Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Toilette 25

Who else uses their free with purchase bags for their makeup? Come on, don’t be shy. I precisely remember how thrilled I was in grade school and high school that my mom spent X amount at the department store and came home with a free Clinique gift bag. The gift bag had my name written all over it. I actually thought it was a present but who was I kidding other than myself, that gift bag was totally free with purchase. Now I wonder how that amused me so much, as I throw most of those goodie bags away or pick out a few decent things and toss the rest in the endless drawers of untouched goods. But now I am that snob, the designer handbag snob. Trust me, your makeup also needs to travel in style (ok that is a blatant lie but I enjoy telling myself that). A fan of Louis Vuitton, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Toilette 25 is the perfect monogram canvas travel accessory. The shape is perfect for makeup and can be opened with a wraparound zipper that will keep from spillage since it does not go down the length of the case. There is also an interior zipped pocket, for the small necessities, and washable textile lining which makes this bag much more practical for its use. Dimensions are 10.4″x 7″x 3.7″. As long as your goods can fit in here, it is a great accessory treat. Buy for $410 at eLuxury’s LV boutique.

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  • VV

    Does anyone know what bag is Nicky Hilton carrying here? I like it a lot but can’t seem to find it or its name anywhere!


    • Alina

      well what is its name????? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

    • Alina

      The bag is a Louis Vuitton bag! They r really expensive!!!!!!! :???:

  • Cochon

    I recently purchased this make-up/travel bag @ Florida Mall while I was on business and IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I had full size serums and moisturizers with several compacts, makeup brushes, lipsticks and glosses AND a big bottle og glass perfume all inside and STILL HAD ROOM FOR MORE!!!! I LOVE IT and it is DEFINITELY WORTH EVERY PENNY! (My mom even took it w/her on her cruise to Alaska and SHE LOVED IT TOO!!!!!!!
    I LOVE MY LV’s!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Naggy

    Where is the cool design at? (ipad)