Marc Jacobs Collection Soft Calf Cosmetics PouchI love my makeup. I do not use it hardly ever, but I love it. Whenever I go to the mall I always head into Sephora or Nieman Marcus to buy makeup, which I do not need or use. Prices on makeup are ridiculous. Funny how I can say makeup prices are ridiculous when I am telling you day after day about multiple exorbitantly pricey handbags. But here is where I’m stuck in a sticky situation. When I love both makeup and bags, am I willing to spend $325 on a makeup bag? Actually I have a greater question, do I even have over $300 to spend on another bag?

Answer: not really. But will I consider it? Of course I will. That’s a bad personality trait, trust me. The Marc Jacobs Collection Soft Calf Cosmetics Pouch is just one of those beautifully simple bags that I can’t pass up. It is simple, small, divine, and the perfect unnecessary accessory. When I look at this bag I swear I can feel the craftsmanship of the smooth calf leather. Another simply beautiful addition is the signature press-lock, which adds some flirty fun. Now I have to rave to you about the color. The aquamarine is so gorgeous I can’t get over it. It is just one of those elegant blue colors that makes you smile. The bag is lined in a colorful suede and is the perfect size, 7.5″ x 4″ x 2″, to be carried around in your large oversized tote. If you are one of the lucky few to be able to afford this makeup pouch and con promise me you won’t let it get as dirty as you do your other ones, then hop over to eLuxury and buy it for $325.

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