Long time no action in the athletic department here at the Purse Blog. What a shame, since there is so many sporty & chic, yet tough and indestructible bags for all sorts of exercising. Whether it’d be the daily (or occasional) trip to the gym, or rock climbing on the weekends with the lady friends, hanging off 100 ft drops with one hand on a 1 inch ledge, there is plenty of bags to carry your gear or just look good with your athletic clothes.

Personally, I’ve always had a thing for Oakley gear. I’ve owned quite a few of their sunglasses before, and although some of them had gone through significant beating in the past, they still look sharp for the most part. Recently I discovered that Oakley had bags for the ladies in stock (actually I had never looked for them before). The one I decided to show you today is the Oakley Netting Bag. The netting is actually laser cut on the outside and comes with a tough gal internal camo print bag. An adjustable leather strap with custom buckle close, external pocket with custom Oakley zipper pull, and decorative D-ring round the bag off. Now, I am not sure that laser cutting on the netting will make the bag any more durable as it already was to begin with, I just call it a marketing punch line that will make the 15 year olds go “kewl dewd”… nonetheless, I like the netting on the dark bag, in my opinion it’s a great companion if you’re into outdoor sports and don’t hold back from getting dirty in the mud at times.

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  • Lisa

    This is a very nice looking sporty bag!

  • Roy

    I like this bag a lot…


  • Zippy

    It appears to be a bag for those ‘stuff everything in a bag and go’ times; for errands, etc., not luncheon.

  • billyjoe

    Yeah, definitely NOT a luncheon bag

  • Vlad found this and I think it’s way cool! Who said anything about a lunchoen?? It didn’t say that in the post?! Anyhow it would be a really cool everyday bag/school bag maybe/ or gym bag for sure :-)

  • Kaitlyn

    I love this bag it is so cool oh I want one so bad!!!!!

  • Naggy

    I guess people would see this as a different way of carrying their lunch or gym clothes. (ipad)

  • KY

    Hmm not my cup of tea. (ipad)