When I wrote about the Rebecca Minkoff Iridescent Elle, I knew it would sell out quickly, and it did. I can’t find this bag anywhere online right now, but for all of you who wanted a closer look, I can give you that.

Rebecca Minkoff Iridescent Elle Bag (2)

Last week Vlad and I scooted off to Bermuda for the weekend to have a little fun in the sun, and I took the Rebecca Minkoff Iridescent Elle with me. The bag is simply perfect, compact enough not to look overly glaring because of the teal iridescent finish, but large enough to hold essentials. I took it with me around the small island and knew it would look lovely against the pink sand beaches of Bermuda.

Rebecca Minkoff Iridescent Elle Bag (3)

You might not be able to find the Iridescent Elle bag; in fact, right now I consider it a hidden treasure, but when I took it to Bermuda I fell in love with it more. This bag packs the perfect punch in every way, and I hope all of you who hope to nab it will find this unicorn bag pop up soon. Shop Rebecca Minkoff online.

Rebecca Minkoff Iridescent Elle Bag (4)

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  • shueaddict

    fantastic pics …

  • Amanda

    I need this bag in my life. Gorgeous pics!

  • Tommi

    can you show a picture of the inside of the bag?

  • spiced christea

    I am so hoping for a Christmas release! Although Black Friday release would be even better

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