Proenza Schouler Fall 2013 11

There’s an inherent luxury to a day clutch. That a woman is free to carry her bag in her hands implies all sorts of privilege, chiefly among them that the woman in question has other people at her disposal to worry about all the things with which the contents of an oversized tote might otherwise contend. It doesn’t guarantee that someone has a driver, personal assistant or nanny, of course, but I can understand why a certain breed of woman likes the implication that the look, when well-executed, provides. Proenza Schouler Fall 2013 seems to be a bid to attract some of those well-heeled customers.

Investors have been trying to take Proenza in the direction of an old-world European luxury house for a couple of seasons now, and these textured day-clutch riffs on the PS1 and PS13 are the brand’s strongest efforts in that direction yet. The PS13, which is a tad disappointing in satchel form, shines brightest as a generously sized clutch, while the newly stripped-down version of the PS1 hand-held lends itself well to many of the textures and treatments that filled the largely monochromatic show. Perhaps most tellingly, the weird runway bags of almost every previous Proenza show were nowhere to be found; these guys are clearly looking to take their accessories business to the next level.

[Images via Vogue]

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