Marc by Marc Jacobs Safety Net Cotton Shopper

Fun, cute, and under $200 is Marc Jacobs latest comic edition, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Safety Net Cotton Shopper. Life comes with rain and clouds, but knowing you have a safety net is always a plus- and makes you look on the bright side. Marc implemented this on his chocolate-and-purple polka dot cotton shoulder bag. There is also bird print and knot on strap and a bird and cloud ‘Safety Net’ print on the side and a signature tag on front. Just like the Miss Faridah collection, I see this bag selling out quick. Buy it via Net-A-Porter for $190.

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  • LAltiero85


  • Clare

    adorable! Just ordered one and I’m so excited for it to arrive, its so fun and quirky….typical marc! :)

  • Kendra

    eww second that… (fb)

  • Cotton Bags

    This bag’s use for office & market. It is very great, fantastic awesome.
    Hi, this is great nice for you ,so its super designable, styles, according budget.

  • Cotton Bags

    So its give me happy all time. Take good & feel good.
    Its suitable for you. Here take care your each need.

  • Naggy

    This is an atrocity. (ipad)

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