I always look forward to Rebecca Minkoff’s runway show. Since Minkoff first took to Fashion Week, the buzz around her has grown, and her show and namesake brand have exploded as well. Rebecca’s downtown girl took a voyage into the future this season, when a trip to the moon combined with a sophisticated grunge attitude. Even though Rebecca Minkoff is known for her bags, her outerwear is a force to be reckoned with and comes in a close second as my favorite category from the designer.

While I’d be thrilled to wear anything from Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2013, there was one coat and bag that caught my eye and I’d love to have now and forever. The Venus Jacket in black and white tech tweed with a fur collar and the super futuristic green and blue holographic Rebecca Minkoff Elle bag must be mine. With tons of leather accents, a tomboy-like appeal and a modern touch, both of these items would fit into my wardrobe and be worn often. Rebecca is always in tune with her fans, the Minkettes, and to help tide us over until the entire Fall 2013 collection hits stores, Rebecca has hand selected a few items straight from the runway that you can buy now via Rebecca Minkoff online.

The buildup to the release of the much-anticipated and highly collaborative Rebecca Minkoff x PurseForum bag has finally reached its peak. After months in the making, with input from Rebecca and thousands of PurseForum members, I am happy to tell you that not only has the bag been created, but it’s also being carried exclusively at Nordstrom.

If you weren’t part of the design process, let me give you a little background info about how this bag came to be. Rebecca Minkoff has always been a fan of PurseForum and stays involved with her loyal Minkette fan base there. We decided that a great way to show the mutual love and admiration between her and her fans would be by having PurseForum members vote to help create a brand new, never-before-seen Rebecca Minkoff bag. The design process took a few rounds of tweaking to get it right, but with the members’ votes and Rebecca’s sharp eye, the final product has arrived and we are so thrilled with the end result. Naturally, at that point, the bag needed a name. We turned again to our PurseForum members to pick their favorite, and the bag was christened “Darcy.”

The Rebecca Minkoff x PurseForum Darcy Bag shows a confluence of social media and design in a way that’s never been seen before. Our friends at Nordstrom caught wind of this collaboration and decided they couldn’t miss out on the unique opportunity – they’ll be the project’s exclusive retailer, both in stores and online. After all, what better way to cater to your customers than by carrying a bag designed by them, for them?

Now, a bit more about the lovely Darcy bag, shall we? The PurseForum voters wanted this bag to be a great everyday option that was easy to carry, hence the double top handles, plus a long, adjustable shoulder strap. There are also outside zip and flap pockets, and the inside is tech-friendly, which will making carrying your necessities a breeze. In particular, I adore the more structured shape, which will give the Darcy an elegant vibe without losing the hip and cool Rebecca Minkoff touches. One of the other best parts is that the bag is made in New York City, which was the result of a big push from the PurseForum Minkettes. This bag has been created over many months with tons of love for the brand, and it can now be yours via Nordstrom. Oh, did I mention how great the price is: pre-order for $395 via Nordstrom.

Making an expensive-looking bag at an attainable price point is the eternal challenge of designing for a contemporary brand. Customers who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a handbag are likely aware of what handbags that cost thousands look like, and brands are forever in competition with those ideal images. Sometimes the contemporary designers succeed, but often, the best they can hope for is a solid contemporary look. The Rebecca Minkoff Billy Shoulder Bag is the rare piece that manages to rise above those constraints and look genuinely expensive.

When I first scrolled past this bag on the New Arrivals page at Neiman Marcus, I assumed it was a Chloe piece, which is probably because that’s where its design inspiration appears to have originated, at least in part. (In several parts.) The thick tonal leather strap in particular harkens back to the shoulder straps from Chloe Fall 2012, as does the compact, streamlined shape of the bag itself.

The design isn’t quite as minimal, but if you’re looking for a strong look for less (and we’ve discussed how inexplicably expensive some of the best designs from that particular Chloe collection are), this Minkoff piece is definitely the way I’d go. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $350.

Over the last five years, contemporary bags have largely taken their aesthetic cues from the It Bags of the mid-2000s. There have been plenty of oversized satchels, fringe-y zipper pulls, stud embellishments and an overwhelming number of over-embellished options for people who love a lot of look. As the upper echelons of fashion have changed toward a more modern look, though, contemporary lines have started to tentatively move that way too. That was first evident with premium contemporary lines like Alexander Wang and 3.1 Phillip Lim, but now the rest of the gang is getting in on the act as well.

Rebecca Minkoff has played with a sleeker look for the past couple of seasons, mostly by way of petite, colorblocked shoulder bags and clutches, and the Rebecca Minkoff Sienna Tote marks a notable creep of the more streamlined aesthetic into the lines bigger bags. Like most north-south totes these days, the Sienna has the flared gussets that first gained recent popularity with the Celine Luggage Tote; the design feature has now become so widespread and popular that a designer like Minkoff would be silly not to include it in her collection somewhere.

The tote also features a front pocket, which is always my favorite element in any day bag – if there’s not an easy-reach place to put my cell phone, it’s not the bag for me. Minkoff completes this look with just a bit of hardware at the front pocket’s envelope closure, which is my favorite part of the whole bag – it’s so much more refined and modern than what you normally see at this price point. The color of this bag is not my favorite, but hey, color is a very personal-preference sort of thing. Buy through ShopBop for $525.

If you’ve been following along, you know that our Rebecca Minkoff x PurseForum collaboration bag is nearly ready to hit the shelves! We are so thrilled with this partnership and of course the bag came out absolutely amazing. The coolest part, though, is that we’re now turning to you to help name the bag. We have five names that users submitted, and we need your votes to decide the winner! All of the names are perfectly fitting for the downtown-romantic feel of the bag, which is precisely who the Rebecca Minkoff girl is and what this bag embodies. Make sure you vote and stay tuned for more on this beautiful bag!

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I’ve been a Rebecca Minkoff fan since the moment her brand launched. After seeing her Morning After Bag, I was hooked, and even more so, I adore Rebecca as a person. It’s crazy to think that seven years ago both our companies were just getting started, and today we both have expanded massively in our own ways (ok, hers is so much larger). I own tons of Rebecca Minkoff bags and turn to them often for everyday use. When I spotted the Rebecca Minkoff Jealous, I knew it would leave everyone else who lays eyes on the bag envious as well. This bag is quite the beauty.

Rebecca makes amazing satchels – that was her first foray into the accessory world – and this bag features sturdy natural leather with diagonal seams and stud detailing. Of course, all other Rebecca touches are included as well, from zippers to leather tassels to custom light gold hardware.

I’m crushing on this bag in its entirety. The 4″ drop leather handles are there for hand-carrying, and the bag has a removable shoulder strap that has an adjustable 20″ – 22″ drop. The inside of an RM bag is as fun as the outside – in this case, it’s blue polka dot lining. I don’t always lean toward brown-hued accessories, but for this bag I’d make an exception. Buy via Rebecca Minkoff for $525.

If you couldn’t attend our launch party for Rebecca Minkoff Jewelry last night, fret not – we’ve teamed up with Rebecca to bring you a little treat of your own. Starting now through November 23, PurseBlog readers can get 15% off purchases from the new jewelry line at RebeccaMinkoff.com! Just type in TPF15 at checkout to get a deal on the baubles of your choice.


You might remember reading a few weeks ago about an awesome jewelry event that we were planning with the Rebecca Minkoff team. While it was unfortunate that we had to postpone due to Hurricane Sandy, we have some exciting news: We’ve rescheduled the event! Not only have we rescheduled the event, but there is also still a chance that you can attend!

All of the details are the same, just a different date. Join us Monday, November 19th, from 6-8pm to check out the Rebecca Minkoff Jewelry Collection over drinks and treats at the uber-posh Hotel Gansevoort Park Avenue’s Blue Room. The event is limited to the next 50 people to register so make sure to RSVP now. We hope to see you there!

RSVP for the event now to reserve your spot!

Rebecca Minkoff continues to expand her ever-growing empire, and her latest venture is jewelry, which aligns perfectly – Rebecca loves accessories and has an enviable jewelry collection. The launch of her jewelry line has been a long time coming, and with it, Rebecca and her team are hosting an event just for PurseBlog and PurseForum readers. That’s right, she loves you that much (and we love you that much) that we’re putting together and event just for you.

We would love to have you join us next week, Tuesday October 30th from 6-8 pm, to check out the Rebecca Minkoff Jewelry Collection over drinks (free ones!) and snacks at the trendy Hotel Gansevoort’s Blue Room. This exclusive event is limited to 75 people, so hurry and RSVP now.

Rebecca, Vlad, and I will be there to chat and throughout the evening there will be jewelry giveaways. Oh, even better, there is also going to be a special deal for EVERY jewelry item that is shown that evening if you order it that night. I don’t even know how to get all this amazing info out there, because this event has so many incentives and so much awesomeness it is hard to contain. What I do know is the 75 of you that can join us will love every minute of it.

RSVP for the event now to reserve your spot!

Rebecca Minkoff is the brand I feel connected to on a deep level, as if the brand itself is my sister who I’ve grown up with. We started PurseBlog around the same time Rebecca Minkoff got off the ground, and we’ve watched our friend turn her company from one that operated out of a small apartment to a massive world-wide corporation. The beloved term Minkette came from a PurseForum member and we (the PurseBlog and PurseForum community) have been part of the Rebecca Minkoff journey for quite a long time.

Each season I look forward to Rebecca’s show to see the next steps from my fashion sister. This season I sat among some of the most well-known bloggers and directly behind the musical duo Tennis while DJ Casside performed on the other side of the runway. The lights came on and immediately I was taken away from hot and humid NYC and transported into a poolside vacation.

The Rebecca Minkoff girl is still the same girl, she is strong, fashionable and always ready for fun. But this collection was a bit more grown up than before, and it felt like Rebecca designed with us in mind. (more…)

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