The gifted Venice Hobo makes another appearance and bleeds.

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  • Paulina

    For a second, I almost thought it was a new version of Rebecca Minkoff’s Matinee with a million zippers. That might not be a bad look.

    I love this shot :)

  • angel

    wow, the detail is nice. I love the tassels, and the zippers add to the overall look!


    Fab Bag!!!

  • Alana

    Another amazing shot!

  • Karin bag4bag

    I also nearly thought it was a Rebecca Minkoff creation. Sorry I don’t like this photo at all. I like to see more bag and less blood !!

  • Merve

    ooo thats quite morbid

  • Rebecca

    love this pic! i immediately recognized it as the botkier venice hobo that i have been dreaming about lately

  • Jasmine

    looks like a crime scene haha.. (fb)

  • Elyse

    i want a bag in that color!! (fb)

  • Eric

    wonderful shot, it appears hot pinks appears to blend with the red paints-(fb)

  • Joy

    the red paint is scary :(

  • G


  • gertrude

    watch out for the police line, haha!
    love it!!!

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