The Many Bags of Alexa Chung

To tell you the truth, I’m not 100% clear on how Alexa Chung became the much-adored It Girl she is today. I guess that’s the thing with It Girls, though; they have a special magic to them that renders obsolete the linear, logical paths that most of us take to success. Alexa started out as a model in London, and her charisma quickly propelled her onto television as a presenter and host. From there, the fashion community started to take note of her quirky personal style, which somehow manages to combine sweet femininity with a tomboyish take on menswear.

Alexa’s been the industry’s hipster darling ever since, and it’s even qualified her to have an It Bag named in her honor – the Mulberry Alexa, of course. Even though I don’t always understand her outfits (in particular, I find her penchant for denim overalls confounding), on the whole, she’s a great source of casual style inspiration and nontraditional night-out looks. Naturally, that qualifies her for one of our patented peeks inside of her accessories closet. To peep Alexa’s collection, join us in the slideshow below.

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  • Angie Cortez- Trewatha

    She is so gorgeous…and her bag collection is definitely one of my favorites of all the celebrities. Thank you for posting.

  • anouk

    oh my! she has that LV Fall 2010 Runway Leather Speed!!!!! I. WANT. THAT!

  • t

    I have to say I laughed out loud when I read “the heart wants what the heart wants”…you realize of course that she is gifted most of these bags. :)

    • Amanda Mull

      Oh, of course, that was a joke. I also mentioned that she was conspicuously carrying it into the Chloe show :)

  • kasha

    What the hell is up with the Stella McCartney look! She looks lost in there

    • lenamshields

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  • shueaddict

    Thank you Amanda, this is a really great post. This girl has an amazing way to make her herself relatable. And I always follow her handbag choices.

  • Marlie

    i don’t really like her style. My favorite style icons are Olivia Palerma, Miroslova Duma and Miranda Kerr

  • misaisms

    If I were a celeb without care, I would totally rock that quirky black leather rabbit, too.

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