Furla Large Drawstring Shopper

With the handbag boom, it seems to be a challenge to find reasonably priced bags. Reasonably priced is quite the oxymoron. To many of us handbag lovers, the word reasonable would mean the bag made it under a grand (that is in comparison to many of the hit bags out there). My mom still looks at me shaking her head and rolling her eyes when I show her bags that I love. My dad’s reaction is even worse. He finds bags “ridiculous”. They are one of my passions- and probably one of yours too, so we understand this pricing a bit more. I understand it, doesn’t mean I always like it or can afford it. If you are looking for a black bag that won’t make your wallet completely black (as in empty), consider this edgy Furla Large Drawstring Shopper. Made from black leather and accented with silver metal hardware and studs, this bag has a little extra something than an ordinary black bag. The shoulder straps are connected to the bag by rings, and the bag closes with a drawstring top. I kinda like this bag- it is a little different but still chic and practical. Buy it via Neiman Marcus for $345.

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