In order to be a consumer of luxury goods, or even to be seriously interested in them, one has to be a tad permissive on pricing. We tell ourselves a lot of little fibs about why a particular bag is worth a particular amount of money when, in reality, accessories are a realm in which prices often have little to do with the cost of a bag’s manufacturing and materials. To a certain extent, that’s a bargain that we’ve all accepted, but most people have some sort of arbitrary, self-imposed price threshold where a piece goes from “prohibitively expensive” to “offensive.”

For me, the Valextra Crocodile Credit Card Holder crosses that threshold. While Valextra is a brand whose craftsmanship and exquisite materials often do warrant higher prices than its competitors, over $3,000 for something which cannot even be accurately called a wallet is beyond the pale, and I feel comfortable saying that there’s almost no chance that the time, effort and crocodile skin that went into this piece could be worth anywhere near what Valextra is charging, no matter how beautiful it might be. (And it is quite beautiful.) What say you? Take our poll, but first take a look at the larger photo after the jump. You want to be accurately informed when you vote, after all.

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Buy through Barneys for $3090.

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  • ninjaninja


  • Lori

    No freakin’ way. Never.

  • Opeth10

    I’m going slightly mad, just very very very slightly mad…

  • Musette

    Valextra does have the right to charge whatever it wants for whatever it produces. That being said, I sincerely hope no one is silly enough to actually PAY that amount for this. But ya nebber know!


  • Stacy

    I can find something bigger, that fits on my arm or carried by a strap, and can hold so much more for this price… A handbag

  • Cathy Fitz

    It’s beautiful, and of course Valextra can charge whatever they wish. However, over $3000 (in fact, $1000) is ridiculous. It’s not diamond encrusted, is it?

  • edoardo

    GEnerally I understand Valextra, a Hermès, prices…But in this case it’s too small to pretend 300 $. Furthermore, it’s liek Tods that wnat the same price for iPad cases (the most expensive iPad cost, in Italy, 800 euros….u.u). SOmetimes, crocodile is an excuse to ask more, and more, and more, money!

  • 19yearslater

    That is ridiculous. I don’t care if it’s made from human skin, there’s no way a card case is worth $3000+

  • mab

    beautiful and nice to have one but the price… but way too much

  • LDJ

    Lets be honest, by the time you purchase this cardholder, you won’t have nothing to put in it but a maxed of credit card. :)

  • marta


  • Fred Kaboobka Crapola Bombaashit Waka Waka Waka the 3rd

    For of my hard earned 3000 Bucks it had better give me oral too

  • JUJU

    I’m guessing that many of these will not be sold. This pricing is riduculous. I know the price is “whatever the market will bear”, but in this day and economic time, the market will not bear this.

  • Roseana

    wow….I can make exactly the same design and matrials just for 20 $ only hehehehe….

  • KellyX

    Maybe with 0 of those stock sold after 6months it might just go on a 95% sale/discount.

  • Kat

    If anyone buys this, they deserve to be $ 3,000 poorer for being stupid enough to purchase it… Seriously. I just need to add a couple more hundred dollars and I can buy a Chanel classic flap!

    • rose60610

      Well said.

  • mochababe73

    I thought maybe this was a joke, and I was being Punk’d. But, I guess this is for real.
    For that price, I can get a really nice handbag that the world can see and know that it’s expensive. Who’s going to see a cardholder other than the bottom of the bag.

  • Max

    I think the $3000 is marketing cost and the $90 is the real cost of leather+craftsmanship=$3090 for piece of leather in luxury store lol in Thailand where i live i can buy croc goods(super super quality+craftsmanship) for a very reasonable price this thing Valextra charges 3090 i think it’s 50 bucks or less. Who do the pricing of the company if i’m owner or executive i’d really consider fire him/her for pricing soooooooooo out of world i think even Hermes dont price this much for a small croc card holder right?????

  • rose60610

    My guess is that the type of person who would buy this has never had to work for a living and is a passive recipient of truly old trust fund money. I don’t think that even Aristotle Onassis would have sprung for this for Jackie. As obnoxious as he could be at times (according to bios), even he knew the value of a dollar.

  • S

    For $3000 they should’ve at least checked the finishing: the stitching lines are not even straight…

  • FashionFanboy

    I think this is incredibly stupid.
    What’s the point in buying this? I wouldn’t have any use of my card if I were to spend my money on that. It’s not very useable, not THAT pretty (in my opinion) and I don’t even need it!

    Yes, so why buy a gorgeous 2.55 when you can buy a significantly smaller piece of leather/skin without any special uses, except storing something that you even can store in one of your own pockets (or the 2.55 if that matters).

    It feels like the tag was mightier than the bag (or cardholder/piece of leather). I think this was a cause of “pricing it too high will make it a status symbol which will make it popular”

  • L

    Yes, $3000 is a ridiculous amount for a credit card holder. But, so is $7000 for a Birkin or Kelly…

  • Should be $695