans promise to lose weight in the New Year; however, almost 90 percent of those who responded to a nationwide survey reported either occasional or no success losing weight. In fact, nearly half of the respondents reported losing very little weight or, unfortunately, gaining weight instead.

Ok all of you, if you are part of the 40% why not actually follow through with that resolution this year. What better way to do it than in style? I have been an athlete my whole life and I still remember wearing my Juicy pants with a tank top on my way to competitions. Shh don’t tell anyone because I know that is pretty stupid! Vlad and I are both quite the work out gurus (seriously that man has been working out 3 hours a day lately!!) And while I am back on a lighter work out regime after my shoulder surgery, I have decided to take up some low key work outs. Since we are all fashionable we better look good on our way to the gym because chances are that we won’t look so cute on the way out. For you ladies that want to look super cute, check out the vintage looking Nike Ridgeline Sport Bag. This bag comes with a bit of history; it is inspired by the bags that Olympians in the ’72 games carried. The bag looks sleek and chic but has practical use for the lady on a mission to a slimmer more toned frame. There are top handles and a zip top closure for easy access to your Volvic bottled water and iPod shuffle :-). This beauty is made of premium leather and shows off intricate laser etched designs. Measuring 5.5″ H x 13.5″ W x 2.75″ D, this Nike bag doesn’t look too sporty for even the most fashionable of us all. Buy it via Nike’s online store for $220 and break that nasty not following through with New Year’s Resolution deal!

Long time no action in the athletic department here at the Purse Blog. What a shame, since there is so many sporty & chic, yet tough and indestructible bags for all sorts of exercising. Whether it’d be the daily (or occasional) trip to the gym, or rock climbing on the weekends with the lady friends, hanging off 100 ft drops with one hand on a 1 inch ledge, there is plenty of bags to carry your gear or just look good with your athletic clothes.

Personally, I’ve always had a thing for Oakley gear. I’ve owned quite a few of their sunglasses before, and although some of them had gone through significant beating in the past, they still look sharp for the most part. Recently I discovered that Oakley had bags for the ladies in stock (actually I had never looked for them before). The one I decided to show you today is the Oakley Netting Bag. The netting is actually laser cut on the outside and comes with a tough gal internal camo print bag. An adjustable leather strap with custom buckle close, external pocket with custom Oakley zipper pull, and decorative D-ring round the bag off. Now, I am not sure that laser cutting on the netting will make the bag any more durable as it already was to begin with, I just call it a marketing punch line that will make the 15 year olds go “kewl dewd”… nonetheless, I like the netting on the dark bag, in my opinion it’s a great companion if you’re into outdoor sports and don’t hold back from getting dirty in the mud at times.

Prada Sport Fur Pocket BagWhen you think about Prada, you probably usually don’t think about it being sport wear. I never did until the first day I walked into my new private school when I was little and saw the kid’s gym shoes were Prada shoes. I had my trusty little Nikes and was a bit confused at what I had been missing out on. Also I never realized Jansport backpacks were also not the norm – try Prada and LV messenger bags. As you can imagine, I felt a bit left out at that time. But now since I am much older and have learned about fashion, I chose not to feel left out anymore. I truly believe the Prada Sport Fur Pocket Bag would make me fit in perfectly fine wherever I may go.

As soon as I spotted this trendy little number from the Prada Sport line I fell in love. I know I may still be a kid at heart, but the Eskimo pattern is just so cute! Made of orange nylon, silver mesh, and faux fur (with the Eskimo pattern), the bag is simply chic. There are removable gray web shoulder straps with seat-belt buckles which add a unique and fun touch to the bag. And of course, like the name says, there are side zip pockets. Where I am a bit baffled is the price. Yes, you are Prada, but give me a break! Those materials are nothing that you could not find at the local craft store but with the name Prada you can’t expect this bag to be anything other than $650 (through Neiman Marcus).

How to be a totally trend setting man: buy a man bag and carry and iPod. I’m too late for the invention. Tanner Krolle and oki-ni have collaborated for the first time to produce a special limited edition leather bag with a Mini i-pod holder. We have seen purses out there that hold an iPod, but not a man bag! For sure not a man bag. I dig this because it shows me that other people out there think about the men who do care about being trendy and unique.

This highly versatile and functional bag made from perforated soft Italian leather, is off set with the celebrated Tanner Krolle contrast stitch detailing. The bag; large enough for a full gym kit, has a practical waterproof compartment inside, with a discrete magnetic pocket hidden behind the embossed Tanner Krolle logo at the front. The outside zips are lockable and come complete with Tanner Krolle branded padlocks and embossed oki-ni and Tanner Krolle leather zip pulls. The mini i-pod attachment slides on to the shoulder strap for easy access but is also detachable so the holder can be used independently. The screen and navigation dial can be viewed through the holder window with the mini i-pod still secure in its case. The bag is fully lined with an exclusive print created for especially for oki-ni. Available in three colours: black, dark brown and cream these bags are extremely limited. Dimensions of boxing bag: length 32cm x width 49cm x depth 20cm, please note that the mini i-pod pictured is not supplied.

The bag just rocks. No other way around it. I even know that many of the man bags I have written about might be too trendy for many of the males out there, but this is perfect. The bag comes in black, dark brown, and cream and will cost about $ 1,269 via oki-ni.

Bottega Veneta Men Bags

Calling all you trendy men! Humm… small crowd. Let me help all of you men out. Dressing good is ranked highly important for women. It impresses us if you match and can even look stylish while doing it. We would love to have a man that works out and takes care of his body. You know you want all of us women to run, squat, swim, lift, yoga, aerobicize, jump, bike until we look like the girls on the runway (sorry, but for the most part it won’t happen- keep dreaming!). We would also be so impressed if you knew the brand Bottega Veneta. Remember it. So if you are still desperately trying to vie for a certain woman’s attention- listen closely- combine all of these things we want into one. Why not carry a super sleek Bottega Veneta MarcoPolo Sport bag or the Bottega Veneta MarcoPolo Tennis Bag. The bags are super hot and any woman would find you immediately attractive if you carried that to the gym. The Sport Bag costs $1360 while the Tennis bag will cost $1320.

Note: If you do buy this bag, do us all a favor and buy some new work-out clothes and get rid of the tennis shoes you have used for everything since highschool. It’s not a trend nor will it ever be one.

Asics Mexico 66This particular bag is not only your everyday companion for trips to the gym, but also comes with a little bit of Asics history. The sports bag gets its name from the shoe that, back in the day, first featured the legendary tiger stripes. Now the bag has them, too. Cool stuff. Other than that, the Mexico 66 is a slick pocketbook sized duffle bag that is constructed with suede striping and handles and a nylon lining on its inside. Its got plenty of pockets to keep stuff organized — the main compartment holds on zippered inner pocket, 2 hook-and-loop pockets and on top of that 2 more inner mesh pockets. A semi-structured shape keeps the bag in shape. The 14” by 4 ½” by 7” Mexico 66 comes in navy or white (with grey accent) and goes for $75. Very neat, indeed.

Puma Quilted Sports Bag

I just realized last night while exercising furiously in a 30-head spinning session for 2 hours that we have totally ignored sports bags thus far. How irresponsible of us! I am sure lots of you femmes exercise regularly in one way or another, and how lame would it be to carry your sporting goods in some ol’ stinky backpack if you can do tote it in style? Exactly.

I did some searching and stumbled across the Puma Quilted Sports Bag. Awesome stuff! The dome-shaped quilted, synthetic leather sports bag comes in either shiny white or limelight shades and impresses with its versatility. Gym bag, carry-on for travel or just casual weekender, this spacious bag does it all. A two-way zipper opens the main compartment widely, giving easy access to its innards. The 11″ wide x 8″ deep x 11 1/2″ high sports bag goes for $66 through

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