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  • Sandra

    I have a Fendi 2Jours which could be interpreted as a gusset bag, but the sides are always tucked in… it just looks like a lady like structured bag. I never really got on board with the trend, the Luggage Tote always looks like a face with its tongue sticking out to me.

  • Anamaria Litvin

    classic is always fun!, we can’t let it go away

  • Louch

    Never been a fan and none of these convince me to become one. That MBMJ looks weird – like two bags stuck together – the contrast in colours is too strong.

  • ReneeO

    Just bought the Valentino Rockstud with the flared gusset. Its so beautiful but the shoulder strap is attached to the outside of the gusset same as the Milly bag in first photo. It looks really bad when you throw the bag on your shoulder. I’ve never noticed this before. Does this bother anyone else? The bag kind of collapses, looks terrible. I may take the bag back as I really don’t like that. Torn, it’s such a beautiful bag and I really want it.

  • Gerald

    how bout the Gucci 1973 top handle?

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