Anna Corinna Small Nouveau Tote

Many times the perfect color on a bag makes the bag. Isn’t that weird? It always baffles my mind, but it happens. The Anna Corinna Small Nouveau Tote takes on inspiration from art nouveau on its canvas bag which is accented by leather detail. On the front and back there is suede banding which gives off a perfect detail without overpowering the bag. Simple and casual is what makes this bag easy for everyday wear. The top closes with a leather drawstring and there are double leather handles. Overall this tote measures 22″L x 13″H. At first I was only set on the ivory option but upon further inspection (aka staring down the bag) I have found that I actually like both the forest and black. If anyone is bored and has some time on their hands, can you check out the model carrying the black one? Tell me if she does not remind you of Jodie Foster. Yikes she is scaring me with the resemblance. Anyhow, buy the tote through ShopBop for $312.

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  • mel

    is that a bag or a suitcase that should be like an overnight duffel bag and not a purse that thing is big enough to put my grandma in 4

  • Naggy

    It looks like a huge travel bag for indoors because it looks so delicate. (ipad)

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