Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q Groovee

What is that I see? Pebble-grain leather that looks lush from Marc Jacobs? Ok I am just giving Marc a hard time. We all know that he is a creative genius that merely flops from time to time (sometimes worse and more often than others). But Marc has his groove thing back with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Groovee design. The leather looks divine and sturdy, the brass hardware offers a perfect touch, and the removable flat leather shoulder strap makes the bag convertible and practical. I love the simple touch of the pinktuck pleat detail on the front, back, and side. While the inside is merely lined with textile lining, I am not let-down by it much because the price point is quite low for a well made leather bag. Also the inside features a patch pocket, cell phone pocket, and leather-trimmed zip pocket. Finishing off a new groove, the measurements are 17″x 9.5″x 6″. Oddly delightful from Marc Jacobs. And wait until you catch this price… $498 at eLuxury. Under $500 = a bargain.

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  • Lauren

    I LOVE this bag!

  • LAltiero85

    WOW…these bags are super yummy!!!!! :razz:

  • bagbag

    they are nice but they look a lot like prada/miu miu knock offs. sorry to say . . .

  • purseloco

    I like these bags!

  • cosmofunshop

    Another Marc….Gotta like it for the price. I choose the darker chocolate. However, I am kinda agree with bagbag, looks a bit like Miu Miu knockoff in a flash. However the platoon hang tag helps its image up.
    Still, I don’t understand why the cognac /british tan color has 2 different hues… :roll:

  • jade –

    i love this bag! and i love that marc jacobs doesnt over-ly price his bags.:]

  • Katie Hart


  • Hysteric

    Reminds me of a Prada bag…I must say bagbag is right.

  • yoga1566

    This bag resembles the Chanel doctor bag from F/W 2006. The handles on the Marc bag are a little longer, but the side pleat detail and overall shape is dead-on.

  • GuZ

    I love it, and I love the price too

  • luce

    i saw this bag in person, it is to die for!!! the leather is sooo soft and the bag is just really nice, i want one!

  • Jessie

    this bag is AMAZING, and the leather is yummy! the marc by marc bag designs are right on. i really love the color variation in the lighter tan color. it really gives the bag depth.

  • roxanne

    i think this is the bag of the season :!:

  • pupuuuu

    im thinking about buying this bag but i dont know about the color? which is better? :roll:

  • Hychu

    :razz: I like this bag a lot too.

  • lana

    marc you are the man. your bags are the best. this is not a knock off of prada. as far as price and quality marc outbeats prada by far. prada sucks.

  • shopaholic

    is the strap long enough to wear as a messenger bag also?

  • Leslie

    Thanks for your project. I like this site. KEEP IT UP..+

  • M

    I bought the Dr Q as a leaving present for a girl kind enough to spend time with me in New York.

    I thought I made a bad choice, turns out I have great tatse :)

    Thanks Ladies

  • Shagun

    I’ve just recently become obsessed with designer bags. I know, hello!
    I am thinking of buying the Dr. Q as my first ever designer bag. Any thoughts/suggestions?
    Thank you!!

  • SMarie

    Hi all,

    I just got this bag for my birthday in the Nice Tan color. I absolutely love it, although all the hardware on it makes it slightly heavy when empty. Just a small sacrifice to make! Anyhow, not quite sure if this is the right forum to post but I’m fed up with eBay and all of their outrageous fees.

    I received the same bag again for my birthday and I need to sell it. If anyone is interested in the Nice Tan version, unopened, all original tags still on it including actual price, please let me know. I can show you pix if you would like and I require all purchases to be made through Paypal only. The price I’m selling it for is $475, including shipping with insurance. Yes, it’s slightly cheaper than the regular price b/c I’d like to get rid of it. =)

    Contact info: *serious buyers only

  • Janet

    Hi. I’m thinking about getting this bag. How’s the sizing on it?

  • anny


    i really want this bag.
    but it seems that its sold out everywhere..does anyone know anywhere that still sells it in the NICE TAN color??
    much appreciated

  • Kelly

    Just bought this in the tan color! Gorgeous in person!!!!! I bought the last one and it just arrived the day before. Beautiful.

  • Lisa

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag..i just bought this in the black leather and it goes with everything! the leather is very soft and the hardware is beautiful. great bag for a great price. inside is pretty room. the strap can be worn over the shoulder but not long enough to be a messenger.

  • Mocha39

    I so love this bag. I got to have it.

  • katie

    tan is the best!!!!

  • Kendra

    The shape is really nice, I like the doctor bag style. (fb)

  • Rmryzarc

    I own this bag in black! GORGEOUS! I went to Von Maur to return a Juicy Couture purse that was falling apart [after only 2 weeks! :( sad!] and I exchanged it for this beauty! It really is TO DIE FOR! I agree with Lisa, it is VERY roomy inside! I can fit a lot of things in there with no problem! I’m worried about the white inside getting dirty fast, even though I take real good care of my bags… we will see!

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