As Resort 2013 collections start to roll into online retailers for pre-order, it’s easier to get an idea of what’s going on with each brand. For Reed Krakoff, blue is going to be huge, in nearly all of its imaginable shades. On the other hand, for Valentino, the major theme seems to be pretty. Pretty beading, pretty rhinestones, pretty colors, pretty shapes. Everything from Valentino Resort 2013 is unabashedly feminine in the most detailed, luxurious way possible.

If you hang out with us often, you probably know that absolutely none of these bags fit my personal style. It doesn’t matter, though; they’re so good at what they set out to do, they accomplish it so thoroughly and so well, that my personal style didn’t even cross my mind when I saw the collection. All I could think was that I’d like to have them all in my possession, immediately, if not sooner. I don’t know what I’d wear any of them with, because the stuff in my closet surely wouldn’t work, but I’d maybe consider buying a couple new outfits, just for extra-fancy Valentino handbag days. Yes. That sounds like the most logical thing to do.

As always, check out all the glittery goodies below.

Valentino Glam Lock Small Shoulder Bag

$2895 via Neiman Marcus

Valentino Ayers Lock Shoulder Bag

$2195 via Neiman Marcus

Valentino Glam Lock Shoulder Bag

$3095 via Neiman Marcus

Valentino Rockstud Crystal Tote

$3195 via Neiman Marcus

  • Rapha

    One of the rhinestone in the middle is missing (O_O;)

  • nnenna1881

    sorry they look cheap…

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