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Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermes

While I appreciate coveted designer handbags, my true passion lies in cars. Don’t blame me, I am a dude like any other. Just happen to administer a Purse Blog on the Interweb. About a month ago, I reported on Hermès’ upcoming collaboration with the luxury car manufacturer Bugatti. Finally, the beast was revealed at this year’s Genova Car Show – and oh my, it is a gorgeous specimen. While the exquisite Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès boasts the same 1001 hp quad-turbocharged 16 cylinder engine from the original Veyron, its distinct character manifests in the details.

Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès

The new Veyron derives its name from the historic Hermès headquarters on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the heart of Paris’ eighth arrondissement. It sports eight-spoked wheels in polished aluminum, central butterfly wheel locks branded with the prominent letter ‘H’, and air vents around the rims aim to reproduce the characteristic appearance of traidtional Hermès saddle-stitching. The horseshoe radiator grille, and the lateral ventilation grilles flanking it, are made from lightweight alloys with a design of interlocking H’s which evoke the Hermès signature. The inner surfaces of the Veyron Fbg are designed and sheathed in bull calfskin at the Hermès workshops in Paris by the same mastered hands that give us purse fetishists the coveted Birkin and Kelly bags.

Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès

The center console features a special compartment for the Hermès Globetrotter agenda, the leather-lined trunk holds a specially-fitted “Toile H” leather case. With a price tag of 1.55 million Euros (excluding taxes), the Veyron Fbg par Hermès will remain an unattainable subject of lust for most of us. The lucky, selected few will take their deliveries towards the end of this year. What an absolutely astonishing, most awesome and desirable vehicle, for car and bag fetishists alike.

Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès

Pictures courtesy of AutoBlog. Click here to see the full gallery.

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  • Absolutely amazing!! We could get me a new Birkin to carry while traveling in that car :wink:

  • caitlinsmommy

    thats….. art.

    words otherwise fail me.

  • Vienne

    If my husband were to get this little toy, then he should consider it a cheap date to get me my kelly bag! :mrgreen:

  • Jahpson

    woof!! love it!! I’ll drive it!

  • janis

    Wow, quite a car!

  • Lpat

    That is a gorgeous car!

  • Kaytey

    I’m going to be the odd one out and say that I think it looks like a Batmobile, which isn’t a good thing IMHO. The aerial view on the linked site just confirms that for me. I’m sure the interior is lovely, but the exterior just looks weird to me. :/

  • Ce

    Funny that I just watched the Fifth Gear with my DH. The show host can only borrow this Bugatti Veyron to do a driving test at a specific track. It went up to 407km/h. That’s really really fast :shock: Plus, I was told there’s only 500 cars around the world. I’m sure this one is even more limited. Guess who will get to ride on this one? No me :mrgreen:

  • jooy

    hey that’s a rather large bag….


    Nice post Vlad! Saw the car in real yesterday at the car show and its just fabulous. I touched the leather and its as divine as the leather of my Hermes Kelly bag. Can’t wait to see this bad boy drive around in Geneva!

  • MissLoveChanel

    WOW. That is one seriously perfect car. Seriously :shock:

  • Amelia

    LOL@ jooy. It is a very large bag :lol:

  • beatrice

    stupenda ,semplicemente fashon e glamour .una macchina così me la sogno … poche parole è una macchina meravigliosamente perfetta

  • My assets’ cashflow will be bringing this fine car right to my door steps in about 3 weeks. I am grateful for becoming wealthy…

  • wantdabag

    im buying the car just for the bag

  • songyannan

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  • diyugg

    hi,I am very happy to have landed here.

  • Naggy

    I’d be happy to take this a spin, but I gotta be a better driver first! (ipad)