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  • Amanda

    Cute! Love the boy bag but I’d never be able to afford it.

  • Grace

    I love the regular size (in both colors) and the clutch! Obviously would love the original inspiration even more, but for those of us with a budget or price range, these are nice!

  • Winn

    This is sad. I’d much rather see those that can’t afford Chanel buying an authentic Chanel-inspired bag that a fake, though.

  • Yazi

    I love it. It’s nice to have something similat and affordable.

  • EGlez ?

    I like the fact that they make “inspired” bags, at a lower price point, but I just can’t un-see the horrible stitching on the bags, even Michael Michael Kors has better stitching than that. (It’s more noticeable on the clutch).

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  • Kate

    I like it. I just sent back a boy bag, because it looked so cheap. Can’t justify spending close to $5000 on a cheap looking bag.

    • johnjsmelley

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  • FashionableLena

    I saw this bag in Nordstrom’s over the weekend, and the quality is not all that. This is the reason that I haven’t had the urge to buy a new Rebecca Minkoff bag in the last three years. I’d rather scour eBay and buy a used one. It’s a really cute bag though.

  • Stella

    What the heck? The Antigona now the Boy? C’mon Rebecca. Quit cashing in on a trend and give us the passion and original designs you were inspired to do when you started.

  • Mya Wilkes

    No way in hell I’d buy this!

  • BrianG

    Rebecca Minkoff is a great ‘contemporary’ brand, and a great alternative to designer handbags. However, her designs are a little too inspired….borderline knockoff. She has a team of designers and unlimited potential, c’mon have an original design!!! #disappointing

  • Cbl


  • Bexxii

    Just no.

  • gia

    I like Rebecca Minkoff bags! I wouldn’t call the bag “inspired” because it very different than the Chanel Boy Bag. Its like saying all quilted leather bags are Chanel “inspired” which is not true. for some reason Chanel lovers gets so mad when they see other designers design quilted bags, sorry but no one made you spend $5,000 on a bag!

  • Kristin

    Oh, dear. I checked out this page wanting to like this new “inspired” line…but no. No. : /

  • nycparis

    Horrible unabashed knockoff that shows she is just looking to cash in on other, more talented, people’s creativity.

  • Nancy

    i love rebecca minkoff bags, check out my review of the Love bag at

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