Hermes Gum Case

We have all done it — that pointless “I gotta have it” purchase, and then wonder what we were thinking later on. But a Hermes leather lipstick/gum case? You have got to be kidding me.
Available in yellow, kelly green, and black at I-Global Mall for $199, a little piece of the Hermès dynasty can be yours. Someone enlighten me on gum cases please. Since when did they exist, and since when did a name like Hermès care about gum?

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  • Lipstick case makes much more sense than gum case. And they look a little like those iPod Shuffle cases.

  • Ha ha ha. My splurge purchase was for a dream of mine – a Coach bag. Bust still, I just picked it out at the store and almost forget to look it over for my exact specification requirements. I felt the desire surge through my body and shelled out the $248 + tax: way more than I thought I would pay. I’m insane! I love posts that make ya want to share. Anyone else have stories?


  • Jeannine

    Pointless? No. Hasn’t anyone ever peeped into their Kelly to see graphitti in their favorite NARS shade decorating the side of their formerly MINT bag? Am I the only one too lazy to carry around a cosmetic case? I doubt I’d buy one but it’s not as stupid as some might think.

  • billyjoe

    hello? it’s called freedom of speech! i can say that it’s pointless because i dont want to carry a “gum” case around ok? you may think it’s not pointless but seriously! X(

  • Tara


  • Emmelle

    I actually bought some leather gum cases from a catalog ($8.00 each, what a bargain!) and gave them for Christmas presents one year. Everyone loved them. They hold a pack of gum in your purse so the gum doesn’t fall out and end up sticky in the bottom of your purse! I even had people ask for more.

  • Cass

    I could not live–comfortably at least–without this item!! If you carry gum, it distributes itself all over your purse without this. And everyone is impressed when, after the meal, you offer “Gum?” I’d pay $150 for one but I got the cheap one years ago. Anyone know of alternatives to Hermes? I’d love to buy more!!

  • amanda

    My first thought was that Hermes was trying to find a way to bank on their scraps. At 199 a piece, they are doing quite well!

  • L@urie

    Victoria’s Secret sells a pink metal tube ($2.99)with flip lid that holds large sized “chicklet style” pieces of gum. When it’s gone, you can fill it with your sticks of gum because they will fit perfectly. The tube has a cute fake diamond embedded on it. The only drawback for me was the saying printed on the front…Sexy Little Gum.

  • Missy Lou

    I amazed that people have been talking about gum cases for a year now. I think L@urie is a genius. She sounds like a fabulous bargain hunter and I would take her advice and save myself some dough.

  • L@urie

    Thank you Missy Lou for the great compliment above. I have a sister in the banking industry who’s very smart. She knows alot about fashionable dressing too, especially for the workplace. Retail “know how” runs in our family. TaDa!

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  • KWittman

    I think Amanda has hit it on the head – uses for scraps of the most luxurious leather to be had in the world.

    I myself have been mystified by the little drawstring bags that would easily be filled with a golf ball. I have heard “dice pouch” … would be afraid to put my earrings or rings in something with just a drawstring.

    I am with Amanda.

  • Ari

    What’s money for anyway??
    if you can afford it, why not? :razz:
    anything that makes u happy, if you can pay it… go and get it!

  • Yoshi

    I can put my extra socialite collection Lippies in this case. Shoot the case cost less then my lippie $300 . Like the above said if you got it , why not?

  • Naggy

    I wouldn’t need this at all; I’d put whatever small things like lipstick and gum in a pocket of my bag or clothing. (ipad)

  • KY

    Cute and pricey, but if you can afford it, why not? (ipad)