Modern Union Yoga Bag

While we continue to think about that frightful weight loss resolution, let’s think about a yoga bag. I am somewhat forced into low impact exercise after my shoulder surgery, so I figure I better get into yoga a little more. Any of you yoga people? I always had a hard time imagining that something like yoga could keep me in shape, but my mom is a new-found firm believer in yoga. She used to run about 3 miles a day (I know amazing woman!), but hurt her knee and needed some low impact exercise. Poof! Yoga made it’s first appearance into my family. So if downward facing dog is also your thing (get your minds out of the gutter people!! 😉 ), then you may like the Modern Union Yoga Bag. These bags are messenger style bags which are styled from codura fabric but with a stylish outer flap with a printed design. This bag wouldn’t be a yoga bag without the straps that neatly hang from the bottom which will carry your yoga mat. Just make sure you don’t turn side to side too quickly and knock people around. For all of your work out musts, this bag does its job. On the outside of the bag there are both water bottle and cell phone holders (come on those two things are necessities nowadays), there are also pockets to hold CDs inside the bag (this bag must have hit before the iPod revolution), and many other compartments for your doodads. Sizing up at 13″ x 17″ and available in 4 different patterns, this yoga bag can help get you or keep you in shape for $68 through Modern Union.

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