Lately, I have been adoring all things Alexander Wang. You see, when Alexander Wang sent his Spring 2010 collection down the runway, I fell in love. The design aesthetic paired sportswear with preppy cool. And while the collection was far too tomboy for many, I found so many elements that I loved.

My Want It Wednesday this week is much more attainable (well not the entire collage). Here is the better thing, half the items above are marked down. I bought two of them: the Jersey Dress with Slinky Combo and the Brady Clutch. The amount of you that truly disliked this clutch was quite high compared to those that like it, but I loved it then and love it now. I am a major college football fan. And while a football clutch seems cliche, I think it is the coolest thing ever. I will wear it proud next year!

The entire Alexander Wang Spring collection is the epitome of downtown cool. I want to buy the entire collection, live in it, and wear it around the hip areas of NYC. If you are digging the Alexander Wang collection shop it now at ShopBop.

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  • Valentina

    I loved the collection and I loved that clutch the first time I saw it. Best Want it Wednesday.

    • It is marked off 30%

      • Valentina

        I just saw that! My birthday is coming… I’ll spread the word and say it’s a really good present and add that it’s 30% off.

  • Love. Alexander. Wang. So. Much.


    • Valentina

      I do too ): I’m confused. Is it my idea, or the average/general doesn’t really like Wang that much?? I’ve read a lot of comments here that make me think so, and it has happened to me with friends, more than once. I do realize that there is indeed a Wang fever going on all around since a long time ago, but then I get a lot of things that tell me most of the girls don’t really like Wang. Am I wrong?

      • I see people that either really love Alexander Wang or really do not. Personally his designs are totally my style and I adore him!

      • I think that Wang’s look is for a very specific girl, and you either love it or you don’t. It’s not particularly girly or feminine, which I prefer, plus he uses a ton of black. We all know how I feel about black. I like that he has such a clear point of view and isn’t trying to make something for everyone!

  • kjourb

    I’m carrying that black bag in a grayish/lavenderish color right now!

  • kjourb

    And it is on sale @ Bergdorf right now!

    • IT IS?!?!?!?!! I’ve been craving it so bad.

      • Probably need to buy it. Like STAT


        You can tell when Megs and I both really like something because we talk to each other about it in the comments…

  • I Tso

    Love the looks on the models..

  • Michelle

    Judging by your love of Alexander Wang, Megs, I think it is fair too say you have no STYLE. Anyone that thinks he is genius doesnt know fashion, and arent you over 30? His clothes only look half decent on young-thin girls. There are a million other designers out there, doing what he is, before he was, and yet you all get caught up in the hype, in his personality not substance. Fashions fade, style is eternal.

    • Merve

      Kinda harsh chica. I dont think we are to judge what looks good on whom.

    • For every trend, there are always people that think they can claim superiority by rejecting it.

      Megs and I are both under 30, in case anyone was curious. Not that Wang can’t be worn by people over 30 – it takes a very narrow mind to relegate entire fashion ideas to a few years of life. What kind of personal style is that?

    • 19yearslater

      Oh, my goodness. Didn’t First Lady Obama wear Wang? She is not under thirty and she’s thin but not a model or a stick figure. I think the success of this blog proves that the bloggers here have style. My favorite pieces here are the skirt on the left and the booties.

  • Merve

    But seeing as we are judging i think that dress is fab and Megs would rock it. Actually im 29 and a curvy size 4 and i will buy it too.

  • sneakers Jordan

    thanks for sharing !!!

  • Jen

    Oh Michelle, and you are…the fashion master? Get a life.
    AW is not just a hipster designer now. He has already designed a few iconic styles (hello Rocco!) that will be classics in the years to come.

  • gacats

    I am liking the little jacket on the model on the left.
    And I am a thin 55 year old. I can get away with some of his stuff because I know how to wear with confidence.
    Kindly don’t count us out as we get older. (fb)

  • Chris

    I quite like the left outfit. Though I would zip the skirt properly and wear a decent T-Shirt under the leather jacket. ;-)
    And I was one of those who did not like the Brady Clutch, but hey, I am from Europe, therefore I was happy to admit that I am not getting this sport anyway.
    I wonder if any designer is doing a fancy soccer leather accessory for the World Cup in 2 weeks? After all, it is the biggest sports event in the world. Megs, can you please find out? :-) For us European/South-American/Asian basically rest-of-the-world-readers? Thank you.

  • mochababe73

    Since both of my sons play football, I would love to have that Brady Clutch.
    Not a fan of anything else. I like clean, classic styles, and this is just a little too slouchy for me. But, I have to say that I LOVE those animal print shoes.

  • Emma G

    Too cool for school (ipad)

  • turadosapuay

    yea!it so cool.