PBWIMB - May 15th
  • http://www.facebook.com/petra.brankovska Petra B.

    Wow this is the first time I see a Saddle bag in a looong while.. I think I know the reason why

    • A


      • http://www.facebook.com/petra.brankovska Petra B.

        I was under the impression that everyone has just had it with that bag, but maybe I’m wrong :)

  • Jennifer

    that 2nd bag is a birkin not a kelly… lol

  • Kelly

    Love the Saddle Bag! So beautiful!

  • Nívia

    The last is the gratest of all, becouse of its simplicity, its a clean take, so, very natural, and bag is beutifull
    Class and discretion
    I love this Dior bag
    Does anyone know where it can be finded yet?

  • Nívia

    In the last picture,…That’s what I always put inside my bags….almost nothing!
    Some little cash for changes or parkings…a lipstick, to remake after eating…
    My car keys….and one credit card…just one, to avoid spendings

  • Nívia

    Oh, ..and my cell phone..of course!
    My life

  • Blonde_Closet

    The second one is a little much, don’t you think? Pink with pretension, just saying.

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  • ivy

    My favorites are the bags with reading material. Great bags+things to read=awesome combination!

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