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As I’ve mentioned previously this week, the non-season seasons really irk me, as an accessories lover. Even Louis Vuitton, a company that knows where its bread is buttered (the brand didn’t even start making ready-to-wear until Marc Jacobs’ advent in the 90s), doesn’t release handbag shots with its standard lookbook for pre-season collections. C’mon, Vuitton, throw us a bone!

Because we have so many LV addicts in our audience, though, I thought I’d publish the lookbook itself, which includes several peeks at what this line will have to offer, purse-wise. There’s a little fur, a little matte leather and a little bit of saturated color. In short, most of these bags are a whole lot of wearable. I’ll take the emerald green duffel right now, thank you. Full photos after the jump – the immaculately detailed, incredibly luxurious clothes are worth a look as well.

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  • Chels K

    Some of these looks would not flatter anyone. They lack … grace. That’s the word I am looking for I think.

    2, 22, 25 not good looks.

  • Elise

    I like the coats and shoes…dresses and bags, not so much.

  • Sandra Rowley

    I love most of the clothing….some of those coats are fabulous. I really like the green color they are using…and the green bag might be nice.

  • rose60610

    Most of the looks are terrific. I wonder what bags will come out.

  • Marie Martell

    it’s so Mad Menish! I love it

  • DJ

    I was eyeing the emerald green duffel as well. I could see it with a pair of platform green pumps.

  • J Umm

    actually wearable!

  • Pixiejenna

    I really like this f/w collection! I really disliked bal’s f/w collection in which they threw up the 80’s *gags*. This is how you do it people, these clothes are wearable and classic. My faves are #9 & 28.

  • Sil

    looove the clothes!
    don’t kill me, but i always get more excited about LV’s clothes than bags
    maybe it’s because where i live in you mostly see some supposed “models” carrying bags where anyone can read the LVs, so everybody knows the bags are expensive

    and can i ask what’s with those chewbacca shoes? ughh, so ugly
    besides those, i really loved some of the clothes, specially the ones in that beautiful gree hue

  • drspock7

    the bag appears to be a leather papillon

  • Demi

    Nice collection but I believe LV can do better in terms of clothing… I liked looks #5,14,11,10,9,24,27,28

  • Bir

    Hmmm one word………….. odd !!!!

  • KoutureCrochet

    I guess we will be seeing the papillon in a number of new sizes and leathers. Hotness!

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