Black and Brown London Chelsea Wide Link Belt

Why not venture to the world of other accessories today? Recently I have been indulging in a belt fetish. When I say indulging, I mean gawking over them but not actually buying and new ones. I have stolen a gorgeous belt from my mom though, which she is not happy about. It is funny how trends come in and out. This belt is from the 70’s she said, but it is completely chic and I love it. If you happen to have figured out how to turn on the computer mom, I’m sorry but I will not be returning your belt. On the search for a perfect big belt, I have my eye set on the Black & Brown London Chelsea Wide-Link Belt which is an oversized grained brown leather belt that shows off basket-weaving to create the dimension and shape. I am not sure what you all will think of it, but I love the look of a huge chunky belt with the perfect pair of jeans and a cute top. Finished off with a squared antiqued brass buckle, this belt may be huge and over the top, but I’d love to rock it out. Don’t even fool yourself though, this belt is not cheap. Buy it through eLuxury for $248.


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