Today is a good day. Not only did Bluefly just add more inventory to their store, but they also added some really GREAT inventory.

We have several Rebecca Minkoff lovers that frequent our sites. And hey, who can blame them, Rebecca Minkoff designs are HOT!

Ah, the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Bag is like coming home. You know the feeling. No matter where you live or how long it has been since you’ve been home, more often than not when you do return home, you are able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Alright, alright. I know we’ve already covered another Rebecca Minkoff bag today, but I’m sorry, I’m not sorry; I couldn’t help myself. The RM Nikki bag is one that we’ve seen several times before, but now there is an option for an exotic look.

So we’ve written about the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo like 80 bajillion times. I know. If you’re sick of hearing about the Nikki, skip this. I won’t be offended. The thing is, though, unlike most of the population, my favorite color is red (the vast majority of society prefers blue, according to my freshman psych professor a few years back).

Megs had mentioned yesterday that she got caught up on Shopbop shopping for quite a while. Well, with all the new fall bags, I am not surprised at all. In fact, I’ve been memorized with all the wonderful bags to choose from.

I feel like I am always on the hunt for a reasonably priced, functional and fun handbag. Aren’t we all? Of course, in an ideal world, I could walk into any store, see I bag I like and simply buy it.

Consider this a PurseBlog Savvy PSA: the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo is being made in the ever-popular wine color again!

Back when Ms. Minkoff’s line of bags was just beginning to really take off, Lauren Conrad was seen carrying this bag in this color and demand for it (and other bags in the line) started to spread like wildfire.

I have a love-hate relationship with bags that have hard shoulder straps. Plastic, Lucite, wood, bamboo, whatever – I think they look great. They provide a great textural and visual contrast with a bag that’s made of soft leather, and they show a bit of creativity without being over-designed.